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New bannerEpisode 7 has April’s Author Profile. RogueEnterprise joins us to talk about his experiences

with Foundry and discuss TOS’s Bread and Circuses. Enjoy

NOTE: For those of you in the US. I hope you filed your 2014 Income Tax. Today is the deadline.

Never say we don’t perform a public service.

Star Trek: Regulus

Regulus Header

Name: Star Trek: Regulus – S01E02
Author: Irwin109
Language: English
Allegiance: Starfleet
Level: 31+
Starting System: Briar Patch, Regulus Sector Block


Synopsis: Purge is the second episode of Regulus, continuing on from the first episode you continue to pursue those responsible for the attacks on Pirusia.

Author’s Notes: The end result was not my original conception for this episode but as I began to make it a better idea emerged, however instead of making the introduction a two parter it now has become a three parter, but this has allowed me to explore every aspect of this introduction which I feel by the end will have really set up the player for what is to come.

BorrowedTune’s latest action packed, story driven adventure is now live on holodeck.

Title: Starfleet: Section X
Author: BorrowedTune
Language: English
Level: 16+
Allegiance: Starfleet
Starting Location: Delta Volanis Cluster (Sirius Sector Block)

A chance meeting, while attending a conference on a Federation colony, leads your ship and crew to an investigation into the bizarre realm of fringe science. Yet not all questionable scientific study can be so easily dismissed and soon the fate of the entire universe rests solely upon your shoulders as ghosts from the past return to wreak havoc on the present.

continue reading…

New bannerIf you missed us live, you’re in luck. We record the show so you may view on your own schedule.

Amazing. BorrowedTune joined us to review his mission and discuss the TNG episode

“The Survivors”.




Join us at our new time, 9:00pm Eastern/6:00pm Pacific as we host Pax Federatica.

We’ve reviewed his Ghosts of War series, and we all watched Voyager’s Tuvix.

We shall discuss it for your listening pleasure over at Twitch. Don’t forget.

That’s 9:00pm EDT/6:00pm PDT. We want to see you in the chat…….or else.

Next week, we’ll settle in at 8:00pm Eastern, unless something comes up.

outpost2The Author’s Outpost – Episode 3 is up and ready for your consideration. Now that tech bugs

have been exterminated,we were able to bring our first recorded broadcast to a Foundry

loving public. Enjoy the show, as Aleniskendra joins Castmodean and CaptPFDennis in

reviewing The Wounded Wolf by Akrilon and the TOS episode Whom Gods Destroy.


Contact us at


That’s right! The, as yet to be heard podcast (except for Elijah Thomas and Aleniskendra) will be

back on March 17,2015, at 7:00pm Eastern/4:00pm Pacific. This week’s mission review will be

The Wounded Wolf by Akrilon. Our guest will be Aleniskendra.  We thought it only fair for

people to actually hear her this time. We’ll be going over the STO news of the day and discussing

this week’s Trek episode Whom Gods Destroy. So, join us live!!!

You never know what might happen to the recording.

Don’t forget to tune in to episode 2(actually, it’ll be the first real episode, but don’t tell anyone)
of the Author’s Outpost. You will find us on Twitch at 7:00pm Eastern and 4:00pm Pacific
every single Tuesday unless something crazy comes up to prevent it. So join me, CaptPFDennis and Castmodean, the two most experienced foundry podcast hosts(when it comes to
myocardial infarction) in all of Star Trek Online.

Our weekly guest will be Aleniskendra. We’ll be reviewing a Fed mission called Time’s Razor: Part 1 by captainazzarano, and discussing Star Trek: Enterprise episodes Borderland, Cold Station 12, and The Augments. We’ll even demonstrate any technique a new author would like to see, live at the end of our show. It’s going to be wicked fun. See you then.

You may contact us through our site, , or directly at We also have Tweet thingies @AuthorsOutpost.

Hello everyone;

For those people that are not aware I’ve within the past few months published an eBook. The eBook is called Karver: Failed Expectations and is available here as well as all go online eBook retailers. Since it’s been out for so long I thought it was time for for me to do an Author Interview and well here it is.

Essentially ask myself some questions and let you guys in on who I am, how I write and what I think’s important. I’ve put the link below so if you’re interested in getting a little insight into me and my writing please watch!


Castmodean and CaptPFDennis will be co-hosting a new live audio podcast on Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm EST.

We’re calling it “The Author’s Outpost”. We’d like to bring you a show dedicated to the writing of

Foundry missions in the words of the authors themselves, as well as the hosts. We hope you’ll

join us each week. A link to our show will be available here at StarbaseUGC on show days.



