Welcome to the Foundry Roundtable, a weekly podcast dedicated to Foundry missions, mission building and other UGC issues starring Foundry authors Drogyn1701, Markhawkman, Hippiejohn and Greendragoon with special guest, Kortaag.

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— FOUNDRY NEWS —————————————-­————–
Hirogen Ships in the Foundry
PWEBranflakes promoted to Community Team Lead
Priority One interviews Stephen D’Angelo
Incoming bug fixes covered in The Frost Report

— REVIEWS —————————————-­————————
Healing Old Wounds by AlenisKendra
The Fire in Which We Burn by Captain_Revo
Cryptic’s new featured episode, “A Step Between the Stars”

— DISCUSSION —————————————-­——————–
We explore the idea of sub-faction origin stories in the Foundry.
What would a Foundry reputation system look like?

Question for the Community: Is there a specific missing feature that is preventing you from making a particular Foundry mission?

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