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Category: [STF] 5 Player Missions

Faction: Federation

Level Requirement: 31+

Mission Summary: 

The U.S.S. Atlantis on a science mission to the Alpha Herculis system has been attacked and captured by Orion pirates.


Starfleet is gathering a fleet at Deep Space Nine under Admiral Montoya to assault the Orion Pirates but it will not be ready for two days.


Your orders are to find the Atlantis and help her and her crew escape the Orion Pirates. Go to shuttlebay One on Deep Space 9 in the Bajor sector sector to start this mission.


The mission contains both space and land combat.

This is part one of the Hellenistic Trilogy of foundry missions, Atlantis Rising, Pandora’s box and Library of Alexandria.

Mission: The Grail of Kahless

LVL: 31+

Faction: KDF

Genre: Combat, with light reading

Description:  A Cardassian Gul claims to have discovered the sacred Grail of Kahless.  You are sent to retrieve this holy relic.  Will it finally unite the empire under the emperor, as foretold by prophecy?  Find out more.

Author’s note:  This is a fairly short mission, with very moderate reading involved.  It is designed for team play, with very few popups interrupting story or space battles.  Enjoy!

STO Foundry author Nagorak weighs in with his research about ship scaling for NPCs (non-player characters).

Using the STO Foundry, “I managed to determine the ship scaling for the Foundry ship groups up to five (5) players*. What I’ve discovered is that the NPC actors always remain the same type of ship, but which ships spawn varies depending on the number of players (and it’s not as simple as spawning in order of the actor list).”

“There is also some variation in hull strength (and maybe damage output) of the ships to further balance the groups. So, for example, one battleship may have more hull than another in that group or a different group. That difference in strength explains why there are some identical spawns with different actors. (For example, with the battleship group, you get a battleship and dreadnought both with 4 and 5 players, but the 5 player spawns are stronger.)”

“I believe the information is accurate, but I had to record a lot of different groups, so it’s not outside the realm of possibility that I made a mistake. If there is a mistake, then it will only be in the exact mix of ships at each player amount. The exact type of ship each actor is (which is the most important info) should be correct.”

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Mission Name: Yesterday is Tomorrow

Author: Leviathan99


Project ID: ST-HU3VYIP77

Faction: Federation

Levels: All

Length: Very Long

Known Issues:

  • Pathing Bugs (Foundry Issue)


Issue resolved. Fully working.

Here it is! The Epic Trailer for the Epic Mission!

Yes… That’s Right… The gloves have come off and the wizards at SBUGC have collaborated to bring you this Monumental Trailer in all it’s HD Glory! See for yourself what all the Ranting is About!

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Author: @Altexist
Project ID: ST-HB533H8KT
Mission Faction: Federation
Mission Type: Space & Ground
Mission Location: the Xleen System in the Argelius Sector

Mission Description:
When you discover a planet on the verge of an ecological disaster, will you be able to save the inhabitants in time at the risk of breaking the Prime Directive and dragging the Federation into another conflict?

Xleen V in the Argelius Sector is home to a pre-industrial society called the Maylens. They have been under the study of an anthropology research team from the Vulcan Academy of Science for the past six months. The research team is due for resupply.
You, are ordered to the outpost on Xleen V to resupply the team and report any significant findings by the research team.


Trailer created by chaddy18

After reading reports of some of your most recent missions, Vice Admiral Soriedem Leah Cim, invites you to join him on Risa for a little shore leave camping trip. It’s better shared, so invite a friend or two.

Here they are the final two missions in my Unholy Alliances story arc.  As always, I appreciate any and all feedback.  Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy it.

Unholy Alliances IV – After decrypting the Claw database with the algorithm recovered from the mobile command center and examining the holo-emitters that the Claw holograms were using onboard our ship, we have determined the Claw is being supplied with designs for advanced holographic technology. A holographic virus is granting artificial sentience to holograms all over the quadrant. It originates from a mining facility that the Claw has coopted in the Otha VIII planetary system.  Go to Otha system in Eta Eridani.

Unholy Alliances V – The fifth and final episode in the Unholy Alliances story.  If you haven’t tried the earlier episodes, I recommend that you do.