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Category: [GRP] Group RP Missions
Extraction” replay by @nak3dsnke

Deep Space

Clean and well written dialogue with choices.

Excellent Trigger work


Nothing major to note.


Nothing major to note.


Nothing major to note.


This is a replay of one of the first missions I ever reviewed. It is simple as it was one of Snake’s first missions I believe. It has been so long since I tested it I cannot really remember my initial review. Despite the simplicity, this is a well written and clean piece. It is good to see the amount of plays it has gotten.



Cold Remembrance by @nikkojt

I had to read a previous review to find the starting location. Make sure to always put the starting location in every bit of introduction dialogue you can.

Docking Ring

Nothing major to note.


I like this map, well made.

The station has its default foundry name listing. Suggest changing it.

Romulan Station

Optional dialogue is good.

Tal Shiar Attack

Nothing major to note.

This is a short and simple mission. I do agree with others that it would have been nice if there had been more to it. But what there is, works. Just a few minor issues. The mission is well written and very clean.

I gave 5/5 simply for it’s polished feel.

Good job, keep it up!


Unsung: Inferno by @Starfarertheta
(No pic this time.
Opening Dialogue

Always well written and informative as always.

The Unsung Battlefield

The captain you meet up with does not say her name. She only says captain.


Nothing major to note.

Conduit Station

Nothing major to note.


An Epic battle.


Nothing major to note.

You may have noticed the lack of much commentary here, mainly because there are almost no errors.

Star has crafted another masterpiece here. There is so much optional content and the amount of possible paths one can take requires MANY playthroughs, providing a unique experience every time. He has proven himself a mastery of detail. 

If you love the open-ended style missions with lots of bonus content, this is a perfect candidate, as are his other missions.

Easy 5/5,

The Dragon Hunt by@dragonkata1

I played this mission at level 16 as recommended by the author. This was done on my new tactical Caitian on elite mode.

Azure Approach

Well written dialogue establishes a back story for the species we are about to encounter.

Well made map.

Azure Nebula First Battle

The Romulan reinforcements loop the warp-in animation if left alone. I suggest just having them spawn normally without an animation.

The dialogue provides more variety should the player wish to learn more about this new species. Nice touch.

Also a nicely made map.

Drakkathii Prime

A well made map.

I like the inclusion of their own unique ships.

The Nexus

Nothing major to note.


You could potentially have this dialogue at the end of the previous map and make the loading screen be the “warping” to the colony. This saves loading time.


Nothing major to note.

Restus Ground

Excellent work on giving the sense of a destroyed town.

Restus Departure

Nothing major to note.

Payreer System

Nothing major to note.

U.S.S. Katherine

Excellent effects to simulate a ship under extreme stress.

Payreer Escape

Some ships loop the warp-in animation. Suggest changing this to no animation.

I.K.S. Kryas

Fun and tough battles on elite mode here.


Nothing major to note.

Klingon Offensive

A fun final battle.

Overall opinion: I have been lucky with finding a string of first-timer missions that are amazing. This one is no exception. Taking at least 60 minutes, this mission is excellent for those who enjoy those long trek adventures. The author has meticulously crafted a large mission with so much polish, I honestly could not tell it was his first one had he not said it before. Dialogue is written very well. Maps are excellent and serve their purpose.

This is easily 5/5. You have a great foundry career ahead of you. I look forward to your next mission.

Raptor’s Reflection @ElijahThomas


Wow, how did you get the dark effect?

The detail in this map is incredible.

Starship Interior

Multiple dialogue options are nice.

Excellent custom map.

Are you sure this is your first mission….?

Romulus System

Excellent trigger work.

Excellent dialogue.

Viraj II

Again….well done on the map.

This was one of the best first missions I’ve ever played from an author. Again, are you sure this is your first lol? I have 6 missions on my belt and I have not even attempted to create custom structures like you have, haha! Easily 5/5. The detail is amazing and the dialogue is excellent. It will be earning my vote in foundry challenge 9.

I hope you create more content soon.

