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Category: [DIP] Diplomacy Missions

We’re back with an additional new host and a new look. Same old format. We review

Shore Leave Under Siege by JohnnySnowball.



My new foundry mission… An encounter with a powerful entity will test your attitude towards the unknown.
This is a Federal Solo Mission, +31 level, a mostly dialog based one, with some ground combats.

Mission ID: ST-HABUFF95E
author :helixfungus

Help is required to make this one pull up from under-5-reviews status. Furthermore, any suggestion, here or in the mission comments iinside STO, will be welcome as always. Thanx to starbase UGC foundry creators.


Title: Healing Old Wounds (Ep. I)

Author:  Alenis Kendra

Faction: Federation

Level Requirement: None

There is an incoming message! A Bajoran scientist informs you that a state of emergency has been declared in Hathon. He is requesting that you leave to rendezvous with him on Bajor immediately. This mission will call for scientific, diplomatic and tactical skills, both in space and on the ground.

This mission is story oriented and is part of a series of episodes I am writing that revolve around the Bajoran people. This mission is perfect for fans of DS9, but can be enjoyed by anyone.


Also, this episode was reviewed by Hippiejohn in the last episode of The Foundry Roundtable, which you can view here!


A note from the author, Alenis Kendra:

Hi all!

I am fairly new to the STO community. Earlier last year, after only a few weeks of playing, I was seriously disappointed with the lack of Bajoran related content for low leveled players. In fact, I was discouraged enough to almost lose interest in the game. Then, I discovered The Foundry. It was like a whole new world had opened up to me! The vast potential for storytelling made me drool with anticipation! I hammered off my first version of this mission, not having a CLUE what I was doing. Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t very good.

Thankfully, instead of just writing me off, other Foundry authors made some very helpful suggestions. And now, after many more months of writing, tweaking things, and driving everyone on Starbase UGC’s chat completely bonkers, I have successfully re-released my mission!

So, I’d like to send a special thank you out into the galaxy to everyone who helped me, both on the STO Forums and here on Starbase UGC! In addition, I want to thank Kirkfat and Bazag for their fantastic video tutorials.


Healing Old Wounds


Two leaders of a Starfleet Academy funded archeological expedition have uncovered evidence of a previously undiscovered alien civilization on a Reunificationist colony world, but their inability to cooperate sends you on a mission of diplomacy. However, do more mysteries lie just below the surface?

This was technically the second Foundry mission I ever built, while the Foundry was still in beta on Tribble. I believe Filbones even reviewed the original version for StarbaseUGC here —

Unfortunately the Foundry was wiped on Tribble before I could port this mention in its entirity, so what remained was a handful of maps, costumes, and dilaogue boxes. I decided this was for the best — I would remake Monolith to be better than it ever was on Tribble, but it would take the Foundry to acquire some improvements … one of which was triggers, and another was only recently added — Tholian NPC Contacts.

While the original version featured a Vulcan and Tellarite archaeologist along with Romulan and Breen forces fighting over Preserver technology, I wanted to better explain the crystalline structures and place the mission more in line with “modern” story elements of Star Trek Online such as the Romulan Republic. To do this, I changed Saeril to be a Reunificationist colony world, and also replaced the Breen mob group with a different species. This also helped me explore two different A Plot and B plot ideas.

I hope they strike a cord with you and that you like the characters. Please play the mission and leave a review. ūüôā

Title: Relics
@handle: Kirkfat
Faction: Fed
Level: Any
Style: Diplomacy, with some action

Description: The Klingon Empire is occupying a planet for unknown reasons. You are sent to investigate. What you discover will alter your perception of the cosmos, its past, and its present.

This is an entry for STO’s foundry challenge #4.

Mission Title: Vulcan Love Slave #9

Faction: Federation, Any LVL

Description:¬† The death of a Starfleet Admiral at Prell’s Gentlemen’s Club requires an investigation.¬† What you discover may have far-reaching consequences for Federation law and the rights of many artificial life forms.

Author’s notes:¬† I made this mission a few months back, but I haven’t advertised it much.¬† I’m proud of it, so it’s sad that it’s one of my least played missions.¬† It was also an ambitious attempt to resolve lingering and unanswered cliff-hangers of Cryptic’s official “path to 2409.”¬† Because I’m now convinced that certain parts of the path will never be addressed or completed, I decided to do so myself.

