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STO Foundry author Nagorak weighs in with his research about ship scaling for NPCs (non-player characters).

Using the STO Foundry, “I managed to determine the ship scaling for the Foundry ship groups up to five (5) players*. What I’ve discovered is that the NPC actors always remain the same type of ship, but which ships spawn varies depending on the number of players (and it’s not as simple as spawning in order of the actor list).”

“There is also some variation in hull strength (and maybe damage output) of the ships to further balance the groups. So, for example, one battleship may have more hull than another in that group or a different group. That difference in strength explains why there are some identical spawns with different actors. (For example, with the battleship group, you get a battleship and dreadnought both with 4 and 5 players, but the 5 player spawns are stronger.)”

“I believe the information is accurate, but I had to record a lot of different groups, so it’s not outside the realm of possibility that I made a mistake. If there is a mistake, then it will only be in the exact mix of ships at each player amount. The exact type of ship each actor is (which is the most important info) should be correct.”

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Missing from the Mirror

Vice Admiral Shaaded Varzec was kidnapped and replaced by the Terran Empire. The Mirror Operative has been exposed, but where is the real Admiral Shaaded Varzec?

Name: “Missing from the Mirror”
ProjectID: ST-HJ2AQ77MQ
Author: Deffdog
Language: English
Allegiance: Starfleet
Level: 31
Starting System: Drozana Station, Odumli

Warning: This is a dialogue driven mission, with some difficult mobs. Solo Play, or well coordinated team play is advised.

When two Vulcan couples in the throws of Pon Farr go missing in addition to the Monks sent to locate them Elder Sardek of Vulcan has no choice but to call on Starfleet’s aide. There is something mysterious going on inside the Pon Farr Bridge and you find yourself cut off from all assistance.

Can you discover what has really happened and make it out alive to tell your tale? And just how much does a seemingly unconnected visit have to do with all this?

Make the discovery for yourself and play The Mysteries of Pon Farr. Live on Holodeck Now. Rated for Levels 16 and up.

Name: The Crossing
Project ID: ST-HK24TF2ZY
Author: AAS0009
Allegiance: Terran Empire
Level: 41 +
Starting System: Lateri System, Beta Ursae Sector Block

The Crossing

You are an officer in the reformed Terran Empire in what the Federation called the “Mirror Universe” be part of the invasion against the federation and earn your way up through the ranks through backstabbing, plotting and assassination. Long Live the Empire

Author’s Notes:
This is the first mission of a six part series; if there are any issues I’m happy to correct them. So please enjoy the mission as much as I have had making it.

  • Author: Etherghost
  • Location: Kalestra System, Zeta Andromedae
  • Requirements: Federation, Level 31+
  • Foundry #: ST-HSNTM5JGL

Summary: Starfleet’s newest prototype warship, USS Evangeline, has gone missing while on her shakedown cruise in the Zenas Expanse.  It’s up to you and your crew to return her to safety. continue reading…

So this is just a quick update, letting you all know that I am back on STO after a small break, and am now in the process of porting my first mission in my story arc- Designs across to holodeck, and am making some significant changes… The first is going to be the location. I have been debating internally since I first started- on a suitable location to put my mission to make more “Trek” sense.

I have decided to keep the rogue planet bases that you will see in the story arc, but have now decided to change how they are selected, located, and the first mission will now in the Imaga System. More changes are of course where I recieved a lot of criticism in the past: I will be slightly toning down the combat, while trying to maintain a challenging mission, and greatly improving the in- mission dialog.

The link to my mission wiki can once again be found below:

Here they are the final two missions in my Unholy Alliances story arc.  As always, I appreciate any and all feedback.  Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy it.

Unholy Alliances IV – After decrypting the Claw database with the algorithm recovered from the mobile command center and examining the holo-emitters that the Claw holograms were using onboard our ship, we have determined the Claw is being supplied with designs for advanced holographic technology. A holographic virus is granting artificial sentience to holograms all over the quadrant. It originates from a mining facility that the Claw has coopted in the Otha VIII planetary system.  Go to Otha system in Eta Eridani.

Unholy Alliances V – The fifth and final episode in the Unholy Alliances story.  If you haven’t tried the earlier episodes, I recommend that you do.

So with the incoming good comments on the base of the Story, now is time for me to announce that part 2 of my story arc is underway.

the  mission name is Development, and it starts off a little like this:

“[Rank][LastName]- You have a request to meet up with Starfleet Security to answer some questions about the discovery of an unregistered Federation research outpost at Wolf 359. You are to rendezvous with Admiral Marconi in the upper level of the Promenade on Deep Space Nine.”

The majority of the mission scripting is now being modified for the current beta version of Foundry- now that I have an accurate idea of the limitations.

This mission is not going to be as combat- heavy, but more like an epilogue to Designs, and a prologue for the next mission in the storyline: Prototype.

Of course- Both Designs and Development will be totally rebuilt from the ground up when the full version of foundry hits Holodeck, and it will be boasting a deeper dialog, branching objectives, and even multiple endings(ideally) for some chapters in this arc.

I am looking forward to digging in and making the best story arc I can possibly develop for you all- so keep your eyes out on my story arc wiki page as well for the latest updates

here is Development’s wiki page:

and the story arc wiki page: