Hello there Everyone!

We at Cerberus Films and StarbaseUGC.com are very pleased to announce the new Bi-Weekly (or Fortnightly, depending on your language persuasion) Audio Podcast supplement to fill in the gaps between episodes of PrimetimeUGC.

Join long time STO players and Foundry Authors CerberusfilmsCaptPFDennisKirkfat(Kirksplat) and Castmodean as they talk about STO, the Foundry and even some Neverwinter..

— Show Notes/Host Topics —

– BUGS, what’s big out there and needs fixing?


– Searching, hard to find missions
– Top Rated Category


– Does “Canonicalis” have a place in the foundry!

And of Course Castmodeans Casting Couch…Plus lots of other random but completely related side topics!

Show Link

The Podcast is also available to download, the link is in the description on YouTube.

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