Welcome to the Foundry Roundtable, a weekly podcast dedicated to Foundry missions, mission building and other UGC issues starring Foundry authors Drogyn1701, Markhawkman and Greendragoon, with special guest DuncanIdaho.

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  • Tribble Patch notes: Odyssey additions changes


  • DuncanIdaho continuing work on his distant future mission.
  • Drogyn has been musing on what happened to Memory Alpha.
  • Mark has been planning improvements to his Otha Patrol mission.


  • UGC after development ends
  • World building, Tolkien Style
  • A final review of the Starbase Magellan maps

Community Question

  • If the game was being put into maintenance mode, but the devs had just enough time to add one new feature to the Foundry before development ended, what feature would you ask for?


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