In February of 2012, Daniel Stahl said this in a Priority One interview:






We recognize that having one small core group of people just work on Foundry and try to support it across multiple games isn’t working.  So, what we’ve been doing is been training up additional software developers, producers, and content people to be able to support the Foundry per game.  So, we have now a dedicated software person who is getting in and understanding the Foundry code, and can fix Foundry issues, specifically for Star Trek, so that we don’t have to wait for the core team that’s working on Neverwinter to get to our bugs or resolve our issues.

Now, let’s compare this statement with the most recent Priority One interview.

Keep in mind that the recent Legacy of Romulus bugs are only affecting STO and not NW.  When GreenDragoon asked when we can see stability improvements, Dan Stahl said this:


So right now that is all the Foundry team.  Our software team has not even had a chance to look at it yet.  Most of the Foundry stuff that is happening right now is all the core code that is shared between  the games, so, for example, all of the stuff that is in Neverwinter Foundry, as well as our Foundry, are all being impacted by the same underlying issues.  So, the Foundry team at proper, which does not sit on Star Trek Online’s work chart is actually working on all those issues… So, once they get all those issues sorted out, and everyone can be happy again, that’s when my programmers on Star Trek Online can go in and start looking at the issues and start looking at what we can do to improve the Foundry for Star Trek Online…. The Star Trek team is not actively part of those fixesWe’re sort of waiting for those to get fixed.


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