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Category: Foundry Files

This week, we discuss the spotlight along with our thoughts of Star Trek Into Darkness! Then we review The Tangled Webs We Weave.

We survived the server outages to bring you Foundry news for the week and a review of Hero of the Empire!

In this week’s episode we’ll cover the week’s news as there’s been another Foundry reward change to crush the latest exploit. Then we review Depths of Nukara Prime.

Tune in for some quick Foundry News and a review of the final part of Captain Revo’s Klingon series, Into the Nightmare!

The Foundry Files team this episode will review Infiltration Point.

This week on Foundry Files, we cover the week’s foundry news, and then we sit down with Community Manager BranFlakes to discuss his involvement in all things Foundry!

This week, we cover some new foundry news as well as the upcoming release of the Romulan Faction to Star Trek Online! Ooiue then gives his thoughts of Neverwinter! Then, after some Quick Tips on improving the re-playability of you mission, we review Revo’s mission, “The Prisoner, and then end with a discussion of what the Foundry needs to do to prepare for the Romulan faction.

This week with a new intro and segment bumps, we discuss how the Foundry incorporates with Neverwinter. Then, after Quick Tips we review the Hunter Killer by Captain_Revo and ending with a discussion of the 5 star rating system in the Foundry.

Also, episodes should start becoming available for audio download on iTunes. You can search for Foundry Files, and you’ll find them listed under STOked Radio.

This week, we talk a bit about the various developer interviews this week as well as some other things in our news segment. Then after some space and ground combat quick tips, we discuss Crouching Ty’Gokor Hidden Demon.

Zero Interview

Geko Interview

This week, we cover some Foundry News with a discussion of what a Romulan Faction could mean for STO and the Foundry. Then after quick tips, we review Grazorak City!

This week, we cover the changes to the reward system, quick tips on how to get over the hurdle of Foundry Limitations, and review Avenging Resolution.

This week, we cover some Foundry News on possible changes to the spotlight, cover quick tips on User Help, review Finding Resolution, and wrap up with your feedback on the Foundry Search and Grind Missions!

This week, after we cover some updates to the Foundry, we review Spectres, Episode 6, and then quick tips!

This week, we cover news, quick tips on Art Assets, review the conclusion of the For Every Action Series, and ask for your thoughts on the Foundry Search in Community Feedback!

Foundry Forward:

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Grinder/Exploit Topic thread:

Do email us, with your concerns or comments on the Foundry for the next show!

This week, we give you some quick tips, followed by a review of For Every Action Part 2, and then end with a big discussion of the state of the foundry as we cover new foundry exploits.

This week, we have a quick episode for you where we cover news updates, along with some Quick Tips!

This week on Foundry Files, we cover some map building tips, review part one of For Every Action, and cover a community developed plan to get more foundry features and such in Community Feedback.

We hit double digits this week, and to celebrate the end of 2012, we cover our top ten missions in episode ten!

Foundry News:

This week, the Foundry has been reopened, we cover tips to Grammar and Spelling, review Brains Before Bounty, and cover your feedback on the spotlight.