From Star Trek Online:

“The Foundry Top 3 System is a new way for players to play User Generated Content (UGC), and will be available to players in sector space. The goal of this system is to make sector space feel more alive as players will be able to explore and find new missions throughout the sector.

When at a point of interest in sector space such as a planet, up to three UGC missions will be available at the “door” to that point of interest.
You won’t see any missions for which you don’t qualify to play because of race or level restrictions.

Missions that need review will not available through the Foundry Top 3 System. The list of missions is the same for all players (assuming identical allegiance and level) and will be refreshed with a new set of missions every few hours. The ones you will see, however, are missions that have been highly rated by other players.

The list of Top 3 UGC missions will appear just below any other missions available to you at that location. Click on one of these UGC missions, and the UGC mission info window will appear. If you choose to accept the mission, it will be added to your Journal.”

Basically this only applies to missions that have space doors, and at this moment it is unknown if any of the systems that don’t presently have doors on them will, such as Earth.

*Edit 1/22/15*
Salami Inferno was kind enough to pop into a thread created over on STO’s reddit and answer some questions offered up, his comments are in bold:

 Will the default choice when you fly up to somewhere and press F still be the option to enter system space? Or will we now have to faff around picking the right option to get where we want to go?

The top option will always be entering the standard system, the foundry mission options are always below that. So press F away.


Will there be a way to shut this off so we DON’T have to deal with having foundry missions every time we wander by a planet?

This wont be a contact dialogue style pop up, this will appear as a clickable button directly below any standard missions that are on the system.


As I mentioned in another comment – will this feature be designed with new player confusion in mind? Will it identify foundry missions as such, and give their descriptions to the player? A lot of those descriptors explain if there’s an assumed requirement such as prior story experience.

You will see a simple UI with a header that says “Foundry Top 3” and then three mission interacts with a number of minutes displayed next to it. Clicking this button will bring up the standard write up and description for the mission.


There are definitely some questions in our minds.

-Does the system only show the three highest rated missions at that door? Or does it show a random three among the let’s say top 100 missions at that door?

-With this system in place, will there be an effort to hook up more points of interest in sector space as Foundry doors? There are many that were never hooked up, including whole sectors blocks like Tau Dewa.

-What is to stop “grinders” (missions that are basically shooting galleries designed to farm loot) and exploits from being displayed? These missions are often highly rated.

-How will the missions be displayed? Will the fact that they are Foundry missions be easily distinguishable for the player?

-Will spotlighted missions show up using this system? (Personally don’t think they need to as they

-It shows a random three out of the top 100 missions for the specific door you’re at. The random three will be rotated every 20 minutes.

-Yes! There will be some effort in the future to add more foundry specific points of interest in the future.

-Currently the system will pull the most highly rated missions, though we’re investigating the possibility of only pulling “Qualifying” missions.

-Any regular episodes or patrols will be sorted to the top, and then a simple, separate UI will be displayed below with a “Foundry Top 3” title.

-Any searchable mission that has the requisite reviews can pop up here.


What is to stop “grinders” (missions that are basically shooting galleries designed to farm loot) and exploits from being displayed? These missions are often highly rated.

This is what will stop it:

Missions from the Foundry Top 3 can be used to complete the requirements of “Investigate Author Reports (Repeatable)” which offers 960 Raw Dilithium Ore upon completion and has a 30-minute cooldown.

The loot farms won’t qualify for the Top 3 status because they don’t take long enough to complete to qualify for IAR in the first place.

These missions can, though some non qualifying missions can appear for now. We will be displaying the average play time for each mission on the list so you can see what you’re signing up for before you click the mission.


Is this coming on the 29th?

Yes it is!


This looks to be identical to the harper system from Neverwinter. You’d still have to go through all the pop-up dialogues to accept the mission and then manually warp in.

It will also display the average play time in minutes right on the interact button.