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Today is kinda a big deal day in the Star Trek Online foundry universe. While most of us are reeling from the all too soon loss of Mr. Leonard Nimoy, it was announced this afternoon that we will be getting a great big update to how the sectors in Star Trek Online work. Now we need that the walls were coming down between worlds, but we hadnt really gotten a look at the shape of this. And now as of the blog released today, we have, and it is glorious. And here it is:

What does this mean for us? Two things, firstly we are getting a number of CANON PLANETS added and most especially added as doors. What it also means is that they are rearranging the galaxy to move things to a more canonical location. So smirk also posted this: asking that anyone who needs to rearrange the wording on their missions, to get with him so that this can be arranged for when this goes live




As seen in the tribble notes today, props from the new ESD have been added to the foundry. These will be coming soon to holodeck. Tacofangs has stated that this does not mean everything in the station though. Specifically structure.

His message,


“All of the props, means props, not all of the all of it. I don’t think I included any of the structural parts (roofs/floors/supports). My hope is to get the ESD map in one of these days, but it’s a bit of a bigger task, and I need design help for that.

Edit: Just confirmed that there is some other stuff* that got in and avoided patch notes. I’ve informed our patch master, and the extras should be noted in the Holodeck Patch notes next week.

Sorry about that.

*Cue Kirkfat triple fainting. . .”

Synopsis: It has been two days since the attack on the U.S.S. Simba. With Admiral Taka in a coma, your only hope of catching the raiders was a tracking device planted on the stolen Borg technology by Commander M’Kiara. Now the technology has surfaced on a world deep within Klingon Space. On this forgotten world you will discover the inner-workings of a plot to destroy the federation itself. Report to Deep Space K-7 in the Eta Eridani sector block to rendezvous with the U.S.S. Simba and stop a hidden evil from rising.
This is Part 3 of the series. Federation level 50+. There is music that goes with this mission. The mission dialogue will tell you when to use it.
Here is the soundtrack.
Background music for missions.
Scars of the pride, Part 3: Wameshau surface and cave theme



Hello, STO Community! My name is Alenis Kendra and I am one of the newer members of the STO universe.

While populating a ground map in the Foundry recently, I realized that my population was lacking any children. Seeing I was attempting to create the feel of a poverty-stricken refugee camp, I felt that a few scurrying urchins would add a level of authenticity.

Thanks to some very helpful tips from the Foundry Chat regulars, I was able to create a reasonable facsimile of Cardassian children as custom costumes. I’d like to share what I learned with you all, in the hopes that it might help some other newbie along the way.

First, in order to create a prepubescent character, you want to start with a male alien template.


some text continue reading…


This week we lose the ability to make Romulan missions, Neverwinter gets Foundry updates announced, and Havraha guest stars to bring us tips on character development in Foundry missions.


Hello there Everyone! PrimetimeUGC Episode 26 is here.

This week we have our usual assortment of goodies, including Kirk’s Phat Assets, Mini Mission Review and the News, along with a visit from Bran & Chalaskie.

This episode’s review is of Star Trek: Saturn-Episode 1 by alysvanya. Be sure to check it out.

Don’t forget Non-Combat Mission entries are due in by midnight on 8/16. Good luck to all!!

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Hello there Everyone!Hot on the heels of DrivetimeUGC Episode 2, we have PrimetimeUGC Episode 25.

This week we have our usual assortment of goodies, including Kirkfat’s Phat Assets, Mini Mission Review and the News, along with an Author Interview with Rellimtime82.

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A temporary solution to long preview loading screens (along with information for Frost).

Here is what (I think) I’ve discovered.  Please confirm if this works.

The problem with long preview loading screens has to do with adding objects to a map via the menus on the right of the screen.

So, load into the foundry and do nothing… You can preview your map over and over again with fast loading screens.  Or, adjust items that are already loaded onto the map, when you launched the editor = fast loading screens.  Or, copy and paste something already on your map using Cntl + C, Cntl + V (or the edit… paste option), then you’ll have fast loading screens.

Disclaimer: This is true, IF you haven’t already set the Foundry into long loading screen mode by trying to add something new to the map.  Basically, once you are stuck with 4-5 minute loads, they are there to stay, no matter if you are messing with objects already on the map.  All of the above applies before you get the loading screens, not after.  Once you get a long load, then you need to reboot the Foundry.

Generally, you can avoid the long loading screens with this work-around by loading the map with all the objects you need or need to copy and paste.

Ex:  If you know you’re building an office, put in all the objects that you want in a corner of the map. So, put in a desk, chairs, a fish tank, basically everything you want to use.

Then, save the project, exit the foundry, reload the project and there you go.  You should have no trouble at all with loading screens while building a map with the objects that you already put in.  If you need a second version of a desk, copy and paste it from the one that is already on the map.  Again, placing one onto the map via the menus will bring back the loading screens of DOOM, even if the object is already on your map.  You have to copy and paste a new version of it from the existing version to avoid the loading screens.