I hope that you enjoy it.  Please leave feedback.  Thanks!


For Every Action:Part III has been published, finishing off this Fed trilogy.
It is up to you to save an entire race from disaster, as a deadly virus spreads across the homeworld of one of the Federation’s founding members.
There are opposing forces and time, itself working against you. Can you save an allied world in time?

For Every Action:Part I – Any Level
For Every Action:Part II & III – Level 31+

This is a Solo RP mission. Each episode is no more than 40 minutes.


¬†As I was goin’ over
The Cowrk and Ke’Ri Mountains
I saw Captain Ferel, and his money he was countin’

I first produced my pistol, and then produced my Bat’Leth
I said, “Stand and deliver! Or Fek’Lhr he may take you!”

My second new mission in as many weeks is now live!.

Mission Name: Raktajino in a Jar
Author: drogyn1701
Level: 16+
Start: Ganalda System, Eta Eridani Sector Block

Summary: Taking a Ferengi captain’s stash of gold-pressed latinum sounds like great idea, right? Think again! Accused of murder most foul, you must navigate treacherous females, the Ferengi legal system and the psychotic filled prison to get free of the mess you created.

A fairly quick story mission with a mix of talking and combat.

Made for the Gates of Sto’vo’kor Ferengi contest!

Some pictures after the break:
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My first Foundry Mission since 2011!

“Somewhere in Time”

Begins at the round door on Deep Space Nine Promenade

“One of the top scientists in the Federation comes on board your ship for a dark matter experiment. But is everything as it seems?”

What follows is a time-traveling adventure back to the days of Deep Space Nine! This is a 30-45 minute story mission with a bit of combat thrown in.

Some pictures after the jump:

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Grazorak City poster

Mission title: Grazorak City
Author: @woghd911
Faction: FED
Minimum rank required to play: Any rank
First published: April 10 2012


You have been sent on a highly classified mission to retrieve stolen technology known to be located at Grazorak City.  Grazorak City is a the greatest luxury resort in its quadrant. Owned by the Tellerite Duft Grazorak, it is a playground for the wealthiest and most successful people in the Galaxy.  But what evils hide just below the surface?


Authors’s first offering
Extremely open-ended.  Scenario can run in as little as ten minutes or as much as three hours, depending on player decisions and dialogue
Story and roleplay based,  single-player
Although combat is likely, this scenario may be completed without combat.
All maps are custom


  • Six maps
  • six maps,
  • 1106 items
  • 50 costumes
  • 209 dialog trees
  • 14 objectives
  • Entire build took three months

STO Foundry author Nagorak weighs in with his research about ship scaling for NPCs (non-player characters).

Using the STO Foundry, “I managed to determine the ship scaling for the Foundry ship groups up to five (5) players*. What I’ve discovered is that the NPC actors always remain the same type of ship, but which ships spawn varies depending on the number of players (and it’s not as simple as spawning in order of the actor list).”

“There is also some variation in hull strength (and maybe damage output) of the ships to further balance the groups. So, for example, one battleship may have more hull than another in that group or a different group. That difference in strength explains why there are some identical spawns with different actors. (For example, with the battleship group, you get a battleship and dreadnought both with 4 and 5 players, but the 5 player spawns are stronger.)”

“I believe the information is accurate, but I had to record a lot of different groups, so it’s not outside the realm of possibility that I made a mistake. If there is a mistake, then it will only be in the exact mix of ships at each player amount. The exact type of ship each actor is (which is the most important info) should be correct.”

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Mission: The Needs of the Few


Faction: Federation

Level: All

Description:  A newly warp-capable species is in the process of applying to join the Federation.  You are tasked with exploring their world and making a recommendation to the Federation Council.

Author notes:¬† This is my second diplomacy mission.¬† There is no combat and plenty of reading involved.¬† In some ways, it is very similar to “The Return to Terra Nova,” as far as mission mechanics go.¬† However, my goal was to center the mission around a choice, which I was unable to do in “The Return to Terra Nova.”

This mission is also my most issue-oriented story, meant to generate heated debates about relevant social issues of the past, present, and future.  Please give it a try, and let me know what you think.

Also, please let me know if you spot typos.¬† I’m still polishing the text, and I need help.

The conclusion to the Unholy Alliances Triology. I have developed a teaser trailer to help encourage people to play the mission. It’s for Federation players level 41+.

