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New “Redshirt” Patch:

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  • Updated the display names of the Federation Shuttles so they are more accurate now.
  • Updated the display name of the Mirror Universe dreadnought so it no longer thinks it’s Fek’ihri.
  • Removed Klingon TOS as an option for space NPC Groups species, since there are none.
  • Removed ability to sort by FX for exterior backdrops, since doing so did nothing useful.
  • Removed type Klingon for interior backdrops, since there are none.
  • Cardassian and Dominion are now options in the Species dropdown for space NPC Groups.
  • Updated the description for the Timid Creature behavior to reflect its updated tactics.
    • This is a text change only.
  • New “Bling Bling” objects added to the Detail tab in the Foundry:
    • Rock – Gold Ore L 01
    • Fish Tank 03
    • DJ Booth
    • Trophy – Bajoran
    • Table – Poker
    • Table – Pool
    • Pool Balls
    • Pool Cue Stick 01
    • Pool Cue Stick 02
    • Gold – Lots
    • Gold – Some
    • GPL – Slip
    • GPL – Strip
    • GPL – Ingot
    • GPL – Bar
    • GPL – Brick
    • GPL – Pile
    • GPL – Table
    • Isolinear Chip – Yellow
    • Isolinear Chip – Blue
    • Isolinear Chip – Green
    • Isolinear Chip – Red
    • Isolinear Chip – Pink
    • Trophy – Q Throne
    • Trophy – Starbase
    • Trophy – DS9
    • Trophy – Ship Base
    • Trophy – Gold Miranda
    • Trophy – Gold Cruiser
    • Trophy – Gold Heavy Cruiser
    • Trophy – Gold Exploration Cruiser
    • Trophy – Gold Assault Cruiser
    • Trophy – Gold Star Cruiser
    • Trophy – Gold Escort
    • Trophy – Gold Heavy Escort
    • Trophy – Gold Tactical Escort
    • Trophy – Gold Advanced Escort
    • Trophy – Gold Fleet Escort
    • Trophy – Gold Science Vessel
    • Trophy – Gold Research Science Vessel
    • Trophy – Gold Long-Range Science Vessel
    • Trophy – Gold Deep Space Science Vessel
    • Trophy – Gold Recon Science Vessel
    • Wall Shelf
  • New “Mess Hall” objects added to the Detail tab in the Foundry:
    • Table – Mess M 01
    • Table – Mess S 01
    • Mess – Bowl 01
    • Mess – Bowl 02
    • Mess – Bowl 03
    • Mess – Pot 01
    • Mess – Pot 02
    • Mess – Pot 03
    • Mess – Pot 04

The following guide to Star Fleet is provided to those foundry developers looking for a consistent structure/background to their fleet operations:

Starfleet Operational Unit Organization Informational Instruction

1) Overview:
Given the current fleet operational commitments it is useful for new commanders to receive a quick overview of general fleet organization to the wing level, deployments, nomenclature, etc. It should be noted that this information is only as accurate as the last update of this instruction.

2) Glossary:

2a) Fleet – The top-level operational element, a Fleet is assigned a fixed geographical responsibility for security and administration. Currently there are approximately fifteen such Fleets. Historically, during the Dominion War period there were up to fifty fleets, this was due to “administrative creep” during the relatively long period of peace prior to that conflict. At the end of the Dominion War that system was transitioned to a more flexible organization that retained fewer “fixed” fleets that could be quickly augmented with the more mobile Strategic Task Forces.

The Fleet geographical areas are the operational reporting commands for ships that are on independent assignment in addition to any formally attached sub-units. Fleets are usually comprised of up to ten Task Forces that are identified by the fleet number and task force number combined (i.e. 1st Task Force of the 1st Fleet = Task Force 11; 2nd Task Force = Task Force 12, etc.) The “zero” Task Force is reserved for the “command” or “headquarters” Task Force, but in practice this command element often remains at Starbase and is only operational if the entire fleet is mobilized for an out of geographical area deployment. (It should be noted there is often a negative or sardonic connotation used in the fleet about ‘Task Force Zero’ in reference to Fleet HQ. continue reading…

As of now sharing maps is not available, however it is very easy to share the costumes you create in the tailor. I am making this post with the hopes of starting a costume sharing library here on Starbase UGC. The database can contain custom uniforms, characters alien races, greenskinned cat people, you name it. Just upload your jpeg files found in the game’s screenshot file and you are good to go.

My contributions:

Admiral Quinn.

