Purity II: Of Thought

Week two of our series has begun! Thank you all to those who played through part 1 and left feedback! And now we would like to announce episode two of the Purity series is live. Go forth and play it, and in case you need a reminder, here is a quick recap:

and now, “Purity II: Of Thought” by Bazag

Mission Description

Fleeing for your life in an escaping shuttle you are forced to land on Bilo, Megara III’s moon. Soon you discover that there is more to the moon than initially meets the eye and things take a turn for the weird. The Obani have dominated the Sajan forcing them to work as slaves but something has changed. Uncover the secrets of the past in an attempt to discover the truth about the present.

The mission begins in the Elwing System of the Beta Ursae Sector Block.

((To play this Foundry mission, log onto a level 31+ Federation or Fed Aligned Romulan character, open your Mission Journal (J), click on ‘Foundry’ tab at the top, and then the ‘Spotlight Missions’ tab on the left. You’ll be able to accept the mission from this tab.))

We hope you’re enjoying the Series so far!