Check out our site here




The “Fed Intrepid Class Retrofit 2” is now correctly titled as “Aeroshuttle”.
Removed the rank options for the Hazari upper pieces.
Added the Section 31 upper pieces.
Added the Risian upper and lower pieces.
Added the Khan hairstyle as an option for male characters.
Added the Inmate upper and lower pieces for male characters.
KLG-Allied Federation groups will now properly be eligible for Federation Kill objectives.
Fed-Allied Klingon groups will now properly be eligible for Klingon Kill objectives.



Welcome to the Foundry Roundtable, a weekly podcast dedicated to Foundry missions, mission building and other UGC issues starring Foundry authors Drogyn1701, Markhawkman and Greendragoon, with special guests Castmodean and CaptPFDennis.

Watch on YouTube

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— FOUNDRY NEWS ——————————————————

The Foundry is fully back online
Clarifications from Tumerboy from last week
Foundry Bug: Map Preview Failure

— REVIEWS —————————————————————-

Reunion from Delta Rising

— DISCUSSION ————————————————————

What voice actors would we like to see?
Drogyn talks about recent inspiration behind-the-scenes movie features.
Tech topic: Creating a combination puzzle
We explore the character development arc.
Has Delta Rising inspired us to do any Delta Quadrant Foundry missions?
How do we prepare to make a Foundry series?

— LINKS ———————————————————————-

Example of a mission outline:

Join us live Wednesdays at 7:30PM EST/4:30PM PST on

If you have a topic you’d like to see us cover, have a mission you want promoted, or would like to be a guest-host, e-mail us at or follow us on Twitter: @FoundryRoundtab

We’re back with an additional new host and a new look. Same old format. We review

Shore Leave Under Siege by JohnnySnowball.



NEW MISSION still in review sectionDelta Volanis: Starchaser by johnnysnowball


Delta Volanis: Starchaser

By johnnysnowball

A Delta Volanis Exploration Mission

Boldly go to the Delta Volanis Cluster to seek out new life & new civilizations.
*Non-combat roleplay.
*Single Fed player/ANY LEVEL
*20-30 mins
* Have environment suits ready for you and your away team. (EVA suits are not required to play the mission)

This is an expansion of a review I recently wrote regarding a recent mission I played. I did enjoy the mission but there were time paradoxes that, in my opinion, would be generated and other events that needed to be addressed. The goal of this post is to provide a few things for any author who wishes to create a time traveling mission to think about. To that end I have some suggestions on how to avoid those paradoxes and other issues associated with these types of missions.

One of the first issues most authors do not deal with is the changing of the timeline. Now if it is the player traveling back in time then you would affect the timeline but can also ensure it is preserved. When an adversary travels back in and alters history no one in the current timeline would know the difference. The exception to this would be time travelers, temporal agents and certain species. Without the aid of those types of beings the only other way to avoid this issue is to have the player shielded from the changes in the timeline. This can best be demonstrated in the TOS episode “City on the edge of forever” or the TNG movie “First contact”. In both those examples the characters who maintained knowledge of their timeline and therefore the ability to repair it were shielded from the changes. In the case of the “City on the edge of forever” they were shielded by the emanations from the device on the planet when Doctor McCoy went through. In “First contact” they were caught in the temporal flux of the Borg time portal they created. Deep Space Nine also did an episode where the crew traveled back in time to stop a plot to change the outcome of the mission in the “Trouble with Tribbles” episode. In the DS9 episode they got away with it because of the cloaked ship and no overt contact with the TOS characters. Yes, Captain Sisko interacted with Kirk but only in a passing manner that had no actual affect on the timeline. Therefore it would not be an overt interaction and affect the timeline.

How do avoid these issues? Your mission could start with either a player being intercepted by a time traveler, a species who can detect these changes, temporal agent or a device similar to the Guardian in the TOS “City on the edge of forever” episode. This individual or device shields the player from, either deliberate or accidental, changes to the timeline. From here the player can be briefed or decide as part of the story on how to address the changes made in the timeline from this point. The time paradoxes mentioned at the beginning of this post would be mitigated by this process in the story. How you address the mitigation is your choice but remember the player should not directly interact with people in the original timeline without addressing the concerns of altering the past. The way around this would to write the story so the player was actually part of the historical events that occurred.

That should cover most aspects of time travel missions you create within the Foundry. If you have any questions please let me know and we can discuss them.

Thanks for authoring,
(AKA: Evil70th)


  • The Foundry is now back on for Tribble.
  • Addition of a number of new Foundry Objects:
    • New Romulus Trees, Plants, Rocks, Waterfalls, Ruins, Props and various other details from New Romulus.
    • Glass Walls/Floors:
      • Federation ESD, Romulan Embassy,and Klingon Starbase.
    • Specialty Volumes:
      • Low Gravity, Floater, EV Suit Required
    • Invisible Floors to match up with the Invisible Walls that are already available.
    • Benches from Earth Spacedock, both Sittable and Non-Sittable versions, and their respective cushions

Greetings True Believers! I wanted to share with you my plans for a new foundry contest I am calling “Secret Agents“!


secret agents logo


The dates have not yet been finalized, but I wanted to go ahead and let you know about it early so you could start formulating ideas and even building parts of the mission as you see fit.


