STO Foundry article query

Star Trek Online (STO) Foundry Authors:
This is an opportunity to call attention to your Foundry mission!

* Have you created a Foundry mission and wondered “why has no one reviewed it yet?”
* Have you spent endless hours crafting a great mission… and wonder why it isn’t getting the attention it deserves?
* Have you crafted some cool Foundry tricks, map designs, dialogue, unique characters — and want players to know about it?
* Have you felt the wrath of torpid, useless Foundry ratings… and want a chance to vindicate your Foundry mission?

StarbaseUGC is producing a feature article on various Foundry authors with these dilemmas. To qualify:

– You have ONLY published one or two Foundry missions total.
– You have NEVER had any of your STO Foundry missions featured in an article, podcast, broadcast, or review.

Send an in-game mail message to Tucana with the headline “StarbaseUGC Foundry article NX-01” Please state your Foundry mission name(s). It does not matter what rating you’ve received for your missions. The age of the missions does not matter either. They can be recent ones, or released a year ago. will respond back with details. Qualified authors will be interviewed via email about their mission for this article.