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Hey Everyone… finally… A Reunion Update 😀

Here’s the latest Trailer/Mini Episode

The release date for Episode 2 has been confirmed too. 25/12/11- Christmas Day.


The full article can be found here


Oliver 🙂

Hi Everyone,


I’m BACK mwahahahaha *cough cough* and so is Reunion (well it’s on it’s way).


Anywho, Today I’d like to announce the opening of, the home of all things ST:R related.

So please go and register, also please post in the forums and start the community going.


I’m currently in the middle of moving house but I’ll be around.


See you all soon





Well… here it is… finally…

Best viewed in 1080p

Star Trek: Reunion- “The Gathering Storm” is the first episode of a ten-part machnima series that features five Starfleet caotains as the try to wrestle with the recent death of one of their own at the hands of a Klingon General. As their tales of rememberance continue, they unwittingly uncover clues and begin to realise that maybe her death wasn’t meaningless.

In this episode- Join Cortak as he retells a tale of when he served under Captain Lynya Taran as they undertake what should be an easy mission for Starfleet Intelligence.

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For those of you that missed the live screening of the teaser trailer, here it is!!!

Star Trek: Reunion is  a machinima series created by the guys and girls here at SBUGC!

We are aiming for an early June release for the first episode.

Hello All

I would like to announce the arrival of Foundry TV… Otherwise known as the Cerberusfilms Livestream Channel.

Whilst the stream is not entirely devoted to STO/Foundry, it will be for 90% of the time (the rest will be amusing gaming and other videos I do with some awesome friends).

If there is any content you wish to be on there, just post a comment on the Foundry TV page.

New and exciting things will be on there way soon, including Star Trek: Reunion, every sunday at 5pm PST live, starting from the 12th of June.

I hope you all enjoy this stream, I may one day ask for donations to help support it if we go for some of the more advanced features.

Have fun my friends (this is all for you) 🙂