Star_Trek_48_Cover.jpg.size-250The latest issue of Star Trek Magazine features spotlights of missions by Captain_Revo, Dixonium, and the late H20rat. You can find more details here.









Other Foundry news: In a new interview with Massively, our new EP had this to say about the Foundry:

At this time, Foundry improvements are being tracked as part of the “fix and improve” strategy. We have a list of highly requested changes and are working to get some of them into each update. I don’t foresee any major new features for Foundry in the coming months, however.

BranFlakes clarified in a thread:

Geko is scheduled to sit down with a Foundry Podcast this weekend to chat about plans for the Foundry in terms of features, etc. — he should have the most up-to-date info.

As an aside, “coming months” in development terms typically means the next 2-3 months. As you all know, development of features, even the porting of existing features, takes time and would be beyond the scope of “the coming months”. Wait to hear what Geko has to say before you get too worried.


Brandon =/\=

Stay tuned for an important Foundry-related interview.