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From Star Trek Online:

The Foundry is a special program within Star Trek Online that allows users to make their own episodes, playable by other Captains within STO. To access it, open your Mission Journal, and select “Foundry,” at the top. Every month, we like to spotlight a particularly interesting or unique mission for all of you to experience. This time, we’re spotlighting “Time Will Tell,” by XR-377.

Time Will Tell (ID: ST-HG930DWIE) is a KDF mission that begins when a mysterious anomaly appears in the Kahless Expanse, and takes its captains on a journey through time, space, and a plot that has its tongue firmly planted in cheek. I don’t want to spoil too many of its twists and turns, but be sure to keep a sharp eye out as you play, especially for some of the character names.

Got a mission you think is worthy of being spotlighted in one of our monthly blogs? Submit it to us! After you’ve built it in the editor, there’s an option to submit it for Spotlighting when you export. We hope you enjoy Time Will Tell, and we’ll see you in game, Captains.

Repairs continue on all levels of the starbase, well mostly I am trying to get all the bits to play nice again in this new day, its a bit like the season finale of TNG season 1 when all the cryogenic frozen hewmons were dealing with the 24th century. Anyways, its worth noting this new age also features Foundry Spotlights. Many thanks to STO’s Community Manager Ambassador Kael for going forth and getting these spotlit. The 2 most recent entries are:

“In the Shadow of MIDAS: Part 1” by GreenDragoon and “The Hundredth” by NCC-89471

Congratulations to these guys and all the future authors who shall be spotlit.


*UPDATE: As of 6:20 it looks as though editing and missions are back online!*


As of the end of maintenance this afternoon, 1/21/2016, the Foundry has been taken offline for a yet to be determined length of time. Trendy posted the following in the official forums:

Hey folks!

With our update and everything coming up, we will once against temporarily be disabling UGC in STO in order to do Anniversary stuff and… other things. Also I have some Foundry stuff that I’m planning, but that’s me being a tease.

~Morrigan “LaughingTrendy”

So its possible we could be looking at downtime through the length of the anniversary event, so potentially a month, though this is all speculative at this point.  It is worth noting the, and other stuff, so maybe we will have some goodies coming up?


and speaking of goodies, there was this in the patch notes for tribble on 1/20/2016:


  • Added a small Omega Molecule as a Detail object.

  • Added a closed Dyson Sphere door as a Detail object.

  • Updated the Dyson template map:

    • The pointy down bits aren’t simultaneously open and closed now.

    • Removed the invisible collision around the platform in the main room.

so time will tell, it always does.


StarbaseUGC’s new six episode series, PHOTONOMY is now playable on Holodeck in Star Trek Online. We have posted a website dedicated to the series, with media corresponding to each episode. It is our hope that it will enhance immersion into the story and characters. Head over to to find news reports and communications with Starfleet Command. It is, and always has been, our goal to further the development of story content in Star Trek Online’s Foundry. We’re also in the chat at almost any hour to provide assistance to authors of any skill level.

We hope you enjoy the series, and take advantage of the original content on the website. Thanks for playing.

As of this morning’s early maintenance (For the American Thanksgiving holiday that will occupy the normal maintenance period) editing of Foundry missions has been turned back on. As of this writing reviews have not been checked to see if they are turned back on as well.


It’s our Author Profile show for August. This time, we highlight the work of Drogyn1701. We discuss his mission Under Grey Skies, as well as StarbaseUGC’s six mission series. Our Trek Take 5 discussion focuses on TNG’s The Inner Light. We also announced the winner of our $10,000,000 prize giveaway, and Robert Downey Jr. pays us a surprise visit in the studio(not really). So tune in for all the excitement. You won’t be disappointed. Well, you won’t be very disappointed. I suppose it all depends on what you’re expecting. I’m not a mind reader. Listen anyway. It’s a good episode.

Ok people. If you didn’t catch our live broadcast because your priorities were mixed up and you payed attention to Pluto instead, you may watch the show now. I don’t know what the big deal is, anyway. We knew it was there. It’s like Pluto took a selfie. So what? Not only that, but do we aven care after it lost planet status? Sure, I guess its an important thing, if you’re into that sciencey stuff. Wow, we mapped the universe. Pfft. WE had STOAdmiralAaron on our show. We even reviewed his first mission, Adrift. Then….hehehehe…then, we discussed the Voyager episode, Lifesigns. Huh?, Huh? Beat that, Pluto nerds!!! I’ll tell what our show has that you planet nerds don’t…Girls, for one thing…wait a minute….Kendra was a bit under the weather so she wasn’t there, but she usually is.

