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As if on cue…  The Foundry Endeavour is back! 

The Current In-game Endeavor is to play a Foundry Mission.

This should run through the weekend, so make sure to run through a mission to get some extra XP, and some special stuff out of the Bonus Box.

It can be completed once per account

Possible Endeavor Prize Pack Rewards


Hello All.

With the Risian Event going on I thought I’d remind some authors that it might be worthwhile to try and obtain a floater on your Foundry Character for Testing.

This is only doable if you have gotten your Foundry Editor Character to at least Level 11.

Then Choose the Risa System as a start location for a mission and then hit the “Play from beginning” Button from the Story Tree Editor. This should toss you out in sector space near Risa, and you can then head to the summer event map from there.

Be Advised you will be in a special instance and completely alone, so it should make it a little bit easier to get the Favors required.

So the foundry, at least mission play I have not been able to get off work in order to check more, is available. There are at least issues with objects not having their textures and being invisible so as with any update. Check missions and see what’s what. And remember if you can leave reviews….don’t for right now.

Update: I am informed the editor is available.

Its that time again folks where we get a significant downtime(as far as the server goes, probably 6 hours if true to form) and with it the high probability of instability, daily patches and of course, downtime for the foundry and a wait time before a republish begins.

If this is the case, and I cannot say with 100% certainty it will as I have not gotten confirmation back from my multiple requests, it is probably going to happen and DON’T PANIC. It has happened before and will happen again.

So tonight I suggest wrappi g up any loose ends you have, make copies of any texts you might want to work on offline while the editor is down, and maybe try out the new things.



The Current In-game Endeavor is to play a Foundry Mission.

This should run through the weekend, so make sure to run through a mission to get some extra XP, and some special stuff out of the Bonus Box.

It can be completed once per account

Possible Endeavor Prize Pack Rewards


The title says it all but the editor for The Foundry on Holodeck has been really able. Go forth and create!

It’ll probably take the better part of the weekend, but republishing was apparently enabled today.

Check out @Tumerboy’s Tweet:

StarbaseUGC’s new six episode series, PHOTONOMY is now playable on Holodeck in Star Trek Online. We have posted a website dedicated to the series, with media corresponding to each episode. It is our hope that it will enhance immersion into the story and characters. Head over to to find news reports and communications with Starfleet Command. It is, and always has been, our goal to further the development of story content in Star Trek Online’s Foundry. We’re also in the chat at almost any hour to provide assistance to authors of any skill level.

We hope you enjoy the series, and take advantage of the original content on the website. Thanks for playing.

It’s our Author Profile show for August. This time, we highlight the work of Drogyn1701. We discuss his mission Under Grey Skies, as well as StarbaseUGC’s six mission series. Our Trek Take 5 discussion focuses on TNG’s The Inner Light. We also announced the winner of our $10,000,000 prize giveaway, and Robert Downey Jr. pays us a surprise visit in the studio(not really). So tune in for all the excitement. You won’t be disappointed. Well, you won’t be very disappointed. I suppose it all depends on what you’re expecting. I’m not a mind reader. Listen anyway. It’s a good episode.

The usual, unusual people, discussed the usual STO things with the usual monthly Author Profile of the unusual AdmiralMurphy. We talked about things and stuff, as well as Enterprise’s Season 1, Episode 6…The Andorian Incident. It was the usual segment concerning the unusually good first season episode. If you usually enjoy the show, then there’ll be nothing unusual about this one.

New banner

We’re back after two weeks with June’s Author Profile. Duke_of_Rock is in big chair as we discuss his missions and method. We discuss the Enterprise episode Carbon Creek, Kendra talks to us about proofreading mission dialog. There’s also STO news and lots of talk, talk, talk.

New bannerEpisode 12 of The Author’s Outpost is fresh baked from the oven. This week’s show is, again, without a guest, which just left more space for us to fill up, and fill it, we did. Ep 12’s theme is on Social Commentary in Star Trek, which spun off into social commentary in general. We did, however, manage to slip in a review of Leviathan99’s Yesterday is Tomorrow. our Trek Take 5 was a discussion of Past Tense: Parts 1&2, DS9’s look back at our very near future. A word to the wise “Always carry ID.” Sanctuary Districts are probably being planned as you’re reading this. On a more positive note, we’d like to congratulate Harmon Buck Gin Bokai, who is having himself a record breaking rookie year with the London Kings. Seventeen year old, “Buck”, as his teammates call him, was recruited out of high school in Marina del Ray, CA. Born on Hallowen in 1998, it is a treat to watch Buck’s tricks at the plate. Good luck, Buck. We’ll be keeping an eye on this shortstop’s career.


New banner That’s right. You heard it here, first. The Author’s Outpost, also known as Outpost de L’auteur in France, and to our Norwegian friends, Forfatterens Outpost has just released it’s eleventh episode. With special guest, nobody, we reviewed Castmodean’s Digging in the Past(Creuser dans le Passe). We also discussed in great detail, the TNG episode The Defector. Kendra discussed an article providing much advice on writing your bad guys. That’s this thing . So wherever you are, be it France or Norwegia, come join us for some down home foundry talk. because Episode 11 is now available. Do not miss the very latest episode of The Author’s Outpost. That’s Autorova Outpost for those in Croatia and if we’re talkin’ Igbo it’s Onye chepụtara si eche nche. Caio.


New bannerWe missed Castmodean this week on our show. We hope he returns soon. Kendra and I hosted ThePsycoticVulcan and reviewed his mission The Sentinels of Andor. We discussed the DS9 episode The Siege of AR-558 and Kendra brought us some tips on dialog writing. Don’t take my word for it. It’s right here.



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New bannerOutpost adds a new third host with aleniskendra joining the team, adding a touch of credibility to the lunacy. This week we go on the road to another time zone to prerecord our special guest, Zorbane. As we suffer through another foundry-less week, Cast delivers what little news there is. Our Trek Episode discussion takes us to Voyager and the adventures of Captain Proton in Bride of Chaotica. Give us a listen.

NOTE: You must be at least as tall as Balok to ride this ride.

New bannerIn the name of all that is sacred, please join us.

New bannerEpisode 8 of The Author’s Outpost is now available for replay. We had aleniskendra join us to

review One of Our Telepaths is Missing by Wombat140, and discuss Enterprise episode

Damage. We also went through news of the Season 10 launch in STO and its effect on Foundry.


New bannerEpisode 7 has April’s Author Profile. RogueEnterprise joins us to talk about his experiences

with Foundry and discuss TOS’s Bread and Circuses. Enjoy

NOTE: For those of you in the US. I hope you filed your 2014 Income Tax. Today is the deadline.

Never say we don’t perform a public service.