(Yea it’s not the best photo but I just wanted to show how the Undie rep armor glows


Sunset Blues @Nikkojt


Nothing major to note.

Mirror DS9.

Finally map transfer works!

I suggest moving the ISS ship farther away from the initial spawn to prevent fighting before the dialogue begins.

Mirror Badlands

Suggesting changing the background to the correct backdrop.

Scanning the Obsidian cruiser has the “invisible object name.” Suggest changing this.

Mirror Drias

This is a nice space map.

Sunset Blues Deck

I suggest changing the doors to actual walls with doors in theme.

Mirror Wormhole

Map transfer did not take place, sent a mail.

Unfortunately I was unable to finish but I believe I was near the end anyway. I gave it a 5/5 for a good story. Just need to get those last few bugs.

Keep up the good work!

War on Earth by @lordarathron

Briefing Room

Nice job on the ship model display shelf.

Sol System

Portal is labeled as “FX, portal, time.” Suggest changing this.

Solaris System

Same issue as above.


Nothing major to note.

NPF Homeworld

Nothing major to note.

NPF Homeworld Space

This is a well made space map.

Solaris 2

Nothing to note.

Shadowkind Earth

Nothing to note.


Fed NPC in room one has the default name and number.

Same issue in room 2.

Room 2 is bare and could use more scenery objects.

Fed NPC in room three has the same issue as before.

Controller Station

Nothing major to note.

Solaris Three

I recommend having the opening dialogue tied to a reach marker, then spawn the fleet battle.

Once again, even better than its predecessor. Keep it up with fixing the issues that have popped up in the series and you will be well on your way. 5/5


Resolution on Risa by @lordhathoron


I suggesting removing the numbers from the security guards.

Some Klingons on the beach have their default names with the numbers, suggest changing this.

Several Fed npcs also have the same issue.


Nothing major to note. Maybe spruce it up a bit more.


Nothing major to note.

Meeting Room

Change the npc names from the default versions with numbers, this takes away immersion.

Photonic Assault

Same advice as the last map.

This room is really bare and I would suggest adding more scenery.


Frosted boots or motion accelerator are helpful here.

Risa Space

Nothing major to note.

S.S. Talkea

Interior is somewhat bare, suggesting adding scenery.

Overall thoughts: Much better than your first mission. I can already see improvement. There are still a few minor issues to fix but I feel you are on the right track, 5/5.

Adrift  by @midnightttlc



Multiple dialogue options are always good.

Simple map but efficient at what it does.



Good use of fog effects.


Deck 8

Suggest moving the spawns back so the player does not get ambushed while loading the map.

Very nice work on the scenery.

Main Engineering

Excellent work on the warp core.



Portal effect is well timed.



An interesting twist.


This was a well-made mission and I cannot wait for part two. The dialogue was well written and clean and had a nice twist at the end. The maps were really well made. 5/5 easily, well done.

Destiny Darkly by @Akurie

Sector Map A-1

Nothing major to note.


Azura IV

That Ferengi Name,* Facepalm.*

Nice puzzle with the rules of acquisition

The last hostage group has “interact. Should change it to an appropriate response.


Sector Map A-2

I recommend spreading out the NPCs at the freighter some.


Desert A-1

Add  respawn  point at the “Rescue 6 groups of hostages” objective.


Desert A-2

You have a solid and well-built outpost here.

The optional dialogues add to the story.


Sector Map A-3

Nothing major to note.


Breen Station

Major notes will be added at the end.


Nice work on the assimilated parts here.

I’ve noticed the Bible references, are you Christian :)?


Overall Thoughts: I was kinda on the fence for this mission. I know this is your first mission and it’s mighty impressive for it being your first. Which is why I will treat it as such, a first mission. However, I did get kinda lost in the story and that may be due to some of the issues I ran into personally. 