Hopefully this is just a temporary work-around, and it helps Frost to understand what is happening.  But, it is working for me, and I can build again.  Even if I have to stop and restart the foundry, that is preferable to a 4 minute loading screen that will never go away until you reboot the foundry.

Please tell me if this works for you.


Hello there Everyone!

It’s finally back! Hot on the heels of DrivetimeUGC Episode 1, we have PrimetimeUGC Episode 24!


This week we have our usual assortment of goodies, along with a special Announcement about the first PrimetimeUGC Foundry Challenge! Watch the video to find out more!

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No word on fixes to the severe bugs that LoR introduced into the Foundry, but we got some new npc contacts (including squirrels!) added to Tribble.  In this thread, SalamiInferno lists:

  • Added the following NPC Contacts to the Foundry:
    • Jem’Hadar Battleship
    • Squirrels
    • Eppohs
    • Nanovs
    • Armored Hatham
    • Hortas
    • Cast of Klingon Hamlet
  • Changed display names of comets in the Foundry to Comet. (They no longer think they are asteroids.)


Have you ever wonder what STO maps would look like if they were oriented to the real life stars they are suppose to represent?  Below you will find sector maps as they would appear if that were taken into account.  Foundry authors can use these maps to reference real life stars in their missions, and I will add more sectors as they are complete…at least out to a 100 LY sphere around Sol.

These maps were created with the real life star positions and as such the presence of Vulcan and Andor within the Vulcan Sector were the primary orientation determinant.



Vulcan Sector

Teneebia Sector

Tellar Sector

Draylax Sector



New tribble notes contain the following updates to the Foundry!



  • Changeling NPC Contacts now have more visual variety.
  • Added visual variety to Klingon TOS NPC Contacts.
  • Resolved the issue that prevented players from purchasing additional Foundry slots.
  • Players will no longer receive mission rewards while in preview mode.
  • The ground Away Team will no longer appear upon previewing Space maps.
  • Added new NPC Groups to the Foundry:
    • Elachi Ground
    • Elachi Space
    • Reman Rebellion Ground
    • Reman Rebellion Space
    • Romulan Republic Ground
    • Romulan Republic Space
  • Added Elachi and EV Tholian NPC Contacts.
  • Resolved an issue where all dialogs on a map would be copied to all objects during map duplication.
  • The waypoint for a Reach Marker Task is no longer larger than the actual in-game area of activation.

We want you to make mission trailers. Plain and simple. We want you to make them and post them on this site. Trailers are cool and fun to watch, but “I don’t know how to use demorecord” is a consistent complaint that we hear. Then we say “There are tutorials you can watch”, but people are still intimidated by it. “There is sooo much to it. Where do I possibly begin?”

I’m here to tell you that it’s so easy, even an old coot like me can figure it out. Most of the features that scare the crap out of you, don’t even NEED to be used. I’m just going to tell you what I do.

A quick explanation of demorecord:

Ok, to begin, let me just point out that the demorecord function of Star Trek Online is not working quite as it was intended to work. Since it was developed it has suffered with subsequent upgrades to the game. It will no longer display custom NPCs. Any NPC one has made in the Foundry costume editor will not be visible upon playback. Nobody at Cryptic will repair it because they claim it was never meant to be used by the general public and the guy who programmed it is no longer an employee. That being said, I will attempt to get you started on the simplest way to use this mechanic.
continue reading…


In this thread, the following updates have gone to Tribble:


  • Updated the following template maps so that they will have proper pathing information after they are published:
    • Argelius II Interior
    • Borg Interior 02
    • Briarpatch Research Interior
    • Cardassian Interior 02
    • Ice Caves Interior 03
    • Kassae Station Interior
  • Added an “Alien” option to the species dropdown menu for both ground and space NPC Groups.

Kirkfat counts down the Top Ten assets we’d love to have at
our fingertips in the Foundry. Life would be so much easier.


New “Redshirt” Patch:

