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Here’s Episode 14 of PrimetimeUGC with Chooch99, News, Foundry Essentials and much much more.

Here is Part 1 of Kirkfat’s Back to Basics Series of tutorials from PrimetimeUGC’s Foundry Essentials.
It is an Introduction to the Foundry toolset for beginners, post Season 6.

Check out the new Primetime with guest drogyn1701. We also premiered our new live segment, The Great Link


Show notes:

Exclusive preview of the upcoming Ken Burns documentary: “The Dominion War.”

Primetime UGC’s newscast, with Castmodean.

Exclusive interview with Drogyn1701, along with a mini-review of his mission “Sink the Bismarck.”

Kirk’s Phat Assets highlights the new TOS sets available in the Foundry.

Foundry Essentials: A quick tutorial on precise item placement.

And more….


Enjoy Kirkfat’s tutorial on Precise Object Placement. This timesaving technique is a must for the informed foundry author.

This episode of Primetime features two interviews. The first is with our own Havraha and the second is with Zeronius Rex from Cryptic.



PrimetimeUGC opens its second season after a month long hiatus with an Author Interview with AdmiralMurphy of Foundry Filesfame, as well as his many Foundry mission series.
Priimetime also unveils its first Foundry Mission Contest.

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Contest Rules:
Just author a Foundry mission centered around a “rogue computer system” i.e. technology gone awry.
It must be published, playable, and submitted to our mailbag by midnight June 30th EST with the mission title and project ID.
Length of mission is not an issue, but keep it reasonably close to the 30-60 minute mark.
It can be either faction.
Most importantly, have fun.
You could walk away with a brand new D’Kora Class Cruiser, donated for this contest
by the gentlemen of the Gates of Stovokor podcast.
Many thanks to Soriedem in particular.

Another huge episode of PrimetimeUGC featuring the conclusion of our exclusive with
Al Rivera, Penned in Primetime with Alimac30, Christine Thompson, and Terry Shull.
We’ve also got our Guest Author interview with RogueEnterprise.

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In this Special Episode of PrimetimeUGC, we bring you Part 2 of our Exclusive Interview with Al Rivera, Lead Designer at STO.
We also have a new segment called Penned in Primetime. It is a writer’s panel to discuss a single Foundry mission and it’s storyline.

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PrimetimeUGC’s look at designing impressive Space Maps.

Here’s Primetime’s tutorial on mobs and how to turn enemies into allies with recostuming.

Primetime’s Rating do’s and Don’t’s

In this Foundry Essentials, Cerberusfilms explains how to create the popular effect
of warping to another system within a single map.

I am going to begin posting the Foundry Essentials segments from PrimetimeUGC on the site to be viewed as stand alone tutorials.
I hope they can be of some use. This was the first, concentrating on map transitions geared toward beginners.

Primetime’s 1st hour long show featuring Foundry Author Evil70th and STO Lead Designer, Al Rivera.

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Primetime interviews Duke_of_Rock and this episode marks the last
appearance of filbones.

Episode 7 of PrimetimeUGC featuring an interview with PWE_Branflakes aka Brandon Felczer of PWE.

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This episode features an author interview with Hauriant and much more

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The crew’s show notes:

This week we have an exclusive interview with the lead of Perfect World/Cryptic’s Video Department H2orat (The guy who makes the trailers and who’s been tasked to assess the Foundry) which was so good… and so long, that we had to cut it into two parts. We also have an interview the prolific foundry author Soriedem.

Aswell as all your usual foundry news and tutorials.

So Join RogueEnterprise, CaptPFDennis, Filbones and Cerberusfilms for this weeks PrimetimeUGC.
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Please watch episode 2 of Primetime UGC.  It’s full of cool Foundry info, an author interview, a mission review, and even a quick tutorial for new authors.


Everyone, I am proud to announce a new Foundry show, PrimetimeUGC, premiering today January 16th 2012 at 1500 PST/1800 EST/2300 GMT!

The live show will be broadcast on , with the full show available to view on YouTube afterward. Also check out

So, you might ask: What makes this show different than the other STO shows out there?
– PrimetimeUGC is a video show, with nearly all segments filmed using STO’s Foundry!
– We’re keeping the show Foundry author-focused. Look for Foundry news, author interviews, in-depth look at missions and more!
– We’re always keen on helping authors promote their missions. We’ll be reading the mission names and authors of new missions each episode.

Our premier episode today also takes a look at the F2P launch, along with an interview with acclaimed Foundry author @alimac30 and his mission, City of the Polmar Ree.