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Category: [SRP] Solo RP Missions

Scars of the Pride, Part 4: Evolution of Evil

With the destruction of her toxin facility at the Wamesahau system, I’Zira has launched a full invasion on the planet of Bajor to test her new toxin. In the process, she has taken control of Deep Space Nine and the planetary defense satelites. With Vice Admiral Kovu heading to Bajor to hold off till reinforcements arrive, you must take back Deep Space Nine and the planetary defense satelites with General Karopov’s assistance. Should you fail, an entire civilization will be lost and along with it, possibly many more.

Report to the Lateri system to meet with General Karopov. Level 50+

Synopsis: It has been two days since the attack on the U.S.S. Simba. With Admiral Taka in a coma, your only hope of catching the raiders was a tracking device planted on the stolen Borg technology by Commander M’Kiara. Now the technology has surfaced on a world deep within Klingon Space. On this forgotten world you will discover the inner-workings of a plot to destroy the federation itself. Report to Deep Space K-7 in the Eta Eridani sector block to rendezvous with the U.S.S. Simba and stop a hidden evil from rising.
This is Part 3 of the series. Federation level 50+. There is music that goes with this mission. The mission dialogue will tell you when to use it.
Here is the soundtrack.
Background music for missions.
Scars of the pride, Part 3: Wameshau surface and cave theme


SRS Saga Season Two Image
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My new foundry mission… An encounter with a powerful entity will test your attitude towards the unknown.
This is a Federal Solo Mission, +31 level, a mostly dialog based one, with some ground combats.

Mission ID: ST-HABUFF95E
author :helixfungus

Help is required to make this one pull up from under-5-reviews status. Furthermore, any suggestion, here or in the mission comments iinside STO, will be welcome as always. Thanx to starbase UGC foundry creators.

Synopsis: It has been three days since the attack on Bajor. You and your crew have completed your leave time while waiting for Admiral Taka to contact you with the results of M’Kiara’s study of the toxin Captain T’Vitani used on herself. A new breakthrough with the Borg medical technology could serve as something to adapt against this toxin. Someone else has their eyes on this device though, and for the wrong reasons…The toxin’s true effects are about to be witnessed, Not even the U.S.S. Simba will be safe from this threat. Report to the Lateri System in the Beta Ursae sector block.

This is a level 16+ fed missions which continues the story of part 1. If you find any issues, please post on my forum thread or email @ashkrik23.


The Federation is about to open a peace conference with the Tholians… what possibly go wrong with this… EVERYTHING

The mission is conceived to be a solo player one, with both space and ground combat.

No level is required.

The insertion point is (when you accept the mission) on Earth Space Dock interior.
On my mission dialogues are expected to be followed, cause they carry my story.
English is not my mother tongue, hence I tried to keep the written as simple as possible to avoid strange phrases, said this, some mistype and bizarre phrase can be expected from time to time. Please try to understand and keep on playing it without seeing it as a burden.

The following notes are about this project was developed, and as such I wish to thank Kirkfat, Bazag, Havraha, darren kitlor and EVERYONE here at starbase UGC because if the mission is there is really their doing in the end.
This mission was born on a post published here at starbaseUGC, the one concerning building a custom made city by darren kitlor (

At first I wanted to do more personal, but in the end I choose to employ the same basic terrain, with mostly the same kind of buildings (cardassians) used by darren kitlor in his project… and after a search in the foundry editor database I found the cardie buildings to be the most impressive and detailed, so I used them together with fed buildings for Orella, my custom city for this mission.

I composed the tune that can be hear in the trailer specifically for it.

Please, add here any comment you like about making it better… my projects are open for modifications if its the case.

mission ID: ST-HF2U9QZ8D

author: helixfungus

This is it, a trail leading back to The Wrath of Khan… remember the Mutara Nebula ? Hypotize there has been a plant conceived there secretly used by the Federation to product protomatter, the infamous unstable substance necessary to the Genesis device to work properly… your mission is to decommission that plant/space station. But when you arrive there, something horrible will happen and go wrong in the past, where the Klingon take the station and all the secrets of the Genesis device (the most fear of the original Capt. James T. Kirk…)…

Things will not be the same anymore, but you will have a chance to correct the timeline… with the help of the far future Starfleet.
The mission is conceived to be a solo player one, with both space and ground combat.

No level required.

The insertion point is (when you accept the mission) on Earth Space Dock interior
when you be there, you will have to tap on two different consoles, just follow the indications to find them.

It has to be played reading the dialogues, because they carry the story. I tried to not weight too much with them. English is not my mother tongue, so I try to keep my written as simple as possible. I think I can tell a trek story well enough to entertain, but please understand, some mistype or bizarre word sequences from time to time are to be expected.

