Welcome to the Foundry Roundtable, a weekly podcast dedicated to Foundry missions, mission building and other UGC issues starring Foundry authors Drogyn1701, Markhawkman , Hippiejohn and Greendragoon. Our guest this week is Woody_Valley.

In Episode 8 we discuss Romulans… a lot, KDF costume options, the next Foundry Challenge, realism in writing and more.

Listen to it Here or Here

Missions discussed (high-rated, highly played missions for a change):
First Cause, Then Effect by RogueEnterprise
Captain Revo’s five-part mission series (Begins with Worst of All Worlds)
and Markhawkman was able to play some Neverwinter Foundry missions!

Other notes:

We do have the disadvantage of recording before the ask Cryptic came out, so keep that in mind.

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