From Star Trek Online:

This week’s spotlighted mission is “The Mayns of Balnar Moon” by Alimac30.

Faction: Federation
Level Requirement: Any
Mission Summary: Five months ago, Balnar Moon was plunged into icy darkness as it began passing through the shadow of a gas giant. The ocean covering the moon’s entire surface froze solid and the only structure – a lonely Starfleet research platform – was left to a small team of caretakers. Now it’s time for Starfleet to return… but are the caretakers the only things waiting in the cold on Balnar Moon?

((To play this Foundry mission, log onto a Federation or Romulan allied with the Federation character, open your Mission Journal (J), and click on ‘Hail’ under the section labeled ‘FOUNDRY’ in the “Overview” tab. You will see that this Foundry mission is spotlighted in that section.))

For more information about the Foundry, including how to play community-authored Foundry missions and resources on how to create your own mission, check out this Guest Blog.

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