Features a custom created level by me, an abandoned science lab. First time I do this stuff… for that I wish to thank Kirkfat, Bazag, Havraha and ALL the people here that helped and inspired me to plan and do foundry stuff.

Please, try to feedback your advices here, I’d like to know what works and what not, if you like the story and so on… as I think the official review box offers almost no space for it

As a final note, I composed the tune that you hear in the trailer , especially for this mission.


author: helixfungus

SRS Saga Banner

The SRS Saga is a series of episodes available in the Foundry. Currently the first season (12 episodes) are available.

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Recently, I had the opportunity to remaster my first multi-episode series. Luckily, I was

forced to do it because of the bugs caused by the recent game expansion. The whole reach

marker problem I had with each episode is now gone. Objects have all been renamed, taking

advantage of features added since it was originally published. Some dialogue has also been

altered for accuracy. Please give it a play. All feedback is welcomed, except, of course

the one star.:) I hope you enjoy it.

After 6 months of development, The Interwarp Experiment is ready for play!

You have been assigned to help out in the final testing of the “Interwarp Experiment,” which, if successful, could revolutionize the way we approach space travel.

But why were you summoned, and what is your connection to the genius behind the project? Will you learn the secrets of interwarp drive before the unknown parties attempting to interfere with the experiment?

And will you avert total disaster before it’s too late?

Mission highlights:

  • Intricate character-driven mystery
  • Moderate story-motivated ground and space combat
  • Moral dilemmas
  • Branching and situationally updated dialog trees
  • Choose between two possible personal histories with the protagonist: rivalry or romance
  • Explore a Defiant-class ship, making use of Cryptic’s finest starship maps to date
  • Discover bonus dialogs and back story
  • Estimated 45 minute play time
  • Designed for single players level 31+

I wanted to give special thanks to the contributors here at StarbaseUGC for the many tutorials and videos that helped me see some of the unique game mechanic opportunities for building optional character paths in a story. Special thanks to kirkfat for his extensive video tutorials!


I opened my Starbase UGC account last year while two-thirds of the way through my epic six-part Federation mission series Ghosts of War, intent upon blogging about the series as I continued to write it. That was nine months ago. Alas, I was too busy in the Foundry, in STO and in RL to devote much time to blogging about my series. Well, now that I’ve completed the series, I figured it was high time I started promoting and discussing it. So… here I am.

I wrote the six missions in this series over the past eighteen months or so, with frequent updates and improvements to each one along the way. I will give you more of a behind-the-scenes look at what went into making this series in the weeks and months ahead. For now though, I’ll start with just the basic facts on each mission in the series:

“Ghosts of War, Part I” (aka “Dust to Dust”)
Author: @NCC-89471
Faction: Federation
Level restriction: 16+
Duration: 30-45 minutes
Combat: Ground and Space
Summary: The unthinkable has happened: A thalaron weapon has been used on a planetary scale, sparking a new crisis for the Federation. Who is behind the attack, and can they be stopped before striking again?

“Ghosts of War, Part II” (aka “Extraordinary Rendition”)
Designed for small craft
Mission ID: ST-HI6PMJ2Y8
Author: @NCC-89471
Faction: Federation
Level restriction: 31+
Duration: 45-60 minutes
Combat: Ground and Space
Summary: To prevent a thalaron attack against the Federation, you must find and capture a rogue Romulan senator – by any means necessary. But the weapon may not be the only secret he holds…

“Ghosts of War, Part III” (aka “Chasing Ghosts”)
Author: @NCC-89471
Faction: Federation
Level restriction: 35+
Duration: 30-45 minutes
Combat: Ground and Space
Summary: An unknown adversary blazes a trail of mayhem across the Alpha Quadrant aboard a hijacked Starfleet escort – leading to a revelation that could drastically shift the quadrant’s balance of power.

“Ghosts of War, Part IV” (aka “The Portal”)
Author: @NCC-89471
Faction: Federation
Level restriction: 35+
Duration: 45-60 minutes
Combat: Ground and Space
Summary: From the cold ashes of the Dominion War, a dark, unholy alliance has risen. To uncover their intentions, you must learn the secret of a mysterious gateway deep behind enemy lines…

“Ghosts of War, Part V” (aka “Battleground 001”)
Author: @NCC-89471
Faction: Federation
Level restriction: 35+
Duration: 60-90 minutes
Combat: Ground and Space
Summary: You must lead the defense of Earth against an audacious decapitation strike by the enemy alliance. Will the Federation’s darkest hour since the Dominion War be its finest – or its last?

“Ghosts of War, Part VI” (aka “Time’s Hammer”)
Mission ID: ST-HB3UDU2GK
Author: @NCC-89471
Faction: Federation
Level restriction: 35+
Duration: 45-60 minutes
Combat: Ground
Summary: To remove the enemy threat once and for all, you must pursue them across space… and time. The Ghosts of War saga comes to an unforgettable conclusion – thousands of years before it began.

