If you haven’t noticed, the “Investigate Officer Reports” has reappeared in our journals.

This mission is NOT a daily. It has a cooldown timer of 30 minutes, meaning it has virtually no cooldown if you’re playing a Foundry mission that has a story.

I tested and recorded my results. For playing a 30-45 minute mission called “Adrift,” I received the following regular plus IOR rewards that totaled:

Almost 6000 XP (plus XP earned while playing the mission)
2497 dilithium
1984 skill points
About 70,000 ECs, from drops discarded (It was mostly a ground mission, so the ECs were light).

For playing a spotlight, Sovereign77x’s “Forget Me Not,” I received:

3599 dilithium
6000 XP
21,800 ECs
plus skill points

Will these numbers finally entice players? If so, we’ll have to help them find what is really out there. Cheers.