I can take a fair guess everyone has heard of what happen to Caspian Division and the Klingon counterpart House of Caspian. If not you can have a read of Terilyn’s Massively Column, it give a insight in what has happened.

Caspian is moving on and reformed the fleet to be Caspian Rising and Caspian Honour Guard and we have receive a lot of support of help and the fleet bank is full with great thanks to the community with there donations of items, EC an alternate characters joining and helping to grind out Fleet Marks.

I just like to put forward an idea that if you like to help. We do have a number for foundry authors in the fleet who has made various Federation and Klingon playable missions. If you willing to play them, you could leave a tip and we could utilise it to put toward rebuilding what Caspian has lost. It might not be much but at the end of the day, it will make a difference.

The members of Caspian who made foundry missions are:






rjc -foxtrot


And they are helping out with there Alts.

Commodore Bob

Duke of Rock

Thanks for your help, hope you enjoy the missions.