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Better late than never, we aired PrimetimeUGC 2 hours late, and as a result could not present The Great Link tonight.

Be that as it may, we bring you guest author XR-377, plus a review of his newest creation, The Computer’s Children.

We also introduce a new cast member. Tune in to see who it is…..

Watch the new episode of PrimetimeUGC featuring Guest Author, Zorbane. Then become one

with the Great Link with Gingie and GreenDragoon. The Founders are wise.

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Here’s Episode 14 of PrimetimeUGC with Chooch99, News, Foundry Essentials and much much more.

Check out the new Primetime with guest drogyn1701. We also premiered our new live segment, The Great Link


Show notes:

Exclusive preview of the upcoming Ken Burns documentary: “The Dominion War.”

Primetime UGC’s newscast, with Castmodean.

Exclusive interview with Drogyn1701, along with a mini-review of his mission “Sink the Bismarck.”

Kirk’s Phat Assets highlights the new TOS sets available in the Foundry.

Foundry Essentials: A quick tutorial on precise item placement.

And more….


GameTrailers posted these clips. You’ll probably need to skip a few minutes into the first one to get past the D and D lore.  What features would you most like to see ported back to STO’s Foundry?



Continue reading for part 2:
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In this thread, Zero presents the full release notes for the Foundry update.

Some highlights:

New assets, new maps, new object limits, and a few new features.

Continue reading for the full details:

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A new ask cryptic came out today, and while it touches on a number of subjects, the ones ‘we’ care about are the Foundry.

Q: (Kirkfat) Players don’t really get rewards for playing some of the best story missions in the game (via the Foundry). Will this ever change? 

Dstahl: As a prolific Foundry author, you bring up a valid point about rewards. The answer is yes, it will change. We have always wanted to find the right way to offer rewards for Foundry missions without leading to abuse of the reward system. Our temporary solution is to start featuring Foundry content similar to what you’ve been seeing in the in-game bulletins as the Foundry Spotlight. Based on the success we’ve had with this low budget form of promoting Foundry missions, we plan to make it a full blown feature in the Mission Journal. By doing so, Foundry Spotlight missions will be setup similar to how Feature Episodes are promoted within the Journal. This will allow us to attach premium rewards to specific player made content that is being featured. This also allows us to prevent abuse of the reward system, while rewarding high quality player-built missions with excellent rewards so that players have even more incentives to play them. There are some technical features required in order to make this happen, but we have already started the ball rolling to get this in shortly after Season 6 releases.

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STO Foundry author Nagorak weighs in with his research about ship scaling for NPCs (non-player characters).

Using the STO Foundry, “I managed to determine the ship scaling for the Foundry ship groups up to five (5) players*. What I’ve discovered is that the NPC actors always remain the same type of ship, but which ships spawn varies depending on the number of players (and it’s not as simple as spawning in order of the actor list).”

“There is also some variation in hull strength (and maybe damage output) of the ships to further balance the groups. So, for example, one battleship may have more hull than another in that group or a different group. That difference in strength explains why there are some identical spawns with different actors. (For example, with the battleship group, you get a battleship and dreadnought both with 4 and 5 players, but the 5 player spawns are stronger.)”

“I believe the information is accurate, but I had to record a lot of different groups, so it’s not outside the realm of possibility that I made a mistake. If there is a mistake, then it will only be in the exact mix of ships at each player amount. The exact type of ship each actor is (which is the most important info) should be correct.”

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Here is a pdf, containing all X, Y, Z and rotational values to quickly recreate this simple but detailed office.

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The great gang at Priority One has an awesome new interview with Dan Stahl.  There is a tons of stuff there, unrelated to the Foundry.  So, it is a must listen.  Listen here, and consider supporting Priority One’s PayPal.

I’ve taken some time to write up a transcript of the Foundry-relevant parts of the interview.  Here goes.

Stuff Daniel Stahl said:

You mentioned the Foundry… it was really good to work with those guys.  You know those guys were working on Star Trek and introduced the Foundry in Star Trek Online last year.  So, being able to sit down with them and look at the Foundry and how it’s being developed for Neverwinter (and how it’s going to eventually benefit in Star Trek) was really a blessing, so I really enjoyed working with those guys and really trying to identify the strengths of the foundry and how it’s going to fit into Neverwinter and Star Trek.  So, there is some stuff there that I can talk about…


On experience with old NW tools:


The barrier of entry was really high, and it was challenging to make something that was easy to make and fun to play.  I mean, it seemed like there was great stuff that people make, but I was incapable of doing it.  So, one of the things I’m excited about is looking at the Foundry and the success we’ve had with Star Trek… if you carry that over to D&D, for example, you can start to imagine the power that you have, to have a simple toolset where you can quickly make a dungeon, quickly populate it, set up patrols, and figure out exactly where the traps go… All of that stuff and, in addition, tell stories, you can imagine that the Foundry is going to be just an awesome part of Neverwinter, and that’s something that I’m excited about.  I’ve played around with it quite a bit, and there are some great features that are coming with Neverwinter that are going to benefit Star Trek Foundry as well.  So, we’re excited about that.


