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Kirkfat briefly discusses the /freecam command

Here is the first livestream, in its 1080p entirety, from Saturday 3/23/13. Soon it

will be diced up into more manageable portions for you to ingest. For now,

have a look at this 3 hour hi definition version. It is quite alright if you’d like

to skip to the parts that interest you most. Enjoy and watch for the next livestream

in our series.

Hello my fellow Foundry Authors/Founders,


Hopefully by now you’ve all heard of the Foundry Authors Academy, if you haven’t why not read the full article on the STO website. And check out the Forum Post where we have some extra details regarding dates and FAQ’s.


The FAA, is a joint project between PrimetimeUGC, StarbaseUGC, Cerberus Films and Cryptic Studios, to provide comprehensive, fun and informative tutorials or “lectures” on the Foundry UGC Toolset, from the very beginning, all live.


We’re looking for experienced and knowledgeable authors to come and join us, to share their knowledge.

To take part, you’ll need to be free on Saturday the 6th of April, 12 Noon PDT/ 7PM GMT for 3 hours, as well as have access to a Skype Account and have an internet upload speed of 0.4mbps or better (you can test yours here

If you’re interested in being one of our Teachers, please sign up using this link 


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via Twitter @cerberusfilms, or through the StarbaseUGC Chatroom.


Thank you, and I can’t wait to get to work with you all


This episode of PrimetimeUGC is a stripped down version with Foundry News and an extensive

interview with Star Trek Online’s ZeroniusRex.


The team at PrimetimeUGC has released their interview with Producer ZeroniusRex. Check out the interview, made completely with the Foundry, here.

Show notes: News Cast and Interview


Link to the interview


Link to the forum post

No.7 in Kirkfat’s series of Foundry Basics Tutorials. This time, the fat man discusses triggers and

branching objectives in the dialogue tree. Learning is fundemental. Enjoy.

This is our 20th episode, and to make it more special, we have a Neverwinter exclusive.

We spoke with Zeke Sparks, Lead Designer, and Rob Overmeyer, Executive Producer.

There are also, not 1, but 2 mission reviews this time around.

This is the first Primetime of 2013 and of its 3rd season. We host HippieJohn, as well as review

his mission Spectres:Episode 6 which won him first place in STO’s Foundry Challenge #5.

Kirkfat also teaches triggers in his latest edition of the Back to Basics series. Plus….Chalaskie invades.

Here’s Kirkfat’s new tutorial in his Back to Basics series. This one is on Story Based Dialogues.


This musical holiday greeting is not intended for younger viewers. Those of you under 18,

consider yourself properly cautioned. That said, enjoy this outtake from last night’s PrimetimeUGC.

Happy Holidays from all of us at StarbaseUGC.


Its a holiday extravaganza! Crazy Chalaskie stops in to join in the fun, We interview STO EP Dan Stahl, we have a review of Slaves and Seduction by our own Kirkfat, as well as his Foundry Essentials. ENJOY!

Hey Everyone,


Next Friday, Dec. 7th, PrimetimeUGC will be interviewing Executive Producer Dan Stahl.


We’re looking for your questions too!


Make sure to leave them in the comments below, we’ll select the best and present them to him, and probably roll those that didn’t make the first cut into more generalised larger questions… you know what I mean I’m sure.


So make sure you get all your questions in no later than 3PM PST on Dec. 7th.


This is a great opportunity to get all your foundry questions answered,



Kirkfat focuses on mob placement in the 4th installment of his Back to Basics series.

Primetime interviews Logitech007 by proxy and Kirkfat delivers his fourth in a series of Foundry Essentials Back to Basics. Chalaskie drops by.

Kirkfat brings us through ways to begin your mission and the initial doorway and map transfer in this, Part III of his Back to Basics Series.

Better late than never, we aired PrimetimeUGC 2 hours late, and as a result could not present The Great Link tonight.

Be that as it may, we bring you guest author XR-377, plus a review of his newest creation, The Computer’s Children.

We also introduce a new cast member. Tune in to see who it is…..

In reponse to requests for BitesizeUGC, we at PrimetimeUGC have decided to post only the mission review segment of our show.  After all, BitesizeUGC did become Primetime’s Mini Mission Review. 

So, here are the last two episodes.

Kirkfat brings us Part 2 of his Back to Basics series with an intro to Map Making in STO’s Foundry


Watch the new episode of PrimetimeUGC featuring Guest Author, Zorbane. Then become one

with the Great Link with Gingie and GreenDragoon. The Founders are wise.

Follow us on Twitter @Primetime_UGC and @GreatestLink

Presenting The Great Link, recorded live on Monday 9/10/12 with guest Wilv.