Capt. Kurland of DS9:


continue reading…

Dear anyone at Cryptic who might have the power to do this for the Foundry community,

Many of us Foundry authors like to build custom interiors.  One of the biggest challenges for us relates to the lack of floors and ceilings.  While we have a few walls of different factions, we have very few floors and ceilings.  Mostly, we use one of these pieces, called “100 x 100 Building Block Platforms.”

These pieces come mainly in 3 varieties:

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Repost from STO News:

Have you ever wanted to create your own Star Trek episode or story? If so, the Foundry could be your new best friend! If you are not sure what the Foundry is, check out this previous Guest Blog entry.

If you play Star Trek Online, you may already be familiar with the Foundry, STO’s User Generated Content (UGC) creation tool, however many can feel overwhelmed from the moment they launch the editor.

Hi, I’m CerberusFilms, Producer and Co-Host on PrimetimeUGC and a long time contributor to We strive to help people of all abilities and experience levels achieve everything they have ever dreamed of creating using this incredible UGC toolset.

This is why PrimetimeUGC, Cerberus Films and StarbaseUGC are partnering up with Cryptic Studios to deliver the Foundry Authors Academy!

What is the Foundry Authors Academy (FAA)?

Click Here to Read the Guest Blog!



The team at PrimetimeUGC has released their interview with Producer ZeroniusRex. Check out the interview, made completely with the Foundry, here.

Show notes: News Cast and Interview


Link to the interview


Link to the forum post


This thread announces:


  • It is once again possible to select animations for NPCs on Space maps.
  • Added the following ?Detail? objects to the Foundry:
    • Bed – TOS Sickbay L 01
    • Bed – TOS Sickbay M 01
    • Bed – TOS 01
    • Chair – TOS 01
    • Chair – TOS Captain’s Chair
    • Console – TOS Sickbay
    • Console – TOS Table Console S 01
    • Console – TOS Table Console L 01
    • Console – TOS Table Console L 02
    • Console – TOS Ship Generator
    • Console – TOS Transporter Console
    • Console – TOS Wall Console
    • Console – TOS Bridge 01
    • Console- TOS Console M 01
    • Decor – TOS Pillow
    • Decor – TOS Wall Prop 01
    • Decor – TOS Wall Prop 02
    • Decor – TOS Wall Prop 03
    • Decor – TOS Wall Prop 04
    • Decor – TOS Sickbay Wall Light
    • Table – TOS Conference Table
    • Table – TOS Lounge
    • Table – TOS Captain’s Desk
    • TOS Warp Core Housing
    • TOS Warp Core Conduits
    • TOS Warp Core Complete
    • Wall – TOS Closed Gate
    • Wall – TOS Open Gate
    • Wall – TOS Orange Grate
    • Wall – TOS Research Console
    • Wall – Turbolift TOS
    • Weapon – Federation TOS Phaser Rifle
    • Weapon – Federation TOS Phaser Pistol
    • Weapon – Klingon TOS Disruptor Pistol
  • Added a transporter room to the Foundry.
    • It’s available on indoor and outdoor maps under the “Details” tab.
  • The icon for Contacts on Cryptic maps will no longer display as three times per contact.

No.7 in Kirkfat’s series of Foundry Basics Tutorials. This time, the fat man discusses triggers and

branching objectives in the dialogue tree. Learning is fundemental. Enjoy.

Welcome to the Foundry Roundtable, a weekly podcast dedicated to Foundry missions, mission building other UGC issues starring Foundry authors Drogyn1701, Markhawkman, Hippiejohn and Greendragoon.

In Episode 2 we discuss the change in Foundry rewards, top asset requests, going back and working on old missions, and more.

listen to it here and here

Missions discussed:

Whats done in Darkness by BrantPreas08
And End to It Once and For All by Alfanx01
The Space Race by Wan5 (some of us actually played it this week)
Trojan Horse by Kirkfat
Return to Armageddon by Bluedarky
Once and Future Queen by Nepherim

After the jump we’ve included some screenshots of two of the maps we mention as requesting assets from.

continue reading…



Some Romulan Foundry contacts had the same name as one another; resolved this.
Added space Dominion NPC groups.
Added space Cardassian NPC groups.
Replaced a missing Romulan statue.
Projects that were affected should now republish properly.
Foundry NPC Groups set to Timid creature will now fight back when they take damage.

