Recently I released a couple missions that I’ve been working on for the past few months.  One of them “The Galaxy’s Fair” is a non-combat mission and the fact that it is non combat is stated very clearly in the description.  Doesn’t stop the second review from looking like this:

This prompted me to both rant about the specific review and create a separate thread on the forum with some suggestions on how to improve the review system.  Here it is in verbatim.

There’s been a lot of complaining about the review system, which from what I understand, has not changed since the beginning of time.

Here’s two things that I believe are both simple to implement and deals with our concerns:

  1. Default rating should be blank instead of 3 stars
  2. All ratings should be on the review list

Default Rating

Not all players change the rating before sending in a review for a mission. This is due ignorance, laziness or just forgetfulness. What ends up happening is a whole whack load of three stars, some which have a review stating “best mission evar!!”. This especially hurts when a mission is spotlit because hordes of people who don’t regularly play foundry missions show up and leave a bunch of 3 stars.

What I’m asking for, is to have the default start as blank, so when the player tries to press the button to leave a review without setting a rating a popup can appear telling the player to set it. To go even further the review drop down box can be on that pop up.

From a development standpoint I don’t think this is a big challenge. Either have a null or “sixth” value as default, and when the player clicks the OK button check if that value is still there and pop up the warning if necessary.

Display all ratings

Right now only the reviews that have text in them show up in the review list. The only reason I can think of to hide reviews without text is to reduce clutter. At the same time as an author I would like to be able to see how many reviews and what ratings I got per day without meticulously recording that stuff daily. Also since a time stamp and @tag will be shown it will dissuade the mass 1 star drive-bys that some of us are suspicious about.

Implementing this change shouldn’t be too hard in my mind because all the data is already stored in the database. It just needs to not hide ones without text. If the reviews are all gone though (and just increment numbers in the rating bar) then it won’t be possible and will require a change in how reviews are stored. I have a feeling this isn’t the case 

Finally this is in regards to my rant post about the 1 star “no combat” thing, and development-wise is much less trivial. The ability to flag reviews would be nice. Then stupid reviews such as “no combat” when the mission states in capital letters that there is no combat can be removed or ignored by the rating system. How this actually works and who is getting paid to sort through these flagged reviews is a whole different ball game. This is more of a “would like to have” feature where-as the previous two are things that are more important.

Thanks for taking the time in reading this. I really like the Foundry and want to see it continue to improve. The suggestions I put forward are ways to help authors stay motivated, create a more accurate rating system and are easy to implement.


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