Let’s start with combat. I noticed you had many large enemy groups packed together, meaning you would be often fighting more than two or three low level squads at a time. I felt some of these mobs could have been separated more. Had there been more enemy variety, it may not have been so bad. To me, personally, fighting tons of Breen spam can get annoying if packed so closely together. They ended up getting monotonous really fast. This also applies for the space portions too.

The second issue I had trouble with was the “End conversation.” I felt that this kinda took out some of the immersion for me. I would recommend adding appropriate “RP” captain responses instead of text such as that. There was also some usage of the “continue button.” I recommend changing these to captain responses as well to build the immersion.

Now, there were things I found interesting. I like the inclusion of the trivia puzzles for objectives. I also enjoyed some of your scenery work. I felt the Terran ground base was well made. I also noticed your Bible references. I assume you are a Christian denomination, which is cool, I am too. We’ll have to talk in-game hehe.

Overall, I gave this a 5/5 despite some major issues because it is still a VERY WELL put together mission for a 1st timer. If you take these points and apply them to future content and this mission, I think you have a promising foundry career ahead of you.




The Claws of Stovokor by @Helixfungus

Karden System

This a nice and clean map.




Good trigger work.

Optional combat is nice.

I like how you put the mining facility inside the broken planet.



Excellent work on the maintenance tunnels.


High Energy Yield


Very nice job on making it look like yer in space at the end.


Canberra Bridge

Nothing major to note.


Nebula Core

Nothing major to note.

This was a nice mission with an interesting plot. I did feel that the typos made the start a little rough. I know we discussed before how English is not your primary language, but I would suggest taking the chance to go back and run the dialogues through spell checkers, ETC.

4/5, great job, look forward to more of your work.


Disclaimer: This mission is intended for members of the fleet particularly it’s made for, however, even if the story may not make sense to non-fleet members, one can still enjoy the amazing map work. I had to give it 5/5 alone just for the maps. This review will be a little different in that I will just be posting screenshots so you can see what kind of maps are used on this. I suggest playing at least once just to explore them.

Without further ado, here are the images I  collected.



Homage to Galris  by @Joe_king


Incident at Risa

Nothing major to note.



All about the Galrisians


I see you have done some nice custom interior work.


Background information is a nice touch on the species we are dealing with.


The Full Story


Once again, good custom interior work.


Nice illusion with the hologram.


Scene of the Crime

I love how you have the planet in the sky.


The Plot Thickens

Bonus points for having Caitians in it hehe.

Nothing major to note.


Nothing major to note.




Suggest not having enemies attack until the dialogue is done when you first beam in.


The final battle was fun.

Final thoughts:  This was an excellent mission with some good custom interior work. There was a lot of background information about the author’s species which showed a lot of time was put into the mission. I noticed no typos or major errors. Very well written and clean. 5/5, keep it up. Deserves more plays.





Maelstrom by @Altexist


Starbase 114

Dialogue on this map could be set to play before loading onto map 2. This would shave off loading time for a map that only has one objective.



Cargo Bay

Nice work with all the wires and such in the first room.



Starbase 114

This map’s dialogue could have been put at the end of the previous map. I suggest doing that and removing this map as it only increases load times.



Tazi VI

Nothing major to note.



Donia IV

Nothing major to note.



U.S.S. Raymond


Good damage effects here. I like the coolant leaking out of the warp core.

One of the steam effects was coming out of thin air. Here is a picture.


Defend Cargo Bay


Some of the wires are not connected to the ceiling on both ends.




Donia IV 2


Nothing major to note.



Omar System


Dialogue choice provides variety.


Klingon station is named  “Station, Klingon active 03 #1, suggest changing this.



Klingon Base


Unexpected twist.



Requiem for a Dream, Part 1 by @11001001_v2.0 (It’s a grind spelling your name XD.)


The Mind’s Heritage


On the replicator, it says “interact.” I suggest changing that to “replicate sandwich” to add a little more immersion.


You did a good job on the little hunting platform.




Nothing to note.


Pandora’s Box


Nice job on getting the Nausicaans on the balconies.


Nice job on that Nausicaan tower and making it look natural to the city.


