As of this morning EDT, the editor appears to be offline. No announcement has been given for this as of this writing, nor has any timeframe for restoration. We will update as information becomes available.


Update: Moments ago a post was made to the forums by frost detailing the issue: “We had to shut down editing last night as there was nasty reoccurring crash affecting the Foundry’s data management system. They’re working on getting that fixed so we can get Foundry editing back up and running. More updates as the situation unfolds.


Update 2: Another post from Frost: Current ETA is Thursday (7/10) morning, barring any unforeseen complications.

More as it comes in, but lets see if we can get lucky and its tomorrow.

Update 3: The present patch notes for tomorrow (7/10/2014) state that: “Resolved a number of issues causing crashes within the Foundry System. Foundry functions will be turned back on.” More to follow when we know.

Update 4: When the server came back online, editing was restored. Situation normal, prepare for the next tragedy 🙂