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BorrowedTune’s latest action packed, story driven adventure is now live on holodeck.

Title: Starfleet: Section X
Author: BorrowedTune
Language: English
Level: 16+
Allegiance: Starfleet
Starting Location: Delta Volanis Cluster (Sirius Sector Block)

A chance meeting, while attending a conference on a Federation colony, leads your ship and crew to an investigation into the bizarre realm of fringe science. Yet not all questionable scientific study can be so easily dismissed and soon the fate of the entire universe rests solely upon your shoulders as ghosts from the past return to wreak havoc on the present.

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It’s been a long time without new posts! But with the new influx of missions on the official forums, this post will cover the last few months of new missions posted there!

Starfleet Missions

“Uncharted Worlds 4”
by @patcrow
Any Level

In this mission, you are asked to investigate an unexplored star system in the process of forming and a mystery rogue planet which doesn’t belong. What is this planet and where did it come from?



“Attention to Orders”
by @yellowsunwarror
Any Level

Starfleet tradition dictates that a Captain attend the commissioning ceremony of any new ship they are to command. An old friend will be facilitating the commissioning of your latest starship, but old friends sometimes open old wounds.



“In the name of the People”
By @evil70th
Level 16+

You and the valiant crew of your ship saved the New Montgomery colony from certain annihilation. The outbreak that turned the colonists into violent creatures was just a prelude to what appears to be the early stages of a threat to the Federation from within.



View the trailer

by @midnighttlc
Level 41+

Your mission is to apprehend Mirror Admiral Aaron at all costs and discover who or what is pulling the strings behind this nightmare inducing mission.



“Deus In Machina”
by @Thomas_Baston
Level 46+

The U.S.S. Ophion has gone missing on a xenological survey in the Hromi Cluster. Can you find her? And What will you find when you do?



“Omnitabula: Threshold”
by @starfarertheta
Level 51+

The informally self-labeled Task Force Impromptu is now effectively distanced from any help within the Deadzone. With no way out for the next decade, only one mission remains: finding Xausea, the homeworld whence the Omnitabula was made. There lies a potential wealth of knowledge the equal of the Preserver Archives, and a small hope of a way home.



“A Past Forgotten”
by @Gromio
Level 50+

An ancient terror waits in the darkness of space, long ago passing into legends and myth… Now when your allies call for aid, you will discover that darkest of secrets, are not meant to be lost. From the shadows a new; yet familiar foe has set their schemes into motion; searching for a power they believe would make them invincible.



Klingon Missions

None this time.




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New bannerIf you missed us live, you’re in luck. We record the show so you may view on your own schedule.

Amazing. BorrowedTune joined us to review his mission and discuss the TNG episode

“The Survivors”.




Episode 4 of The Author’s Outpost is now available on Youtube for your auditory bliss.

Pax Federatica and Aleniskendra join your hosts Castmodean and CaptPFDennis, as

they review Ghosts of War, the six part mission series by NCC-89471 a.k.a. Pax

Federatica. You may hear it if you click this.

You can get the attention of the hosts by brandishing a shiny object or by email

at and in the tweetdom @AuthorsOutpost



Join us at our new time, 9:00pm Eastern/6:00pm Pacific as we host Pax Federatica.

We’ve reviewed his Ghosts of War series, and we all watched Voyager’s Tuvix.

We shall discuss it for your listening pleasure over at Twitch. Don’t forget.

That’s 9:00pm EDT/6:00pm PDT. We want to see you in the chat…….or else.

Next week, we’ll settle in at 8:00pm Eastern, unless something comes up.

Don’t forget to tune in to episode 2(actually, it’ll be the first real episode, but don’t tell anyone)
of the Author’s Outpost. You will find us on Twitch at 7:00pm Eastern and 4:00pm Pacific
every single Tuesday unless something crazy comes up to prevent it. So join me, CaptPFDennis and Castmodean, the two most experienced foundry podcast hosts(when it comes to
myocardial infarction) in all of Star Trek Online.

Our weekly guest will be Aleniskendra. We’ll be reviewing a Fed mission called Time’s Razor: Part 1 by captainazzarano, and discussing Star Trek: Enterprise episodes Borderland, Cold Station 12, and The Augments. We’ll even demonstrate any technique a new author would like to see, live at the end of our show. It’s going to be wicked fun. See you then.

