Welcome to the Foundry Roundtable, a weekly podcast dedicated to Foundry missions, mission building and other UGC issues starring Foundry authors Drogyn1701, Markhawkman, Hippiejohn and Greendragoon with guest-host Bazag.

In Episode 11 we discuss bugs, super heroes, Romulans, Crystaline Entities and much more.

listen to it here and here:

Missions discussed:
Broken Mirror by Radkip
Time the Enemy by Havraha
Finding Lascaux by Gulberat
A Radio Blast from the Past by Telatheus
In a Mirror Lightly by wolfpack12c

Other notes:

Little later than usual this week. I got distracted by the Legacy of Romulus beta. No Foundry additions from tribble to report so far, sadly.  On the plus side, we should have better audio quality from now on!

If you have a topic you’d like to see us cover or would like to be a guest-host, e-mail us at FoundryRoundtable@live.com or follow us on Twitter: @FoundryRoundtab