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Bazag Stabs 330x250This episode Bazag takes a stab at Puzzles. Listen here

Bazag Stabs 330x250Episode 8 reviews some foundry missions. Listen to it now!

Bazag Stabs 330x250

This week Bazag Stabs looks at Triggers. The what, the why and the how. Click here to listen.


Show Notes:

Trigger Overview

How Triggers work Differently in Star Trek Online and Neverwinter.

Using Triggers with Skill checks

Using Triggers with Item checks

Trigger: Component Complete

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Trigger: Component Reached

Trigger: Dialog Prompt Reached

Trigger: Objective Complete

Trigger: Objective in Progress

Trigger: This Objective In Progress

Trigger: This Objective Complete

Trigger: This Component Complete

In this week Bazag Stabs reviews some foundry missions.


Show notes:

Baz reviews: Duritanium Man by Zorbane. A Fed mission for characters Lvl 40 or higher.

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Baz Reviews: Encounter at Sess’Innek Temple by Izatar

You can listen to the full show here

Bazag Stabs is a new foundry podcast covering all sorts of foundry-related topics for Neverwinter and Star Trek Online.

Come and join me, Bazag, as I talk and shoot the breeze and have a bit of fun.

The first episode is available here