Oh c’mon. Please watch our show? I was joking. I kid the Pluto nerds.



The header says the bulk of it, but as of last evening 6/22/15 (22/6/15 for those in Europe and Stardate 47634.44 for those outside Sol system) all english foundry spotlight missions were unpublished by Cryptic so that authors could make any fixes to them required by the changes to sector space, or general repairs that are required.  The period for this should be 2 weeks and all fixes should be submitted by that time. When you have finished your fixes, notify either LaughingTrendy, Zeroniusrex (or both) and remember to resubmit the mission for spotlighting.

New banner

We’re back after two weeks with June’s Author Profile. Duke_of_Rock is in big chair as we discuss his missions and method. We discuss the Enterprise episode Carbon Creek, Kendra talks to us about proofreading mission dialog. There’s also STO news and lots of talk, talk, talk.

The Children Of Khan Banner

P’trell, I go by the name of Cyclops and well… let’s just say I hear you’re the person to talk to for the information I have. You see, I’m sort of a freelance intelligence agent, and I’ve got some information I’m willing to give to Starfleet for the right price. Your name is starting to get around for some of the arrests you’ve made in the sector. Friendly advice, do keep an eye out. There are those who won’t like your work out here. Rumor has it though you are hunting down some of the nasty escaped prisoners from that high secret security prison breakout last year. I’ve dug up that list of fugitives Starfleet has still not rounded up and well I happen to know where one of the more high profile ones is currently hiding out. Meet with me in the Xleen System, and we can discuss business. I can assure you, you will want to hear what I have to say. The foundation of the Federation is about to be shook, and I’m betting you all would like a heads up before the storm hits…

You were there during the breakout at Facility 4028. You even had the chance to meet and see who some of the high profile prisoners were at the installation. Now, you have the chance to hunt down one of the most infamous escapees in my latest foundry series, The Children of Khan. In this five part series, you will be tasked with capturing escaped fugitive James Fadi Mehra, who prefers to go by the name Princep Khan. He led an augment terrorist group known as the Children of Khan responsible for several violent crimes against the Federation. Since his escape from the facility, Starfleet has wanted to get their hands on him before he could stir up more chaos. He’s been unheard of since the escape, scheming, planing… Now the time has come to make his return…

This five part foundry series, constructed by the well known foundry author AdmiralMurphy, previous host of the Foundry Files podcast, takes you on the wild ride of facing off against one of the most infamous criminals in this decade of Federation history. You will have to outwit Princep Khan and his allies, and uncover his dark history in order to stop his future plans. Best known for previous publications like Deep Space 11 or Victory is Q, this series promises to tell a gripping saga that will keep you pushing forward into the disturbing past of Princep Khan in an effort to put him behind bars yet again.

Search The Children of Khan and accept your new mission, or search for the author name @futuremurphy to locate this latest series.

New bannerEpisode 12 of The Author’s Outpost is fresh baked from the oven. This week’s show is, again, without a guest, which just left more space for us to fill up, and fill it, we did. Ep 12’s theme is on Social Commentary in Star Trek, which spun off into social commentary in general. We did, however, manage to slip in a review of Leviathan99’s Yesterday is Tomorrow. our Trek Take 5 was a discussion of Past Tense: Parts 1&2, DS9’s look back at our very near future. A word to the wise “Always carry ID.” Sanctuary Districts are probably being planned as you’re reading this. On a more positive note, we’d like to congratulate Harmon Buck Gin Bokai, who is having himself a record breaking rookie year with the London Kings. Seventeen year old, “Buck”, as his teammates call him, was recruited out of high school in Marina del Ray, CA. Born on Hallowen in 1998, it is a treat to watch Buck’s tricks at the plate. Good luck, Buck. We’ll be keeping an eye on this shortstop’s career.


New banner That’s right. You heard it here, first. The Author’s Outpost, also known as Outpost de L’auteur in France, and to our Norwegian friends, Forfatterens Outpost has just released it’s eleventh episode. With special guest, nobody, we reviewed Castmodean’s Digging in the Past(Creuser dans le Passe). We also discussed in great detail, the TNG episode The Defector. Kendra discussed an article providing much advice on writing your bad guys. That’s this thing . So wherever you are, be it France or Norwegia, come join us for some down home foundry talk. because Episode 11 is now available. Do not miss the very latest episode of The Author’s Outpost. That’s Autorova Outpost for those in Croatia and if we’re talkin’ Igbo it’s Onye chepụtara si eche nche. Caio.