You may contact us through our site, , or directly at We also have Tweet thingies @AuthorsOutpost.

Today is kinda a big deal day in the Star Trek Online foundry universe. While most of us are reeling from the all too soon loss of Mr. Leonard Nimoy, it was announced this afternoon that we will be getting a great big update to how the sectors in Star Trek Online work. Now we need that the walls were coming down between worlds, but we hadnt really gotten a look at the shape of this. And now as of the blog released today, we have, and it is glorious. And here it is:

What does this mean for us? Two things, firstly we are getting a number of CANON PLANETS added and most especially added as doors. What it also means is that they are rearranging the galaxy to move things to a more canonical location. So smirk also posted this: asking that anyone who needs to rearrange the wording on their missions, to get with him so that this can be arranged for when this goes live

Update 2/12/2015

The editor is back online with the completed maintenance today




As many of you have no doubt already noticed, with the release of all the goodies for the 5th anniversary, the editor is offline. All missions are presently republishing, and the reason, per Reddit:

Yep! Couldn’t Tweet the response because it was too lengthy.

ELI5 version:

Basically features like this one cause a change to the version number on related maps. Changes in version number require republishing, because a change in that number could signify a restructuring of the data, for instance.

After Season 4, we implemented functionality: the Foundry editor automatically locks itself when a mass republish is triggered. This is useful for so many reasons. I can elaborate, but won’t right now. So if there’s a mass republish, the editor will be disabled.

Hope that helps a little. 🙂

So now we wait, I guess we can like, play the game or something, right?

From Star Trek Online:

“The Foundry Top 3 System is a new way for players to play User Generated Content (UGC), and will be available to players in sector space. The goal of this system is to make sector space feel more alive as players will be able to explore and find new missions throughout the sector.

When at a point of interest in sector space such as a planet, up to three UGC missions will be available at the “door” to that point of interest.
You won’t see any missions for which you don’t qualify to play because of race or level restrictions.

Missions that need review will not available through the Foundry Top 3 System. The list of missions is the same for all players (assuming identical allegiance and level) and will be refreshed with a new set of missions every few hours. The ones you will see, however, are missions that have been highly rated by other players.

The list of Top 3 UGC missions will appear just below any other missions available to you at that location. Click on one of these UGC missions, and the UGC mission info window will appear. If you choose to accept the mission, it will be added to your Journal.”

Basically this only applies to missions that have space doors, and at this moment it is unknown if any of the systems that don’t presently have doors on them will, such as Earth.

*Edit 1/22/15*
Salami Inferno was kind enough to pop into a thread created over on STO’s reddit and answer some questions offered up, his comments are in bold: continue reading…

There potentially will be a blog post tomorrow (12/2/2014) to go along with this, but I will leave it right here…


Watching the forums and Reddit, stumbled upon this little thing that seemed like a thing to share:

From Reddit/STO Forums:
To enter the contest follow these instructions;

1: Play either ADRIFT or VARIANCE and take a screenshot while playing the mission. Showing me what your favorite part was. The possibilities are endless, and I cannot wait to see what you can show me.

2: E-mail or attach post to this thread

3: In the e-mail or thread post put the following:

A) Your Name.
B) Your Twitter Handle (If One) or Forum Name.
C) Your Toon’s Name.
D) Attach The Screenshot.

All entries can be placed in this thread or e-mailed. Any posts not containing an entry, or not staying within these rules will be removed at the end of the contest to leave only the individual entries.

The winner will be selected by STO Admiral Aaron

**If selected as a winner, please select a Federation toon to be placed into the Star Trek Online Foundry Mission REDACTED 13. You give me permission to use the likeness and the name of your toon in the mission. I promise I won’t kill them off. You will need to e-mail me the pictures of your character settings. (Face/Body/Upper and Lower) from the tailor or foundry character creator.**

These screenshots can be your chance to showcase your skills as a designer with custom UI placement, special effects, photography style filters or anything you can produce to wow me..

Contest Closes Dec 14th, 2014 12:01PM EST

Basic Rules:
One entry per toon per player.
All entry images must be submitted in JPEG form.
All submitted images must be made of only material from Star Trek Online.
No images containing visual material from the TV/Movies, outside artwork or any licensed material from any other source will be excepted.
No custom 3D models or textures can be used in this contest. The image must contain in-game material.
Keep it classy Star Trek fans.