One of the Nausicaans in the main plaza has an 01 by their name.


Again, nice work on blending the custom structures into the default map.


Wow! Impressive work on the sewer!

This mission was rather short and simple. The story is all right and really did not leave much of an impact on me so far. This originally was going to be a 4, but when I saw your environmental work with Hathon, I had to give it a 5. You have made some very clever creations both in scenery and in humor via optional NPC dialogue.

One change I recommend is replacing the “continue” button on your dialogue responses. I suggest having your player say something or performing an emote via that.

Besides that and the few issues I mentioned earlier, good job. I will be reviewing part 2 shortly.  5/5



Sleepers by @Jovell
This mission was played on elite mode with my engineer, Taka.

Opening dialogue

[2:27] [NPC] Captain, thank you for volunteering for this mission. It bothers me to think my fellow service members are missing and what could have happened to them. Starfleet Command would like you to rendevous with a Legate J’Tran from Cardassian High Command on board the CDS Aldara in the Kinjun System. He will provide you with information on the next step of your investigation. Vice Admiral, I dont have to tell you the importance of this mission. Only that it is highly classified and I can trust you to keep it that way. The Detroit, San Fransisco, and the Partition went missing two days ago, and the Celest and the Nephilim went missing yesterday. Four escorts and a cruiser. It is the utmost importance that we find out what happened to them. Keep me informed of your progress. Marconi, out.
Rendevous should be “Rendezvous”

Dont needs an apostrophe.

Kinjun System

Nothing major to note here.

CDS Aldara Bridge

2:41] [NPC] : I don’t know whats going on, Captain. This is why we are working with Starfleet so willingly on this matter. What types of ships is the federation missing?
You should change “is” to are in the sentence, “What type of ships is the federation missing?”


Nice how you used the “fire tornados” here. Although I am slightly confused why you did not use the actual Badlands map backdrop like you see in the DS9 story missions. Having the tornados with the black sky of space somewhat messes up the effect of them.

U.S.S. Celest Bridge

Fire effects are well placed.

Crew Deck

Lieutenant Jessica Kantra had a normal Borg skin. I assume you meant for it to be a starfleet one.

Engineering Deck

Good, clean use of effects. Boss battle in the engine room was a tough one on elite mode.

Badlands #2

Nothing major to note.

U.S.S. Envoy Bridge

Nothing major to note.

Badlands #3

Nothing major to note.

5/5 overall. This was a good mission. The dialogue was well written and only had a few almost insignificant mistakes. Most map designs were simple but they worked out perfectly here. I look forward to more work from you.

I am back after a small absence with trying to finish my latest mission! Expect a lot of these soon. (Yea..I always seem to forget pictures when I come back from a break. WIll get to those next time.)


Shadows Rising, by @sithscourge

Engage the enemy says “engauge the enemy.”

I suggest putting the starting location in the “engage the enemy” line. You want that info everywhere you can get it because many people do not read.

8:52] [NPC] Rational: We wont listen to your Federation lies any longer. All Fighter wings ATTACK.

wont should be won’t.

Stargazer’s Last Known Location

References were amusing.

The objective “Engageing the enemies” should be “Engaging the enemies.”

I can see this mission is meant to not be taken fully seriously. In that case, the puns are funny.

Unique ship names are good.

In, “Go to the Chimera,” I suggest increasing the reach marker radius.

U.S.S. Chimera interior
Nice custom costumes on the NPCs.

Good map design off the start.

You can put an invisible object for the “interact with object” objectives to prevent having to place visible things like the padds.

These Ferasans shame us all! They don’t even know how the disruptors work! (This is sarcasm)

I’Zira’s soldiers will show them how it is done. (Also a joke)

Some Ferasan raiders have #1 beside their names.

Shadow Base

You might want to make it so your medical officer refers to you as your rank. Unless you explain earlier in the story you let your crew do that.

9:16] [NPC] Medical Officer: Taka, It looks like they’re being experimented on. We should try to get them out of here. The Caitian patients have a number by their name. Not sure if this is intended. Suggest removing it.