Originally Posted by zer0niusrex View Post


  • Updated the display names of the Federation Shuttles so they are more accurate now.
  • Updated the display name of the Mirror Universe dreadnought so it no longer thinks it’s Fek’ihri.
  • Removed Klingon TOS as an option for space NPC Groups species, since there are none.
  • Removed ability to sort by FX for exterior backdrops, since doing so did nothing useful.
  • Removed type Klingon for interior backdrops, since there are none.
  • Cardassian and Dominion are now options in the Species dropdown for space NPC Groups.
  • Updated the description for the Timid Creature behavior to reflect its updated tactics.
    • This is a text change only.
  • New “Bling Bling” objects added to the Detail tab in the Foundry:
    • Rock – Gold Ore L 01
    • Fish Tank 03
    • DJ Booth
    • Trophy – Bajoran
    • Table – Poker
    • Table – Pool
    • Pool Balls
    • Pool Cue Stick 01
    • Pool Cue Stick 02
    • Gold – Lots
    • Gold – Some
    • GPL – Slip
    • GPL – Strip
    • GPL – Ingot
    • GPL – Bar
    • GPL – Brick
    • GPL – Pile
    • GPL – Table
    • Isolinear Chip – Yellow
    • Isolinear Chip – Blue
    • Isolinear Chip – Green
    • Isolinear Chip – Red
    • Isolinear Chip – Pink
    • Trophy – Q Throne
    • Trophy – Starbase
    • Trophy – DS9
    • Trophy – Ship Base
    • Trophy – Gold Miranda
    • Trophy – Gold Cruiser
    • Trophy – Gold Heavy Cruiser
    • Trophy – Gold Exploration Cruiser
    • Trophy – Gold Assault Cruiser
    • Trophy – Gold Star Cruiser
    • Trophy – Gold Escort
    • Trophy – Gold Heavy Escort
    • Trophy – Gold Tactical Escort
    • Trophy – Gold Advanced Escort
    • Trophy – Gold Fleet Escort
    • Trophy – Gold Science Vessel
    • Trophy – Gold Research Science Vessel
    • Trophy – Gold Long-Range Science Vessel
    • Trophy – Gold Deep Space Science Vessel
    • Trophy – Gold Recon Science Vessel
    • Wall Shelf
  • New “Mess Hall” objects added to the Detail tab in the Foundry:
    • Table – Mess M 01
    • Table – Mess S 01
    • Mess – Bowl 01
    • Mess – Bowl 02
    • Mess – Bowl 03
    • Mess – Pot 01
    • Mess – Pot 02
    • Mess – Pot 03
    • Mess – Pot 04

The following guide to Star Fleet is provided to those foundry developers looking for a consistent structure/background to their fleet operations:

Starfleet Operational Unit Organization Informational Instruction

1) Overview:
Given the current fleet operational commitments it is useful for new commanders to receive a quick overview of general fleet organization to the wing level, deployments, nomenclature, etc. It should be noted that this information is only as accurate as the last update of this instruction.

2) Glossary:

2a) Fleet – The top-level operational element, a Fleet is assigned a fixed geographical responsibility for security and administration. Currently there are approximately fifteen such Fleets. Historically, during the Dominion War period there were up to fifty fleets, this was due to “administrative creep” during the relatively long period of peace prior to that conflict. At the end of the Dominion War that system was transitioned to a more flexible organization that retained fewer “fixed” fleets that could be quickly augmented with the more mobile Strategic Task Forces.

The Fleet geographical areas are the operational reporting commands for ships that are on independent assignment in addition to any formally attached sub-units. Fleets are usually comprised of up to ten Task Forces that are identified by the fleet number and task force number combined (i.e. 1st Task Force of the 1st Fleet = Task Force 11; 2nd Task Force = Task Force 12, etc.) The “zero” Task Force is reserved for the “command” or “headquarters” Task Force, but in practice this command element often remains at Starbase and is only operational if the entire fleet is mobilized for an out of geographical area deployment. (It should be noted there is often a negative or sardonic connotation used in the fleet about ‘Task Force Zero’ in reference to Fleet HQ. continue reading…


As of now sharing maps is not available, however it is very easy to share the costumes you create in the tailor. I am making this post with the hopes of starting a costume sharing library here on Starbase UGC. The database can contain custom uniforms, characters alien races, greenskinned cat people, you name it. Just upload your jpeg files found in the game’s screenshot file and you are good to go.

My contributions:

Admiral Quinn.

Capt. Kurland of DS9:


continue reading…


Dear anyone at Cryptic who might have the power to do this for the Foundry community,

Many of us Foundry authors like to build custom interiors.  One of the biggest challenges for us relates to the lack of floors and ceilings.  While we have a few walls of different factions, we have very few floors and ceilings.  Mostly, we use one of these pieces, called “100 x 100 Building Block Platforms.”

These pieces come mainly in 3 varieties:

continue reading…


Repost from STO News:

Have you ever wanted to create your own Star Trek episode or story? If so, the Foundry could be your new best friend! If you are not sure what the Foundry is, check out this previous Guest Blog entry.

If you play Star Trek Online, you may already be familiar with the Foundry, STO’s User Generated Content (UGC) creation tool, however many can feel overwhelmed from the moment they launch the editor.

Hi, I’m CerberusFilms, Producer and Co-Host on PrimetimeUGC and a long time contributor to We strive to help people of all abilities and experience levels achieve everything they have ever dreamed of creating using this incredible UGC toolset.

This is why PrimetimeUGC, Cerberus Films and StarbaseUGC are partnering up with Cryptic Studios to deliver the Foundry Authors Academy!

What is the Foundry Authors Academy (FAA)?

Click Here to Read the Guest Blog!



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