“A man either lives life as it happens to him, meets it head-on and licks it, or he turns his back on it and starts to wither away.” Dr. Boyce, “The Menagerie,”


This is a post I have found very hard to start writing. It’s something I have started and stopped numerous times in my head. It feels like by even beginning the process of laying words into the editor that it signals that an ending has really come to fruition. I cannot deny the truth of this any longer, as today an ending has been reached. This day will probably not be long remembered; nor do I expect it will live in infamy. It is, however, the day the Foundry was shuttered.

For me personally, the journey started in December 2010. I have many memories of those days, of the Foundry editor being the most unstable and unruly of things. I remember when we used to use potted plants set underneath objects we wanted to players to interact with, at least until we discovered that we could use the shot glass. I remember all the times I fretted over the placement of certain objects, the pains of reaching map limits or crashing after hours of object placement without having loaded the map and triggering an autosave and screaming in frustration. I remember the first reviews of missions, for me when I was asked to have a mission spotlit. All of that is part of me and after a fashion, it is part of the experience of many who have created something with the Foundry.

This is gone now, but just because something is gone, doesn’t mean that is has to be forgotten. Very literally the day the sunset announcement was made, I had to decide what to do about the hosting for this very site. Obviously one reaction would be to call it quits, close up shop and walk to the sunset with the Foundry. At that moment I personally was feeling quite hurt by the turn of events and seriously considered this. I am still deeply affected by the removal of this tool, but when faced with doing what is easy and what is right, well time will tell if the decision I made is the most equitable.

With that said, the site will carry on.  Shortly, I will be transitioning the traditional SBUGC site into an archive form, I have no desire to destroy the past and bury it, but much of what exists on the site presently has no relevance to what goes forward. More information on this will be posted as I work on this transitioning. What I do intend however, is to embrace the idea of Genesis that has been put forth by the developers of STO. Considering the removal of the Foundry is a no win scenario for authors, it seems fitting to create life from lifelessness. In addition to archiving the site, it is my intention to create a new SBUGC site from the old. While we will not be able to share our ideas in game as we had before, that does not mean any of us who wish to create should not have a port of call to share their passions. My plan is rebuild the site to allow for as many mediums to share your stories with the masses. This will not be an overnight transition. To be honest, it will probably be some time before the site is in a state that I fully happy with it, but I want to show that we have a resilience that can survive adversity. I want to see what we can create together. I want to continue to explore strange new stories, to seek out new avenues of storytelling. To boldly create what hasn’t been created before, because WE are the Foundry.