Jan. 10th Tribble release notes contain new props, to be added to the Foundry soon:


  • Added new interior detail objects:
    • Wall Intercom – TOS
    • Tapestry – Night Scene
    • Console – TOS Table 01
    • Vase – TOS 01
    • Vase – TOS 02
    • Statue – TOS 01
    • Decor – TOS Jeep
    • Generator – TOS 01
    • Consoles – Federation TOS Ship 01
  • Added new NPC Groups:
    • Species M-113 – ground
    • Tholian EV Suit – ground
    • Tholian – space

Zero adds:

I don’t yet know how frequently I’ll be able to add stuff. Hope everyone agrees it’s better to release stuff in little bits and pieces rather than hold it all up and release it at once.

She also gives us more information on whether or not a mission qualifies for the Investigate Officer Reports:

There was an issue where the Journal incorrectly said that some didn’t qualify when they did–that was resolved and is on Holodeck as of today.

Every other mission I’ve checked (since the fix went live) legitimately didn’t qualify, whether because it lacked enough plays or because the average play time was too short…

Dropping absolutely doesn’t count. And if you don’t finish the mission, it’s not a completion time, so that wouldn’t count either.

There may be some other issue here, but it’s neither of those. We are investigating these reports, but as I said, I’ve checked the behind-the-scenes number for playtime and it has come up short on all the examples…

Average length of mission is not the only factor used in determining whether a mission qualifies…

I have said this elsewhere, but number of plays/reviews is one of the factors. I hope this is unsurprising, as it’s at least slightly more difficult to exploit this way.

Also, BranFlakes confirms that the devs are investigating music-related issues with the Foundry.

Last, but not least, a new round of spotlights have been added to the UI.  Congrats to these past spotlight winners.

Here’s Kirkfat’s new tutorial in his Back to Basics series. This one is on Story Based Dialogues.


Hi Fellow Foundry types,


I’ve been going through the forums (as I am rather loathed to do these days, but trawl I did), and I came across a rather interesting idea in the now forsaken Tribble Patch Notes thread from 8th November.


If you’re been on Tribble, testing like the good Nanovs you are, then you may well have noticed that there are now these shiny new Reputation Systems for New Romulus and STF’s, which give Shiny New Items and Abilities through a Fleetbase type progression system (just a lot cheaper).

Now we’re always looking for the latest way to attract players to our Missions, why not have a Foundry Reputation System? We’ve heard that in Neverwinter, Authors will earn special rewards, so why not do the same in STO but also for the players.


For the dilligant foundry players, offer some cool MKXII gear or an awesome ship, or exclusive Cryptic content, or whatever, hell even something along the lines of a dancing Three Headed hell puppy hologram would be awesome.. or is that just me?


Then we’ve also got the a separate but perhaps similar route for the Authors, where the more plays and reviews they get, the higher up the tree they go, perhaps unlocking special content packs along the way as well.


Perhaps the authors receive a fixed share of the rewards for each play of their mission (especially if mission rewards will be time based from now on) in addition to Tips so that those of us who spend hundreds and hundreds of hours slaving away in the foundry get a nice healthy return of the things our players are earning from our productions.


What do you guys think?

If you have any comments, criticism or additions to these ideas, please put them in the comments bellow, and I’ll try and round them all up and post them on the Forums in prettiful colours.


Your sometimes loveable Hell Doggy


Foundry Reputation System
  free polls 

Kirkfat focuses on mob placement in the 4th installment of his Back to Basics series.

Primetime interviews Logitech007 by proxy and Kirkfat delivers his fourth in a series of Foundry Essentials Back to Basics. Chalaskie drops by.

Better late than never, we aired PrimetimeUGC 2 hours late, and as a result could not present The Great Link tonight.

Be that as it may, we bring you guest author XR-377, plus a review of his newest creation, The Computer’s Children.

We also introduce a new cast member. Tune in to see who it is…..

Kirkfat brings us Part 2 of his Back to Basics series with an intro to Map Making in STO’s Foundry


Watch the new episode of PrimetimeUGC featuring Guest Author, Zorbane. Then become one

with the Great Link with Gingie and GreenDragoon. The Founders are wise.

Follow us on Twitter @Primetime_UGC and @GreatestLink

Here’s Episode 14 of PrimetimeUGC with Chooch99, News, Foundry Essentials and much much more.

Here is Part 1 of Kirkfat’s Back to Basics Series of tutorials from PrimetimeUGC’s Foundry Essentials.
It is an Introduction to the Foundry toolset for beginners, post Season 6.