Watching the forums and Reddit, stumbled upon this little thing that seemed like a thing to share:

From Reddit/STO Forums:
To enter the contest follow these instructions;

1: Play either ADRIFT or VARIANCE and take a screenshot while playing the mission. Showing me what your favorite part was. The possibilities are endless, and I cannot wait to see what you can show me.

2: E-mail or attach post to this thread

3: In the e-mail or thread post put the following:

A) Your Name.
B) Your Twitter Handle (If One) or Forum Name.
C) Your Toon’s Name.
D) Attach The Screenshot.

All entries can be placed in this thread or e-mailed. Any posts not containing an entry, or not staying within these rules will be removed at the end of the contest to leave only the individual entries.

The winner will be selected by STO Admiral Aaron

**If selected as a winner, please select a Federation toon to be placed into the Star Trek Online Foundry Mission REDACTED 13. You give me permission to use the likeness and the name of your toon in the mission. I promise I won’t kill them off. You will need to e-mail me the pictures of your character settings. (Face/Body/Upper and Lower) from the tailor or foundry character creator.**

These screenshots can be your chance to showcase your skills as a designer with custom UI placement, special effects, photography style filters or anything you can produce to wow me..

Contest Closes Dec 14th, 2014 12:01PM EST

Basic Rules:
One entry per toon per player.
All entry images must be submitted in JPEG form.
All submitted images must be made of only material from Star Trek Online.
No images containing visual material from the TV/Movies, outside artwork or any licensed material from any other source will be excepted.
No custom 3D models or textures can be used in this contest. The image must contain in-game material.
Keep it classy Star Trek fans.

Instructions on How To Create A Screenshot & Insert It Here:

Images should be of high resolution quality. Recommended method:
Type “/renderscale 2” into your chat window before taking your image
Type “/screenshot” to take image
This will create a large TGA file in the directory listed below that can be converted via Photoshop to 1920×1200.
If you wish to utilize another method like “Print Screen” you will want to turn off your HUD visuals by hitting Shift +F12
(you will find your images in C:\Program Files (x86)\Perfect World Entertainment\Star Trek Online_en\Star Trek Online\Live\screenshots on most PC computers)

Good luck to everyone who enters!

NOTE:The above rules and conditions are subject to change.

~STO Admiral Aaron