The premise: In the Romulan Republic mission named “Mind Game“, you are captured by the Tal Shiar and they try to brainwash/recruit you into their ranks. The official story is that you resist and escape. But what if the official story was a lie? What if their brainwashing actually worked, or you willingly agreed to join their ranks? This is the premise of the “Secret Agents” contest. You create a story where you are playing as secret agent of the Tal Shiar in the Romulan Republic.


Of course every great contest has a great reward, and in case fame and foundry tips arent enough, the winner will also get a vintage 1997 Playmates Romulan Bird of Prey!


romulan bird of prey

*Please note this is a stock photo.


Now as mentioned above, the contest dates are not yet finalized. This is mainly due to an upcoming update of many new costumes, which I’m sure people will want to use in their missions. There was also recently a community map poll that resulted in several Romulan maps in the top 10 results, and Tumerboy/Tacofangs will hopefully be adding many of these in the near future. Due to this I do not yet want to put a hard date on when this contest will end, although I’m currently thinking towards the end of this year.


If you have any questions please reply to this post and look forward to more details in the future. In the mean time, start forming ideas for your mission, and lets all thank Zeroniusrex for the new costumes and Tumerboy/Tacofangs for the upcoming map additions!


PS: if anyone from Cryptic is reading this, please consider this humble request; since we cannot create official “romulan faction” foundry missions, please add a “Romulan” tag. That way people can at least easily search for any missions that were created specifically for Romulan players, such as this contests’s missions. Thanks =)

Have you heard about the STO Player Housing Project? If not, read about it here:


And now we have an important update: Zeroniusrex has added the QUARTERS tag to the mission search tool(currently on Tribble test server), which will make it much easier to search specifically for(or exclude) player housing projects from the normal mission list.

So once this tag makes it to holodeck, if you create a housing project map be sure to ask your friends to TAG it with the new QUARTERS tag.


Thank you to Zeroniusrex for adding this feature!

If you are new to the foundry, here is a brief tutorial that well help you create your own house for the STO Player Housing Project. This may look complicated, but just take 1 step at a time and you will be done in less than 15 minutes.

1) At the character select screen, click the “Create Content” on top of the character list.

2) Create your foundry character.

3) Once in the foundry editor, click the “New Project” button at the top

4) Name your project(and remember to include “Player Housing Project” in the title).

5) Once your project has loaded, click the “Maps” button on the left side.

6) Click the “create map” button at the top.

7) Name your map, and select map type. For the purpose of this tutorial select “indoor” from the drop down menu, and select “Federation” on the faction drop down menu.

8) For the purpose of this tutorial select the map named “Federation Interior 2” and click the “create” button in the bottom right corner.

9) Now that you have a map to work on, click the “Story” tab on the top left menu.

10) From the story screen you will see your map listed on the right side menu. Click and drag your map below the “Grant Mission Dialog” box.

11) Choose where your mission starts by clicking the button “Whole Map” on the gray box and selecting the start point you want. For the purpose of this tutorial select “Earth Spacedock” on the left.

12) Now select the specific door on ESD that will go to your mission. For the purpose of this tutorial click “Ops Door – North”, which will appear underneath the Transporter Icon on the map legend. Click “OK” in the bottom corner.

13) Add an objective to your map. For the purpose of this tutorial click and drag the “Interact with Object” icon on the right menu into the green “Project Map” box.

14) Go back to your map by clicking the “Maps” tab on the left side menu. On the top right corner of the screen you should see a tab named “Unplaced” with a little alert icon. Click this tab, click on the default object listed in the menu and drag it to the center room on your map.

15) Go back to the “Story” tab and fill in the missing items. Start at the top by selecting a costume for the “Grant Mission Dialog” box. You can simply select the first costume which is an academy cadet. Now type something like “Go visit my house” in the dialog area.

16) Now type something in the dialog section of the grey box below like “Welcome to my house”. Now go below to the green “Project Map” box, and type something simple in each of the lines with the yellow alert next to them.

17) Finally, go back to the “Project” tab on the left side menu and type something for your mission description. Be sure to tell people where to go to start your mission. For this tutorial you would need to tell them to go to Earth Spacedock, then go to the door below the transporter icon on the map legend.

You have now created a simple functional mission that can be published. However, the entire purpose of the Player Housing Project is to actually create your own house! So once you have a basic functional mission, simply go back to the map you created and add any kind of decorations to the room you may want. There are many different kinds of objects to choose from, so there are endless possibilities for creating something unique.

Hopefully this helps you get started =D