Star Trek Online (STO) Community Moderator Suricata has pitched a fascinating “Ship Tier Revamp Proposal” within the official STO Forum site. The concept involves revamping the game mechanics to include two new ship items: warp core and computer core.

As Suricata indicated in his original STO Forum post (02-29-2012), “My idea is to basically revamp the entire system with the addition of 2 new ship items (the warp core and computer core), these items are responsable for the base stats of a ship. Ships would still get unlocked for use at the same levels as now, however, players would not be forced to change ships all the time as they rank up.”

The concept is intended as a comprehensive WIP (Work In Progress) with the hopes a future implementation by STO owners Cryptic Studios/Perfect World. A discussion is underway among STO members. The community is encouraged to voice their thoughts on the topic.

To view the proposed Ship Tier Revamp Idea:

For more information, visit this discussion thread: