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Category: [DIP] Diplomacy Missions


Mission name: The Spirits of Ramok Nor

Author: alimac30

Project ID: ST-HI8UI4BLS

Faction: Federation

Level: Any level

Duration: Approx. 1 hour


Spirits are haunting an old Cardassian-built medical facility on Bajor. The terrified patients and staff fear the apparitions are the tormented souls of Bajorans tortured and killed at the facility during the Occupation. With the pain of Cardassian atrocities still raw after 50 years, Kai Kira has asked Starfleet to investigate…


  • This is NOT a Devidian mission
  • Intended to be single-player
  • Takes around an hour
  • Much more of an investigation than a shoot-’em-up

Quotes from feedback received so far:

“Best mission I have played yet. The environments alone are just outstanding… 6 stars!” — @Captain_Revo

“Umm, wow! That played out just like an episode of Star Trek. Absolutely outstanding mission! Unbelievably good job with environments – the attention to detail is amazing. Easily one of the best missions in The Foundry. A must play!!” — @Captain.Hunter

“I’m not just saying this to be nice, I honestly think it’s the best user created mission I’ve played… Loved the story, the maps, the pace, everything… the most fun I’ve had in STO for ages.” — @Halish

Mission Name: Burning Bridges
Author: Sturnack
Faction: Federation
Level: 16+
Duration: 30 minutes


When your ship’s Counselor fails to return from shore leave on Risa, an investigation into her disappearance ensues. Combing one of the most remote beaches on the planet for answers, you find that the ramifications of her disappearance could affect the entire galaxy. Follow the evidence trail to locate your missing Counselor and ultimately protect the Federation from yet another enemy who would see it destroyed.

Commentary Highlights:

“I wish all user-made missions were on this level.” – ISS Voyager

“A wonderful balance of dialog and combat, an interesting new alien, and a TOS reference to boot!” – Ens. Adam

“This mission is one of the reasons the Foundry will bring life to STO.” – Issoldier

***Note: Any and all feedback is welcome. This mission has already been greatly improved by community feedback and further reviews will only benefit it further. Thank you in advance!***

Banner of Starfleet Experimentation

Times are some what difficult in the Federation. The Federation is at war with the Klingons, the neutral zone is in chaos, The True Way is making trouble for the new Cardassian civil government. Yet somehow things stay the same. Scientific discovery is still one of the core tenants of Starfleet but what happens when the persuit of scientific discovery clashes with the necessities of war something has to give. This was not an option for Captain Thl’ryk (pronounced Thool’rike) of the U.S.S. Toledo a man whom duty and honour meant alot and sought to find a solution to this problem.

Queue your intrepid captain, while it may seem a rather boring routine task it is still important and one of the few non-military tasks that Starfleet performs. You are tasked with ferrying what seems to be an innocuous  unknown substance from the backwater JFS47 system in the Hromi Sector of the Pi Canis sector block back to Memory Alpha. Things don’t stay so innocuous for long when the U.S.S. Toledo’s warp core goes critical. So now not only do you have to investigate what happened to the U.S.S. Toledo but also prevent it from happening to the ship under your command as well. How can something seemingly so innocuous be so deadly? Find out in this non-combat Science mission today! Available on Holodeck!

  • Location: Raveh Sector, Orellius Sector Block
  • Faction and Level: Federation, Any Level
  • Foundry ID and Server: ST-HSRO4D6XK, Holodeck

Summary: One of Starfleet’s many missions is making navigational charts of explored space.  Survey duty isn’t generally the most exciting in the universe unless you find something unexpected… and this unexpected discovery becomes an unusual relief mission.  Diplomacy is the order of the day, especially considering the people you meet…

(Mild spoilers after the break) continue reading…

by darrenkitlor
Title: Drawing Proof
Author: darrenkitlor
Faction: Federation
Level requirement: None

Summary: A separatist group is causing civil unrest on Vulcan, in protest of the multi-front war the Federation is engaged. Meet with their leader and negotiate peace…

by darrenkitlor
Title: State Secrets
Author: darrenkitlor
Faction: Federation
Level requirement: Captain 1+
Note: This is a sequel to Drawing Proof

Summary: After negotiating peace, your crew is on a fact-finding mission regarding a Cardassian Doctor’s Undine Detection test…

Author: @Altexist
Project ID: ST-HB533H8KT
Mission Faction: Federation
Mission Type: Space & Ground
Mission Location: the Xleen System in the Argelius Sector

Mission Description:
When you discover a planet on the verge of an ecological disaster, will you be able to save the inhabitants in time at the risk of breaking the Prime Directive and dragging the Federation into another conflict?

Xleen V in the Argelius Sector is home to a pre-industrial society called the Maylens. They have been under the study of an anthropology research team from the Vulcan Academy of Science for the past six months. The research team is due for resupply.
You, are ordered to the outpost on Xleen V to resupply the team and report any significant findings by the research team.


Trailer created by chaddy18

You are the only one who can restore balance to the quadrant and not only save the race and culture of an enemy, but restore power to the organisation and ideals you have believed in your entire life. With all the forces against you, the only option is to prevail. You are forced to disobey orders to save the United Federation Of Planets.

  • Old Feuds
  • History Repeats Itself
  • A Mysterious Stranger
  • No Starfleet Authorisation

With all the forces against you, the only option is to prevail.

EPISODE ONE : Post Production

Can’t Keep A New Suit Clean

EPISODE TWO : Production

All Warriors Are Cold Warriors

EPISODE THREE : Pre-production

Shall We Not Revenge?

Can’t Keep A New Suit Clean TEASER ONE

Can’t Keep A New Suit Clean TEASER TWO

continue reading…

Project Revava


By LordOfPit

Rated 4 Stars (20 plays)

Commander Shoko Futagami in the Club 47 Lounge on Earth Space Dock

Symopsis: Starfleet continues to research ways of dealing with the Borg threat. Some ways more beneficial than others, others less moral and more dangerous than most.

Commander Shoko Futagami on Earth Space Dock has knowledge of a special Starfleet project that requires your aid but subspace communications are not to be trusted!

This mission is recommended for solo-play, but not on Advanced / Elite difficulty because of a lethal combat sequence in which player-death is expected.

continue reading…


A mining colony of Romulan refugees needs your help investigating a strange cloud-like anomoly that has suddenly appeared in the Pilatus System. Ships have been disappearing into the unusual cloud.  Starfleet Command has ordered you to investigate the strange nebula formation, assist the colony in evacuating, and discover the fate of the USS Yorktown.

The First Episode of Season 1 in the Lost in Time Series is now Live on Tribble.

The mission is titled – Lost in Time ‘S.S. Trafford’ – And will appear as such in your ingame UGC mission search (so long as the seach isn’t bugged).

The episode is ment as an introduction to the storyline of the series, so there is some dialog reading to do but it’s not excessive and has no walls of text.  Also, Episode 2 – The Iconians and Their Demons – will pick up exactly from where Episode 1 left off, so yes bit of a cliff-hanger at the end of this Episode.

For more information of the series – Please visit my wiki User page here

For more information on Lost in Time ‘S.S. Trafford’ – Please visit the wiki mission page here

Alternatively, you may visit the Lost in Time Series official STO forum thread here

After reading reports of some of your most recent missions, Vice Admiral Soriedem Leah Cim, invites you to join him on Risa for a little shore leave camping trip. It’s better shared, so invite a friend or two.

The idea for Project Revava came to me as I was playing Mass Effect II actually. I was quite impressed with the internal conflict of Legion which made me wonder what would happen if somehow Borg had to fight Borg.

I did not want to portray a Borg vs Borg fight, nor did I want to allow the Federation to be able to force Borg to fight themselves. I therefore allowed Section 31 to progress with the plans of forcing a Borg vs Borg fight, but then… something terrible happened! The Borg drones have somehow evolved beyond Section 31’s plans and now, pose a threat to the Federation, and perhaps the entire galaxy!

I then had the pleasure of trying to figure out what exactly could Borg drones evolve into, and since I really loved The Ashes of Eden I decided my new antagonists would be a new race:

The new threat.

That is how the Revava race came to be, and the story-mission was named Project Revava. continue reading…

Here they are the final two missions in my Unholy Alliances story arc.  As always, I appreciate any and all feedback.  Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy it.

Unholy Alliances IV – After decrypting the Claw database with the algorithm recovered from the mobile command center and examining the holo-emitters that the Claw holograms were using onboard our ship, we have determined the Claw is being supplied with designs for advanced holographic technology. A holographic virus is granting artificial sentience to holograms all over the quadrant. It originates from a mining facility that the Claw has coopted in the Otha VIII planetary system.  Go to Otha system in Eta Eridani.

Unholy Alliances V – The fifth and final episode in the Unholy Alliances story.  If you haven’t tried the earlier episodes, I recommend that you do.

“Drawing Proof” and “State Secrets” were originally designed during Closed Beta on Red Shirt. Following feedback there, they were updated with new features and content for the Foundry Beta on Tribble Test Server:

“Drawing Proof” explores a war resistance group growing on Vulcan, calling themselves the Surak’s Tear Movement, who are deeply opposed to the ongoing conflicts the Federation has perpetuated across the galaxy. Players must talk to the movement leaders, hear their requests, and arrange for high-level talks.

Meanwhile, in “State Secrets”, players are sent to Cardassia Prime in order to see the Undine Detection Technology the Vulcan resistance movement lent the non-True Way Cardassians – with disastrous results…


Author: JTWorrell

Allegiance: Starfleet

Level: Any Level

Last Published: 2010-12-18

Not all First Contacts are peaceful. This is especially true with a people who doesn’t want to be found. You are recruited to help one of Starfleet’s many confidential branches in order to discover the fate of a missing ship. Will you be able to find the missing ship and bring things under control before they escalate beyond repair? Or will this First Contact be your Last Contact? Find out in this first episode of the Tecnolus Saga: The Open Hand.

**This is my first Foundry mission and as such, any constructive feedback is more than welcome. I built this mission based upon ideas of what I’d like to see in a STO mission. I admit that the lack of “things yet to come” was a source of frustration but making this did indeed enlighten me on why the Cryptic missions are the way they are. I originally planned to have the Terran Empire as the featured enemy for this episode but as I wanted to open the mission to everyone, I changed it to the Klingon Empire. As things are added to the Foundry I’m hoping to make the mission quality better but for the time being I’ve had to stretch my creativity a bit in order to cover the current limitations. Anyway I hope you guys like it should you decide to give it a try. And if you do give it a try…THANK YOU!!! Sorry but the thought of someone else playing it is kind of exciting.

 I will post the ID for this mission tonight after a final play-through.

 This was a tough one to make but has a great payoff.  A Klingon is defecting with valuable intel.  He has stolen a Klingon shuttle to Rendezvous with the Galaxy-Class USS Sextant, a vessel boasting an impressively advanced medical center.  You are asked to escort the Sextant back to Starfleet Command, however something goes wrong; it appears the Klingon was infected by a virus, a gift from superiors who learned of his deception, and he has entered a coma before having a chance to impart his knowledge.

There is one chance, something the Sextant’s advanced med center has been working on: entering dreams.  Both Federation ships are scanned for the specific brain chemistry that is most conducive to entering the dream state; it just so happens that you are the ideal candidate.

All this is discussed on the Galaxy’s bridge, before everyone moves to the advanced med bay a few decks below.  There they have the Klingon in a stasis field, maintaining his rapid eye movement state as the virus eats away his memory engrams.  With each passing minute the risk increases that the areas of his brain that contain his core conciousness or the valuable intel will dissolve into fluid.

You enter the dream world with four crewmembers. Get ready for a shock:  you appear in the upper atmosphere above an endless red ocean and fall for a long time, your teammates whistling through the wind in parallel descent.  Dr. Rem, the med team leader, communicates with you through a neural uplink, monitoring form the outside.  She creates a small platform in the dream to save you, but you must watch your companions plummet thousands of feet into oblivion while you try to catch your breath on a precarious floating floor in the sky.

Far below is a single wooden vessel.  The Klingon, in his infected unconcious fever, has hallucinated the Klingon Barge of the Dead taking him to Grethor (Klingon Hell) for his betrayal of the Klingon Empire.

On Dr. Rem’s advice, you must leap off the platform, plummeting further, and just before hitting the ground hit your commbadge to signal that you are near to the ground and that Dr. Rem should shift you sideways to a rocky outcropping before you splat.  (You fall through a place marker 200 feet above the ground, getting the prompt to beam to the rocks, if you don’t click fast enough you splat).

You run along the rocky outcropping as passes it by.  You leap off the edge of the rock and barely catch the edge of the ship, but hopping down inside you find a mass of 30 Targs snarling across the deck.  Once they are dealt with you find the interior avatar of the Klingon.  He cannot be convinced that he is simply dreaming, and his shame over defecting leaves him in a depressed haze.  It emerges that his Father was a defector as well, and he feels he is weak like his predecessor.  He thinks the players are spirits meant to distract him from his rightful punishment in Hell.

Multiple dialog paths are used in your attempts to extract the information before the Klingon is completely brain dead.

The map abruptly transitions alters and due to mental decay the dream advances. Now the sea is more of a lake, and the shores of Grethor are in view, along with their Fehklyr guardians.  More targs flow over the deck but this time F’Knash helps to kill them; he is snapping out of it.

