Grand Prize:




Leonard Nimoy autograph.


Runner up prize:  A $25 Amazon Gift Card

Deadlines and stuff:  Since I’m giving away my autograph, I will be the one and only judge.  You will have until August 31st to submit your mission for consideration.  I will then announce a winner and runner-up once I’ve played them all.

To submit your mission, add a comment to the thread with the info on how I can find it.

Rules:  I want to see the best TOS-themed mission, such as a 2409 sequel to an original series episode, or a time travel mission, similar to DS9’s anniversary episode.

Restrictions:  Since we don’t have many TOS assets, I’m going to say that you can’t use anything Preserver-related.  That way, you’re all going to have a hard time with sets and assets, and I won’t have to play through 20 Preserver missions.

Otherwise, there are no real restrictions, except it must be a mission that you build in the coming months, not one that you’ve already published.  I probably won’t give the autograph away to a mission that violates the Eula.  So, no Kirks or Spocks.  And even though it’s fuzzy, I’ll say no McCoy.

Winners must be willing to give me an address to send the prize.  If you live outside of the continental US, you’ll probably have to make a paypal donation to the site that equals the cost of shipping.

Note:  I didn’t witness Nimoy signing this.  I bought it at a comic book store in the late 90s.  It comes with a certificate of authenticity from that comic book store.