Voting has now begun on Foundry Roundtable and Cryptic’s Victory is Life Foundry contest!

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 Challenge Topic:

For this Foundry challenge, make a mission for Jem’Hadar or Cardassian player characters. The plot may be anything you wish, as long as it is geared toward either or both of these playable races.

When you have played through the missions and selected your favorite, send a forum PM, Twitter DM or in-game e-mail to @drogyn1701. This will serve as your official vote. Limit 1 vote per person. Challenge authors may vote, but not for their own mission.

The voting deadline is 4 p.m. US Pacific Time, Wednesday, Oct 12.

If there is any Foundry downtime during the voting period, it will be extended accordingly. Authors are asked not to work on their missions during the voting period, unless you find an issue preventing people from completing the mission.

In the event of a tie, @duncanidaho11’s cat has been chosen as the impartial tie-breaking judge.

You may leave a review on each mission you play if you wish, but it is not required.

Mission List

“Mysteries and Familiar Faces” by @zectosh
“Flowers of War, Thorns of Peace” by @XR-377
“A Simple Tailor’s Shop” by @beargoggles
“[CRD] Old Soldiers” by @hippiejohn
“Ooooo, Jem” by @Smokebailey
“[CRD] A Dagger in the Dark” by @stcaptainquirky
“Generation Armageddon” by @EnglishWerewolf
“Echoes of the Iconians” by @trollerpilotxiv#9883
“The Grand Library” by @colonel68
“Unseen Enemies” by @bberge
“Replay Morning” by @TedHembach
“Chem Bajora” by @ajwoodley
“Investigate the Fire caves” by @Lone-star
“[JH] Guidance” by @hauriant
“Rubicon” by @castmodean

“Undercover job – Station 114” by @baelrogh

“Reality blues” by @Captain.Hunter
“[CRD] The Dukat sisters” by @Nog-Rom

If you don’t see a mission check in the review tab. To see the review tab, click the “Become Reviewer” button at the bottom of the Foundry menu.

Go out and play some missions. And its ok if you don’t have a character thats intended for the playthrough. Jut keep in mind the missions are geared to be from that perspective so don’t worry too much if your Vulcan Science captain suddenly develops a taste for Yamok Sauce