A final decay as they step off the ship onto Grethor has the ship dissolve completely behind them, the waters are gone, most of Grethor dissolves, now it is you and the Klingon on a lone outcropping of stone in a black void.  Dr. Rem enters the dream then, disguised as the Klingon’s Father.  With the Father’s voice, she soothes him, explains that defecting for the betterment of the Empire is an honor above all else, the honor of martyrdom and sacrifice, and that just as the Father was strong enough to make that choice, so is the Son.  This makes the Klingon feel he is destined for Stovokor (Klingon Heaven…sort of) rather than Grethor, and his mind makes it so:

The trio now appear at the gates of Stovokor.  The Klingon unburdens himself by passing his ‘Father’ (Dr. Rem) the precious intel, and seconds later his mind gives out, at peace now, and the entire dream world falls away.  You and Dr. Rem awaken in the med center, successful.  As the Sextant’s Captain prepares an honorable funeral, you beam back to your ship, exhausted, but with an odd anxiety about hitting the sack.


Taken from Darren_Kitlor’s “PROJECT: Starfleet & KDF Intelligence versus Section 31 and other Fringe Groups”:

1) Urban Environments

Urban landscapes (while not the final frontier) are curiously absent in Star Trek Online. These environments would be remarkably suited for diplomatic and intelligence matters (and such environments exist in Champions Online). A solid question exists – how do you create a city at random?

A temporay solution, until the community finds something better, are developing an array of tilesets for major factions (i.e. Klingon Buildings, Romulan Buildings, Federation Buildings, Cardassian Buildings). Assets already exist in the game for many exterior building structures.

The trick with Urban environments is that they are both horizontal AND vertical spaces.

To add building diversity, structures could have catwalks and stairs, allowing players to move between them (and possibly avoiding detection, i.e. aggro distance).

There are a number of missions that could fall under the umbrella of intelligence/espionage: from sabotage/theft/hacking, to convincing contacts, to personal level intelligence gathering.

How can multiplayer be implemented?

3) Faction Cities

Using art assets already in-game or developed in part 1 (and developing just enough to give the “feel” of iconic cities in Star Trek), the developers could quickly roll-out iconic cities from the series.

Examples of canon Capital City Layouts:

* Old Quarter – Qo’noS – Klingon ( – see here – )
* Administrative District – Romulus – Romulan ( – see here – )
* Capital City – Bajor – Bajor ( – see here – )

Many development concerns exist: in-game performance issues, lengthy development time, and whether it’d actually be useful to gameplay/socialization/etc. Here’s some ideas (whether used already or not – just as background).

Performance &/or Development Time Tricks:

* Occlusion – hiding objects behind other ones (fencing/siderails as in Qo’noS).
* Skybox – using a pre-rendered texture box to give the illusion of depth.
* “Invisible” walls – used to prevent access to unfinished areas.
* LoD buildings – used in conjunction with 3, LoD can give the appearance

Note: Using existing assets will help speed up city development.

Suggested wards, burroughs, or cantons to each city:

* Trade Ward: (culture specific and faction-common items, exchange)
* Bars/Clubs: (social hubs)
* Embassy Row: diplomatic missions from your faction (also where intelligence assignments can be given by factions).
* Starport: (ship items, courier/dignitary transport from faction official)
* Instanced housing: players could have a private (on planet) meeting place, perhaps with a pre-rendered skybox of the city out the window, assuming the faction has property laws.

With the ability to eventually create our own custom environments, I think it’s about time to propose a project for UGC creators to build a few cities. Darren’s thread has a few ideas in creating urban (environments) but I thought I’d open it up to suggestions on cities that should be made first. Obvious choice for Earth are:

  • San Francisco, US
  • Paris, France
  • Any suggestion that wins the most votes on Earth (New York City, Las Vegas, etc)

Unfortunately, we should only pick one Federation allied city and work on that until completion (unless we have the manpower to have multiple Federation cities being worked on). Having one city complete and ready to be used for mission making would prove to be a useful benchmark in the creation of other popular locales. It would be rather embarrassing on our part to use cities that are half-baked or mostly incomplete for the variety of missions that will be created for them.

But I also propose we not forget our Klingon counterparts/colleagues. We should also begin a Klingon city proposal. Since there is hardly mention of Klingon cities and even fewer actual pictures of Klingon cities, collaborators will have to get a little creative.  I have included a list of cities named in Star Trek lore from Memory Alpha so we can vote on the particular city we should work on first.

Cities of Qo’noS

Anyone interested?