The last 24 hours have seen lots of interesting Foundry-related announcements from Cryptic. First, as we are mildly aware, the first batch of Spotlight Missions have been announced on the website, featuring some excellent testimonials from the authors.

The first four missions are:

  • The Longing, by Rachel Garrett (Federation)
  • Crouching Ty’Gokor Hidden Demon, by Captain Revo (Klingon)
  • The Syndicate Extraction, by Galactrix (Federation)
  • Unholy Alliances, Part I, by soriedem (Federation)

And there’ll be more spotlights in the future:

Periodically, we’ll Spotlight more player-designed missions. Be sure to check back to this page to see what your fellow community members have been creating!


Read on for more dev quotes about these particular choices.

There has been a hint of mild controversy regarding these choices. Most notably there is only one Klingon episode out of the four. This has been by accident rather than design, as StormShade explains:

This is totally my fault. I had thought that I had picked out 2 of each. However, due to a bug on Tribble which allowed me to play Fed missions as a Klingon, I actually only picked out one Klingon Episode. I didn’t find this out until last night. So please, accept my apologies. Over the next few days we will be selecting another batch of missions to feature, and the next batch will have a Klingon bias to make up for it.

Again, I’m truly sorry, and I feel rather horrible about this.


This hints that the selection was made early in the Foundry beta, as the ability to make neutral missions was swiftly quelled within the first few weeks.

The additional problems with spotlight missions not appearing on the Community Authored list were addressed in the same post:

Please remember that we’ve never transferred episodes like this to Holodeck before. If this is still happening to you, please let me know so we can look into it tomorrow.




dstahl later stepped in to address the supposed imbalance. In doing so he explains the intent of this spotlight, and where it stands in the bigger plan.

a) an equal amount of missions were selected.
b) we have not imported all of them yet
c) we are highlighting Foundry CREATORs as well as the missions themselves.
d) some of the missions selected require specific levels in order to play (because of the enemies the player who created the mission selected)
e) we are simply giving samples of missions we think are good – it is not meant to perpetuate any sort of balance issue.



i mean that we set out by selecting an equal number of missions.

i guess I should add another bullet which is – we are testing the system. I’m not certain you realized we had a major outage today – but we did. not every mission we wanted to import may be working properly – the import tech is done by hand (ie it is not a real technical part of the system – but we wanted to give players a sample of what is available if they hadn’t taken the time to go on tribble)

I’m ok if there are an imbalanced number of missions “right now” because we are testing the system and highlighting some of the creators (ie they have interviews on the site etc). If their mission didn’t get imported properly and isn’t avaialble – or if you’re not the right level to see them yet – I’m sorry.

Pretty soon the foundry will be on Holodeck and these “sample” missions will be overwhelmed by hundreds of new missions for both factions.


“Pretty soon” appears to be right on schedule, as dstahl later explains how the next Foundry stage is coming along:

we are about to merge the new Foundry update (triggers, branching dialog etc) into our Tribble build and so you could see those improvements within the next 2 weeks. Once we have enough testing and greenlights that those improvements are working properly – we plan to move forward asap on getting Foundry onto Holodeck.

so my best eta at the moment is sometime around or shortly after Feb 25th if all goes well.


In summary; the Foundry roadmap is still progressing, and there’ll be more featured spotlight missions to come. Here’s hoping those who didn’t have their moment of glory will get their chance soon. (*cough* *cough* Tipping Point.)