You are ordered to give up command of your ship to a Ferengi captain in order to help complete
a delicate mission
for the Ferengi Alliance. Your orders come from the President, himself.

Please check out my new Foundry mission in Star Trek Online. It is a solo Fed mission,

ID# ST-HM7IFIEI5, Level 41+. Your new assignment is to shore up defenses at a newly

refit starbase on the borders of the former Romulan Empire and the Klingon Empire.

Upon your arrival, you find Starbase 261 under attack by forces with a mysterious agenda.

You must assume command of the station and solve the mystery surrounding this

seemingly unprovoked attack.

Passed Life Promotional Image


Title: Passed Life


Author: james1jesushippy

Language: English

Faction: Federation

Level: Any

Starting point: ESD, northwest console in the central hub.

Mission Description:

Admiral Skeshk’la needs your help. Her old ship, the USS Redemption, is going to the mothball fleet, but something is off about the ship. No one is who they seem to be and the truth isn’t worth half what it used to be. Old enemies will become your only friends and old friends won’t even acknowledge your existence.

Author notes: This is the third and concluding mission in a story arc. The first two missions I am not particularly proud of, but I didn’t want to take them down because I wanted people to be able to follow the story. Those two missions are, “Young Devils and Dark Secrets” and “The Wedding”. It is possible to play this mission without playing the other two, however I set up the second mission “The Wedding” so that people could play it without playing the first. If you want to get a better idea of the back-story, you can play The Wedding and then this mission.

Please note that this mission is intended for solo play.



For Every Action:Part III has been published, finishing off this Fed trilogy.
It is up to you to save an entire race from disaster, as a deadly virus spreads across the homeworld of one of the Federation’s founding members.
There are opposing forces and time, itself working against you. Can you save an allied world in time?

For Every Action:Part I – Any Level
For Every Action:Part II & III – Level 31+

This is a Solo RP mission. Each episode is no more than 40 minutes.

You are tasked with a search and rescue of a Tellarite freighter gone missing, but
the truth you uncover is a secret that great powers would rather you didn’t find.

Level: Any
Note: Best played solo, and more fun with an EVA suit, but not a requirement.



Space the final frontier, these are the voyages of the Star Ship Endeavour. Her continuous mission to explore strange new worlds to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.


It has been over 8 years since we have had a new Star Trek series. 8 years since we have had any new stories from the prime universe. Yes we have had the newest Star Trek movie that came out in 2009, and yes we have STO set in the prime universe, but since the end of Enterprise we really have had no new characters to get to know. We have had no new adventures to see a Star Ship Captain embark on. That has all changed, with the new series I call Star Trek Endeavour.


It is set 8 years prior to the events in Star Trek Online. The series picks up with the continuing story of Bajor, and as such has some of the themes from DS9. The series is centered around Captain Ro Aerrow, son of Ro Laren. He was left on Bajor when he was born shortly before Ro Laren left to join Starfleet.

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 As I was goin’ over
The Cowrk and Ke’Ri Mountains
I saw Captain Ferel, and his money he was countin’

I first produced my pistol, and then produced my Bat’Leth
I said, “Stand and deliver! Or Fek’Lhr he may take you!”

My second new mission in as many weeks is now live!.

Mission Name: Raktajino in a Jar
Author: drogyn1701
Level: 16+
Start: Ganalda System, Eta Eridani Sector Block

Summary: Taking a Ferengi captain’s stash of gold-pressed latinum sounds like great idea, right? Think again! Accused of murder most foul, you must navigate treacherous females, the Ferengi legal system and the psychotic filled prison to get free of the mess you created.

A fairly quick story mission with a mix of talking and combat.

Made for the Gates of Sto’vo’kor Ferengi contest!

Some pictures after the break:
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Mission title: Stiletto
Author: @woghd911
Faction: FED
Minimum rank required to play: Any rank
First published: May 10 2012


A routine mission is transformed into a personal nightmare.


Authors’s second offering
It is possible to not be able to complete this mission. This is not a bug, but the nature of the mission.
Story and roleplay based,  single-player
Although combat is possible, this scenario may be completed without combat.
All maps are custom


* Five maps
* 571 items
* 50 costumes
* 119 dialog trees
* 14 objectives
* Entire build took 33 days

Achaemia: Episode One

Author: Zadama
Minimum: Any Level
Allegiance: Federation
Estimated Mission Length: 30 Minutes

Mission Description
When an archaeological survey ship discovers an expanse of Tkon ruins deep within the Arucanis Arm, close to the end of its tour of duty, your ship is dispatched to resupply and assist them.
Sometimes, however, history is better left untouched.

Content: A text heavy mission with limited combat. If that is an automatic turn off, you have been warned!