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Category: Foundry Files

Murphy covers this weeks foundry news and covers some major changes to the show. Then, Future Murphy takes on the console quickies.

This week, Bazag, Drogyn1701, and Rellimtime82 join to discuss this week’s news and their work on the Purity series.

This week we cover Foundry tags hitting the tribble test server and other Foundry news, and then we wrap up our review of the Purity Series.

This week, we discuss the possible decline of the Foundry Challenge, and then review Purity 5: Of Leadership.

This week, we cover some awesome Foundry news dropped by Geko, review Purity 4: Of Vision, discuss puzzles and jump into some community feedback!

This week we review Purity 3: Of Honor.

This week we cover the recent exploit crush. Are we happy with it? Maybe… Then it’s our review of Purity 2: Of Thought.

Future Murphy stops by to stop grinders from entering the Foundry. Meanwhile, we’ll review the first episode of Purity and cover your guys predictions!

Foundry Files turns one year old, so join the celebration as we cover the weeks news and discuss the history and current state of the foundry, and make our predictions for the toolset for the next year!

This week, a feature foundry series is announced and we discuss! Then, its our review of Monolith. Oh and we can’t forget that epohhs are no longer labeled as squirrels on tribble!

This week in the news, wait, we’re not getting Romulan foundry missions? Then, in honor of h2orat, we review his mission, The Rising Phoenix Pt1.

This week Stahl talks foundry and we review a Fed/Rom mission “Valley of the Shadow Pt1”

This week we lose the ability to make Romulan missions, Neverwinter gets Foundry updates announced, and Havraha guest stars to bring us tips on character development in Foundry missions.

This week we finish our review of The Crossing Admirals and cover the new ability to sorta make Romulan Foundry missions!

It’s our top ten missions for the summer! Which ones remained on our list since last year, and who has joined the elite club!

This week, we cover the work around for the laggy map loading bug, discuss the delay of the next Foundry Challenge, and then review The Crossing Admiral Part 2.

This week, the show covers the lack of Foundry News in the plan for next season, review Admiral BoBo Goes to War, and ask Foundry Authors what keeps them authoring?

This week we start our review of “The Crossing Admiral” series.

With the Foundry Editor back up, Foundry Files returns to discuss what’s happened during the downtime, and then review Yesterday is Tomorrow!