Synopsis: We have obtained the algorithm to unlock the Claw database we recovered. It’s still being analyzed. However, we do know that the Claw is being supplied with designs for advanced holographic technology, while a holographic virus is granting artificial sentience to holograms all over the quadrant.

It originates from an mining facility in the Otha VIII planetary system.  Go to the Otha system in Eta Eridani to investigate and stop the Claw.


MISSION REVIEW : The Floods at Home. Part 1

AUTHOR : Woody_Valley



ALLEGIANCE : Starfleet

LEVEL : Any Level

DESCRIPTION  : From the 23rd of December 2010 to 16 of January 2011,  the State of Queensland, Australia saw some of the worst flooding in its history. 60% of the state was flooded from this Natural Disaster.

This Foundry mission was based on some of the events that happened, but with Starfleet playing the role of the Australian Defence Force. For a better understanding of what happened during that time, I have linked a Youtube 7 part series on the floods.


  • Gameplay 4.5
  • Trek 3
  • Design 4
  • Difficulty 2
  • Grind 3

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Final Judgement

Project ID:

When a Cardassian Starfleet officer in the Badlands finds himself on the verge of unearthing the mystery behind the recent appearances of 40 year old Jem’Hadar fighters, you must come to his aid against not only the Undine but also a Starfleet inquisition that threatens to end his research.

Language: English

Faction: Federation

I have published the final chapter in my Unholy Alliances triology. If you have not played the other missions in the series – why not? Go do it now. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions on my mission. Thank you.



  • Title:¬†¬† Spawn of Medusa IV – (Part IV – The Awakening)
  • By:¬†¬† Duke-of-Rock
  • Allegiance:¬†¬† Federation
  • Language:¬†¬† English
  • Level:¬†¬†¬†¬†Any Level
  • Starting Location:¬†¬† Console outside Main Transporter Room on Earth Space Dock

I am pleased to announce that I have released the 4th episode of my Spawn of Medusa story Arc. This episode leads the build up into the series finale. It is a very story heavy episode with Diplomatic requirements and very little combat, but the story’s plot twist will lead the player to a discovery of epic proportions and indeed send them to a place where no man has gone before. Story Leads off where Part III ends.¬†

Spawn of Medusa IV – The Awakening:¬†“As you prepare for a scientific commission to join you on Julip Prime to study the ruins recently discovered, you are hailed by Admiral Fedrikson and ordered to immediately divert to the newly rebuilt Argus Array. It has been monitoring the Medusik’s fleet movements and has stopped transmitting. Who and what you find will lead you on an unexpected adventure to solve one of Earth’s greatest mysteries and prepare you for the final showdown with a new ally against the evil Medusa Frow and her remaining 5 daughters.”


Mission Name: Yesterday is Tomorrow

Author: Leviathan99


Project ID: ST-HU3VYIP77

Faction: Federation

Levels: All

Length: Very Long

Known Issues:

  • Pathing Bugs (Foundry Issue)


Issue resolved. Fully working.


Title: The Return to Terra Nova – A Diplomacy Mission

  • Project ID: ¬†ST-HDGWMWRKK
  • Level: Any
  • Location: Earth Space Dock, lower level
  • Faction: Federation
  • Type: Diplomacy


You are ordered to make contact with the 25th-century inhabitants of Terra Nova, a planet once visited by Capt. Jonathan Archer’s NX-01. ¬†Discover what remains of Earth’s first colony on another world.

Note: This is a purely diplomatic mission with no combat and many walls-o-text.


User Reviews:

Krasynkot: Really nice, treklike mission. ¬†That’s what I hoped for by playing STO.

Sir_Mars: Wooow, this was good.

KineticImpulser: Very good mission. Excellent story, well told. ¬†I’m a sucker for plots drawn from canon sources.

BlueKnightOne: Well done in making Star Trek Online feel a little more Trek-ish.

Bazag: A great diplomatic touch stone mission with far reaching consequences.  Good Job.

Mission: Sorti Rising

Level and faction: Federation 31+

Foundry ID: ST-HOLM3D3K2

Author: Commodre_Stipe

Synopsis: You are sent to Sorti Prime a world on the verge of Federation membership.  You are to do a final evaluation.  However, federation politics and a long kept secret are going to make your choices difficult.  The ending is up to you.  Will you make the hard choice? Will Sorti get your approval?  Play and determine the fate of a planet.