Broadcast UGC returns to YouTube with episode 40, featuring a playthrough of “Shadows of the Past” by BackyardSerenade.

A Bajoran vessel has engaged True Way raiders who stole an Orb of the Prophets from the Bajoran capital. The whereabouts of the S.S. Ratosha, which also has a Bajoran Vedek aboard, are currently unknown.

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Shownotes for Episode 40

  • Check out the wiki page for “Shadows of the Past.”
  • You’d better not delay and watch the episode right away. Laira Mika is waiting…
  • At 2 hours, 16 minutes and 11 seconds long, this episode is the second longest episode of Broadcast UGC so far. The longest episode to date is Episode 15 which is 2 hours and 17 minutes long.