Instructions on How To Create A Screenshot & Insert It Here:

Images should be of high resolution quality. Recommended method:
Type “/renderscale 2” into your chat window before taking your image
Type “/screenshot” to take image
This will create a large TGA file in the directory listed below that can be converted via Photoshop to 1920×1200.
If you wish to utilize another method like “Print Screen” you will want to turn off your HUD visuals by hitting Shift +F12
(you will find your images in C:\Program Files (x86)\Perfect World Entertainment\Star Trek Online_en\Star Trek Online\Live\screenshots on most PC computers)

Good luck to everyone who enters!

NOTE:The above rules and conditions are subject to change.

~STO Admiral Aaron

We’re back with an additional new host and a new look. Same old format. We review

Shore Leave Under Siege by JohnnySnowball.



It looks like the switch was thrown late tonight to allow players to review (and tip) foundry missions again. We have achieved normality, I repeat we have normality, anything else is your own problem

5 points to Stabbendor for the one who gets that 🙂

Cryptic within the last few moments reenabled the editor for your pleasure.

The republish of foundry spotlights is complete, we can now begin testing to see if there are any greater issues! Plus you can do the IOR 😉

Last week highlights the following new missions for Star Trek Online:


Starfleet Missions


“All of Jack’s Toys”

by @gammadelta1

Level 41+

A ship has been lost and needs to be found. But is it truly the ship you must find or the story behind its disappearance. Don’t let your mind deceive you as you pursue the truth.



“In the Shadow of MIDAS, Part 2”

by @greendragoon

Level 35+

MIDAS, an experimental array once used to communicate with the U.S.S. Voyager while it was stranded in the Delta Quadrant. These days it’s sending more than messages.

Your ship has been sent to ascertain the fate of two starships, however they have fallen prey to the same dark forced that overwhelmed the Persephone and Agamemnon. The crew now finds themselves in a fight for their very minds. Will your captain be able to prevent the ship from falling? What are the true plans of these mysterious Eidolon?



Klingon Missions


None this time.


To submit your new mission for featuring in this weekly post, submit your mission here.


Last week highlights the following new missions for Star Trek Online:


Starfleet Missions


“Attumar: First Contact”

by @lordarathron

Any Level



“Time’s Razor, Pt I”

by @captainazzarano

Level 31+

Struggling against the burden of creating a whole new civilization in the Delta Volanis Cluster, the colonists of Polaris have sent a request for basic provisions and supplies to Starfleet Command. But, when the ship encounters a subspace distortion that throws them back through time and space, they must find a way to try to repair the damage that they’ve done. Boldly go into the unknown in this episode of Star Trek: Odyssey…



Klingon Missions


None this time.


To submit your new mission for featuring in this weekly post, submit your mission here.


Last week highlights the following new missions for Star Trek Online:


Starfleet Missions


“Do No Harm”

by @evil70th

Level 16+

On a routine mission cataloging planetary systems your ship is sent to investigate the apparent spread of a virus. This virus causes infected colonists to attack non-infected colonists in brutal attacks, further spreading the outbreak. You and your crew must rescue the colonists before it is too late.



“[Rom] Valley of the Shadow III”

by @NCC-89471

Level 31+

Citizens of the Republic, the time has come to stand and fight! For your lives, for your freedom… for the legacy of Romulus.



Klingon Missions


None this time.


To submit your new mission for featuring in this weekly post, submit your mission here.


After several months of work and long hours, in between my mission reviews, here is my latest mission.

 Mission Title: Do no harm

Author: Evil70th


Allegiance: Federation

Level: Any

Description: While on a routine mission cataloging planetary systems for potential settlement your ship is redirected to investigate an incident at the New Montgomery colony. A report from the chief medical officer for the colony indicates the spread of a virus that once it infects a colonist they turn violent. The infected colonist attack non-infected colonists in brutal attacks, further spreading the outbreak. All communications with the colony have been cut off at the source. You and your crew must come to the rescue of the colonists before it is too late.


Authors Notes:

Heavy story dialogue with optional combat and dialogue summary available.

Estimate length: 90 to 120 minutes with full dialog.  45 to 60 with “Skip Dialogue”.

I hope you enjoy the mission and I look forward to your comments. 🙂

Thanks Brian