Update 2/12/2015

The editor is back online with the completed maintenance today




As many of you have no doubt already noticed, with the release of all the goodies for the 5th anniversary, the editor is offline. All missions are presently republishing, and the reason, per Reddit:

Yep! Couldn’t Tweet the response because it was too lengthy.

ELI5 version:

Basically features like this one cause a change to the version number on related maps. Changes in version number require republishing, because a change in that number could signify a restructuring of the data, for instance.

After Season 4, we implemented functionality: the Foundry editor automatically locks itself when a mass republish is triggered. This is useful for so many reasons. I can elaborate, but won’t right now. So if there’s a mass republish, the editor will be disabled.

Hope that helps a little. 🙂

So now we wait, I guess we can like, play the game or something, right?