With the launch of Legacy of Romulus, many Foundry missions now suffer from bugs or changes that make them impossible to complete.  Because the editor is currently disabled (although reviewing is not), we are not certain what is happening to these missions.  Most likely, the update to reach markers caused changes to existing missions.  Certain objectives associated with reach markers will not complete.  Hopefully, these problems can be fixed by authors when the editor returns.

For the meantime, we can do nothing to fix the problem or prevent 1-star reviews.  More information can be found here and here.

On a happier note, Dstahl had this to say in a recent interview with MMORPG:

MMORPG.com: How will the expansion affect the Foundry, if at all?

Daniel Stahl: This update has very little impact on the Foundry other than it opens the door for future updates where Foundry authors will be able to create mission designed exclusively for Romulan characters. We will be updating the Foundry later this year with this ability along with other Romulan assets.