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We’re back with an additional new host and a new look. Same old format. We review

Shore Leave Under Siege by JohnnySnowball.



In reponse to requests for BitesizeUGC, we at PrimetimeUGC have decided to post only the mission review segment of our show.  After all, BitesizeUGC did become Primetime’s Mini Mission Review. 

So, here are the last two episodes.

The Bitesize Boys review a lengthy and challenging mission for the Fed side called Finding Resolution by ajstoner.

On this episode we review Relapse, Episode 1 in The Lost Fleet of the Valkyrie series by Gingie

Bitesize reviews the final entry into the Gates of Stovokor mission contest

CaptPFDennis and Kirkfat review The Last Centurion by Chooch99
It’s the second entry into the Gates of Stovokor mission contest.

The Bitesize Boys review a pair of missions by WoodyValley called Katra and Katra: Continued.

Kirkfat takes the week off and Castmodean co-hosts with CaptPFDennis as they review Overlord by claivain.

The Bitesize Boys review “War and Q”, a Fed mission by RogueEnterprise.

Support the Foundry by playing this mission for yourself.

The Bitesize Boys review “Betrayal of the Empire: Part 1” by Evil70th.

Episode 20 of BitesizeUGC reviews Becoming the Enemy’s Friend by logitech007

Bitesize reviews ‘The Rising Phoenix – Part 1″ by h2orat.

BitesizeUGC reviews Keeping Up With The J’Sens by Castmodean.

Duke-of-Rock and Galactrix play “The Mysteries of Pon Farr” by well-known Foundry author Bazag!

If you missed the live show, you can watch it on YouTube above.

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BitesizeUGC releases episode 12, with a review of Lineage by Captain_Revo.

Hosted by Capt. PF Dennis and Rogue Enterprise.