Despite an apparent misstep in the republishing effort on Thursday, It can now be stated that Foundry missions are available again for play in Star Trek Online. The editor remains turned off at this time, as are reviews, but this is the normal state of affairs post season update. With luck we will see their return within the coming week, if not sooner.

New bannerOutpost adds a new third host with aleniskendra joining the team, adding a touch of credibility to the lunacy. This week we go on the road to another time zone to prerecord our special guest, Zorbane. As we suffer through another foundry-less week, Cast delivers what little news there is. Our Trek Episode discussion takes us to Voyager and the adventures of Captain Proton in Bride of Chaotica. Give us a listen.

NOTE: You must be at least as tall as Balok to ride this ride.

New bannerIn the name of all that is sacred, please join us.

New bannerEpisode 8 of The Author’s Outpost is now available for replay. We had aleniskendra join us to

review One of Our Telepaths is Missing by Wombat140, and discuss Enterprise episode

Damage. We also went through news of the Season 10 launch in STO and its effect on Foundry.

That’s right folks, we reached another one of those times again, and with this release we will see some new objects and destinations to play with, and of course a revisit of our old friend, waiting for the editor to get turned back on. So, first up, here is a list of things we should be getting when the season launches, this list isn’t final as the official patchnotes have not yet been released as I write this post:

Sector Space Revamp:
Sector Space has been revamped into three Sector maps:
Alpha Quadrant
Beta Quadrant
Delta Quadrant
This revamp also includes additions to:
If a door in a Foundry mission is connected to an old Sector door, it will be re-directed to the new Sector Space map.
For more details, please visit the Sector Space Revamp blog at:…r-space-revamp
Added Earth Spacedock as a UGC Map.
Added numerous Earth Spacedock Map Support Objects, including:
Turbolift and Club 47 Doors
Ops Holographic Consoles
Ship Markers
Added a new indoor template map: Diplomacy Room.
Space Stations usable on ground and in space

Three things of note:

1) With the season publish, all Foundry missions will undergo mandatory republishing once the server is active. This means for a while, we will not have access to our missions as they work through the republishing log. The republish might not commence right away so we could be looking at 72 hours before we start seeing missions repopulate the lists.

2)The sector space revamp will move planets all over the map, so all missions should be checked to make sure they reference their ‘proper’ place in the galaxy once again. This will only of course be possible once the editor is back online, which brings us to…

3)The Foundry editor will be offline for an indeterminate amount of time. This could be possibly as few as 7 days it could be as long as ‘until everything is fixed.’ The editor will remain offline for as long as the republish goes on and the verification that no data was highly corrupted during the publish.


New banner

Here it is, fresh from Youtube in stunning High Definition, the sixth episode of the epic

podcast( drum roll, please.) The Author’s Outpost. Castmodean and CaptPFDennis hosted

the lovely and talented aleniskendra and discussed her mission, Healing Old Wounds. We

also fought over the DS9 episode Wrongs Darker Than Death Or Night. You can see for

yourself when you hit the play button below. WARNING: Foundry news content might be a

strain on weak hearts because of its exciting nature.


foundry2Ladies and gentle beings, we have gotten new things!

What does this mean for us? We might have ESD, but looks like it might be getting pulled for some work, because of map location loading issues for spawn points.  We are also getting all the doors, including the Club 47 ones to put on the map in order to make it look ‘realistic.’  These will come in open and closed, so if you want to wall off Club 47, but it also means you can have closed turbolifts.  You can also replicate the holotub in Quinn’s office with the ship markers

.It also means that you can put ship models on the ground now. There are a few missing, most notably from the Klingon, but there are a great number of Federation ships.


(pictures ‘borrowed’ from @primar13)

We also got many starbases, but at the moment they are ‘bugged’ because you can only place them on a ground map.  This might seem to be a bad thing, but actually it would be kind of awesome if they remained as placeable objects because they add a whole new type of architecture for building with.

Also Bajor looks less like a mudball now.




Star Trek: Regulus

Regulus Header

Name: Star Trek: Regulus – S01E02
Author: Irwin109
Language: English
Allegiance: Starfleet
Level: 31+
Starting System: Briar Patch, Regulus Sector Block


Synopsis: Purge is the second episode of Regulus, continuing on from the first episode you continue to pursue those responsible for the attacks on Pirusia.

Author’s Notes: The end result was not my original conception for this episode but as I began to make it a better idea emerged, however instead of making the introduction a two parter it now has become a three parter, but this has allowed me to explore every aspect of this introduction which I feel by the end will have really set up the player for what is to come.