Welcome to the Foundry Roundtable, a weekly podcast dedicated to Foundry missions, mission building and other UGC issues starring Foundry authors Drogyn1701, Markhawkman, Hippiejohn and Greendragoon.

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New Foundry mission search weighting – 2:06
What to do during Foundry downtime – 3:25
Building a map inside another map – 29:13
Using recurring characters – 53:34
Features we’d love to see that are NOT from Neverwinter – 1:06:00
Difficult topics in the Foundry – 1:25:20
Next big Foundry update, what do you want in it? – 1:38:40


Repairing Utopia Planitia by bruckner – 44:35
Inner Space by rsmudger – 45:50
A Time to Search by Lincolninspace – 52:00

Other notes:

That emote I suggested down in the tribble forum to go with “IT’S A FAAAAKE” and Crazy Gowron Eyes was “OHHHH MYYYY!!!” lol

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