General comment on season 6:


My number one goal right now is to make sure that season 6 has the right stuff.


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Sorry for the poor audio quality, but my comp has trouble capturing and running DAZ Studio at the same time.  I know it’s distracting, but hopefully not too distracting.

I’m honestly not sure if Cryptic is capable of implementing something like this, but it seems like a good idea for Neverwinter and STO.

One additional feature request to complement it: the ability to change the skin color of the creature’s head and body, so goblins are green, etc.

Anyways, check it out.  Would you like to see something like this in the Foundry?

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Hi all,

Since the Foundry might see some love for Season 6, perhaps this site could help by creating a few master lists of things that need attention, like bugs, etc.

Project 1:  Assets that “don’t make sense.” 

There are not bugs per say, but they are things that seem dumb.  This includes assets that require counterparts that don’t exist.

Example: There is a platform for a Captain’s chair, but no Captain’s chair in the Foundry.  That doesn’t make sense, does it?  Well, maybe if you’re making a mission to find the stolen chair, and never actually find one.

Or, these could include things that seem pointless or difficult to use.

So, here goes.  I’ll start a list.  Please add to it with every example that you can think of.  Hopefully, if the devs devote some attention to this stuff, then they could use our master list.

1. (as mentioned) We have a platform for a captain’s chair but no captains’ chairs.

2.  The rock platform meant to fit in the middle of other rock platforms doesn’t look right.

3.  We have like 9 federation door walls (only 1 opens) and only like 3 fed-style walls.  Plus, no floors or ceilings.

4. We have some rock-like walls, but no way to fit them together to make tunnels. Putting them together results in texture overlap.   Also, no cave floors or ceilings, apart from cave maps, where the rock walls don’t fit to the ceiling.

5.  Tons of ceiling props.  No ceilings.

6.  Sickbay props.  No Sickbays.

7.  Tons of crates.  Interiors are already full of crates that can’t be deleted, moved, or erased.

8.  We have brigs and jails with forcefields in place already.  We should have separate forcefield doors, so that brigs can be opened and closed.

9.  The only usable, horizontal forcefield is “broken.”

10.  Our ESD map is the old ESD.

OK, I’m sure that we can grow this list very quickly, if we all work together to create it.  Please leave a comment with your examples of assets that “don’t make sense,” and I’ll add it to the list.



Ensign Helna

With permission from Havraha and thanks, here is the latest specs to make Helna as a costume NPC for the foundry*. Check out the specs after the break! continue reading…

A quick tour of the new Klingon Academy Map, which should be added to the foundry soon!

  • Battle Bridge, Created by Rejak
  • This is a recreation of a generic Battle Bridge for use as an asset on custom map builds.
  • The installation was done on a ground map centering around the install point of the base platform at coordinates 300,300,300. This places the object high enough in the air to get the sky backdrop.
  • The build you see below was done on the ground map “Alpine Forest Clearing 01” with a backdrop of “Exterior Sky Night 05”.
  • The “viewscreen” is actually a window looking outside. You will see the backdrop of the map you use.
In addition, it is possible to place objects out there and “see” them in the viewscreen.
  • I have placed a console outside the room that you can use as a “component complete” to deactivate the forcefield.

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Here is the Ziggurat that I used for “The Return to Terra Nova”.  This asset does not include that (poorly designed) staircase and other parts.  It is just the skin and bones of the set that you can customize for a different mission.

Note: This was built on a flat ground map.  On non-flat maps, you will need to set y relative to absolute zero and readjust the y coordinates of each level to bring it down from the sky.

Ziggurat PDF – contains all x, y, and z values, along with rotation degrees.

Transporter room asset by alimac30

A futuristic transporter room.

I created this for my first Foundry mission, “The Spirits of Ramok Nor”.

To recreate:

  • Use the “Trimble Federation Ship Interior” map template
  • Add objects and set X, Y, Z and rotation variables according to the list in the following PDF file

Transporter room (PDF) – contains all X, Y, and Z values, along with rotation degrees.

Note: all Y values should be set relative to room floor.

This is a sickbay that I made, when I couldn’t find a good location to build one on existing Cryptic maps. Feel free to use it in your missions.

Estimated time of copy/paste building from the pdf is about 20 minutes.

Sickbay PDF – contains all x, y, and z values, along with rotation degrees.

Hi all, can I please ask the authors who have created assets for the wiki to repost those assets on the blog?  You should be able to post a pdf into a blog post by simply dropping in a link to the pdf in the blog post (on its own line).  Please also include screenshots, followed by the more tag before the pdf.  Please categorize the post under UGC Resources, assets.

Thanks!  The wiki is going away soonish if the great folks at stowiki finalize the details of adding ugc missions to their site.  I’d hate to lose these great assets in the process.


Hi all, I’m going to need to transfer most of the assets from the wiki to the blog.  So, I’ll start with this one and gradually add more until they’re all here. I’m actually not sure if the values of this are still correct.  Please let me know if the values are whacked. Isistemple – contains X, Y, and Z information to reproduce. PDF:

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