It’s exciting to have new authors come to our site to learn about the toolset.  So, welcome and good luck.

We have a ton of resources, especially video tutorials.  And, we have many helpful authors in the chat room that will answer your questions, review your mission-in-progress, and share tips.

This page will link to every tutorial made by the Foundry community.  You can browse them at your leisure.  There is not a set order to watch them in.  However, you should keep a few things in mind.

Like any piece of software, the Foundry has changed over time.  Many of the tips and tricks done in the early tutorials are either unnecessary now due to improved features (especially npc options and branching dialogue) or will no longer work.  Cryptic has also changed the values of stuff like dimensions and the default size of markers, so you may have to experiment.

Here is the list, with notes made in retrospect:

Written Walkthroughs:


Video Walkthroughs:



More specific tutorials:

KF’s Tutorials:

  • How to Add a Dancing Orion Slave Girl – Notes:  This was one of the first tutorials made.  At the time, we could use a single targ from the npc groups and we didn’t have the same animation options for npc contacts as we had for npc groups.  So, most of this is outdated and unnecessary.  You can now animate an npc contact in the behavior tab.
  • How to Make a Zombie Attack – Notes: Some of the stuff in this video still works, but there are some things that do not.  We can no longer, as far as I know, move npcs into the black.  This will result in publishing errors.  Otherwise, skin animals as humans, dress them in slightly borgified costumes, and there you go.
  • How to Make Mobs of Killer Spiders
  • Chat Bubbles, Idle Animations, and Default NPC Text – Notes: NPCs now have animations.  Otherwise, much of what is explained here still works.  There are now additional options like Wander and Triggers in the Foundry.  You can learn about those in other tutorials.
  • Multiple and Overlapping Mission Objectives – Notes: This is simple, but it wasn’t immediately intuitive for me, so I made this tutorial.
  • How to Attack a Space Station – Notes: As far as I know, this trick still works OK.
  • Multiple Dialogues (the Cheat) – Notes: This was LOP’s trick, and it inspired many tutorials.  It’s outdated now, but the principles involved are still useful to understand.  It is outdated, because Cryptic added Branching Dialogue to the Foundry, which is covered in other tutorials.
  • Interacting with NPCs – Notes: A bit outdated, but some of the principles are still useful.  We now have animations for NPC contacts, and the Volcanic Flower is no longer a good choice.  There are invisible objects or you can put a martini glass -1.0 Y under the floor.
  • Klingon Sneak Attack – Notes: Explains a few simple things about using markers to decloak Klingons.
  • Seduce an Orion Slave Girl – Notes: This is very outdated.  NPCs now have animations, but it’s still useful to know how to dance with them using invisible objects or hidden objects.
  • Building Corridors from Scratch and Fun with the Holodeck – Notes: Make sure to watch Triggers, part 2 for a sequel to this trick.
  • Thinking Inside the Box – Notes:  After this was made, we discovered that you could disguise parts of the minimap by putting platforms in the ceiling of interiors.  You might consider doing this.
  • How to Spawn a Friendly NPC -Notes:  This video is very outdated, and it was made prior to having Triggers.  Triggers now allow us to beam NPCs into the map.  However, the pushpin trick turns out to be relevant for other things.  See, for example, the Triggers tutorial on timers.
  • Item Placement and X, Y, and Z Coordinates – Notes: This video is still very useful if you’re confused about X, Y, and Z.  It also shows you some tricks that make building your maps easier.  However, Cryptic has changed the values scale quite a few times, so the X, Y, and Z values may still not match the listed dimensions of objects.
  • Triggers, parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 – Notes: The trick in part 5 may no longer work.  Also, part 8 was done by Galactrix, who was experimenting with the Dialog Prompt Triggers.  In some ways, the DPT makes the tricks in parts 4, 5, and 6 much simpler to pull off.  Still, it’s good to know the earlier workarounds.
  • Branching Dialogue, parts 1, 2, and 3
  • The Wonders and Blunders of Wander -Notes: The properties of Jobs work similarly.
  • Fun with Costumes
  • Turn a Friendly NPC into an Enemy
  • Do the Math (Math Tricks)


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