I noticed usage a few times of the “continue” button. I suggest changing these to responses from your captain.

Ferasan/Caitian interesting concept.

One of the npcs in the “more children” objective was a Fek’lhri. Think you missed a costume there.

I noticed others in the reviews suggested you use a Klingon interior for a Ferasan base. I would agree with this. However, you have already made the mission, so this could be something to keep in mind for future enemy bases.

Overall 5/5, This was the author’s first mission and so it will be treated as such. This was a nice and simple first mission by the author. Sometimes simple works perfectly. I sure enjoyed the easygoing ride after all the complex missions I have done or made hehe.

The author clearly demonstrated basic knowledge of the foundry mechanics and shows he has room to have even higher quality content in the next mission.

Well done!

Scars of the Pride, Part 4: Evolution of Evil

With the destruction of her toxin facility at the Wamesahau system, I’Zira has launched a full invasion on the planet of Bajor to test her new toxin. In the process, she has taken control of Deep Space Nine and the planetary defense satelites. With Vice Admiral Kovu heading to Bajor to hold off till reinforcements arrive, you must take back Deep Space Nine and the planetary defense satelites with General Karopov’s assistance. Should you fail, an entire civilization will be lost and along with it, possibly many more.

Report to the Lateri system to meet with General Karopov. Level 50+

Synopsis: It has been two days since the attack on the U.S.S. Simba. With Admiral Taka in a coma, your only hope of catching the raiders was a tracking device planted on the stolen Borg technology by Commander M’Kiara. Now the technology has surfaced on a world deep within Klingon Space. On this forgotten world you will discover the inner-workings of a plot to destroy the federation itself. Report to Deep Space K-7 in the Eta Eridani sector block to rendezvous with the U.S.S. Simba and stop a hidden evil from rising.
This is Part 3 of the series. Federation level 50+. There is music that goes with this mission. The mission dialogue will tell you when to use it.
Here is the soundtrack.
Background music for missions.
Scars of the pride, Part 3: Wameshau surface and cave theme



Hi all. My name is Ashkrik23 and I recently joined UGC after getting into the foundry full time. I just completed the finale to my first series that is set in my own mission time line. I was hoping to get some testers for it along with some more feedback on part 1 to find any glitches, bugs, or suggestions needed.

My missions in chronological order.

Perfection series

Perfection, part 1.

Perfection, part 2.


Here is some basic information about each of 2 missions.

Part 1 Info: Level 41+Federation mission. This is a Borg mission so bring a remodulator. Designed with an STF style. The battles may be somewhat difficult for playersi n average ship builds.

In the wake of the Borg Queen’s defeat by Admiral D’vak and his fleet,You have been contacted by Admiral Quinn to report to Outpost 77 in the Kessik system for a confidental assignment. He didn’t leave any details as to what you were needed for, but there was an urgent tone in his voice during the subspace communication. Report to the Kessik system in Gamma Orionis sector immediately and meet with the commanding officer there.

Part 2 info: Level 41+ Federation mission. This is a Borg one so bring a remodulator. It is designed for solo play. Green mission text helps provide tips for important branching dialogue in this mission. Make sure to follow it to stay on the right path depending on what option you choose. This will be towards the end of the mission.

With the fall of Earth, the unthinkable has happened. The Borg, now powered by the Omega Molecule, have launched their final campaign to rid the galaxy of every species. With the Federation in shambles and every civilization under threat of extinction, there is only one hope. Can the the Federation and its allies and enemies come together to save their homes? Or will this spell the end for our existence as we know it?

You have been summoned to the Kalferi system, where a task force is the last stand against this impending genocide.

I’ll continue to update with fixes based on feedback and with updates on new stories coming.

And if you are looking for my updates without wanting to have to go through Starbase UGC, you can also check out the main thread on the STO forum here.


Update notes for Perfection, part 2: 14 December 2013. Fixed some minor dialogue errors and added some costume changes to Borg npcs.