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It’s our Author Profile show for August. This time, we highlight the work of Drogyn1701. We discuss his mission Under Grey Skies, as well as StarbaseUGC’s six mission series. Our Trek Take 5 discussion focuses on TNG’s The Inner Light. We also announced the winner of our $10,000,000 prize giveaway, and Robert Downey Jr. pays us a surprise visit in the studio(not really). So tune in for all the excitement. You won’t be disappointed. Well, you won’t be very disappointed. I suppose it all depends on what you’re expecting. I’m not a mind reader. Listen anyway. It’s a good episode.

The usual, unusual people, discussed the usual STO things with the usual monthly Author Profile of the unusual AdmiralMurphy. We talked about things and stuff, as well as Enterprise’s Season 1, Episode 6…The Andorian Incident. It was the usual segment concerning the unusually good first season episode. If you usually enjoy the show, then there’ll be nothing unusual about this one.

Ok people. If you didn’t catch our live broadcast because your priorities were mixed up and you payed attention to Pluto instead, you may watch the show now. I don’t know what the big deal is, anyway. We knew it was there. It’s like Pluto took a selfie. So what? Not only that, but do we aven care after it lost planet status? Sure, I guess its an important thing, if you’re into that sciencey stuff. Wow, we mapped the universe. Pfft. WE had STOAdmiralAaron on our show. We even reviewed his first mission, Adrift. Then….hehehehe…then, we discussed the Voyager episode, Lifesigns. Huh?, Huh? Beat that, Pluto nerds!!! I’ll tell what our show has that you planet nerds don’t…Girls, for one thing…wait a minute….Kendra was a bit under the weather so she wasn’t there, but she usually is.

Oh c’mon. Please watch our show? I was joking. I kid the Pluto nerds.


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We’re back after two weeks with June’s Author Profile. Duke_of_Rock is in big chair as we discuss his missions and method. We discuss the Enterprise episode Carbon Creek, Kendra talks to us about proofreading mission dialog. There’s also STO news and lots of talk, talk, talk.

New banner That’s right. You heard it here, first. The Author’s Outpost, also known as Outpost de L’auteur in France, and to our Norwegian friends, Forfatterens Outpost has just released it’s eleventh episode. With special guest, nobody, we reviewed Castmodean’s Digging in the Past(Creuser dans le Passe). We also discussed in great detail, the TNG episode The Defector. Kendra discussed an article providing much advice on writing your bad guys. That’s this thing . So wherever you are, be it France or Norwegia, come join us for some down home foundry talk. because Episode 11 is now available. Do not miss the very latest episode of The Author’s Outpost. That’s Autorova Outpost for those in Croatia and if we’re talkin’ Igbo it’s Onye chepụtara si eche nche. Caio.


New bannerWe missed Castmodean this week on our show. We hope he returns soon. Kendra and I hosted ThePsycoticVulcan and reviewed his mission The Sentinels of Andor. We discussed the DS9 episode The Siege of AR-558 and Kendra brought us some tips on dialog writing. Don’t take my word for it. It’s right here.


New bannerIn the name of all that is sacred, please join us.

New bannerEpisode 8 of The Author’s Outpost is now available for replay. We had aleniskendra join us to

review One of Our Telepaths is Missing by Wombat140, and discuss Enterprise episode

Damage. We also went through news of the Season 10 launch in STO and its effect on Foundry.


New bannerEpisode 7 has April’s Author Profile. RogueEnterprise joins us to talk about his experiences

with Foundry and discuss TOS’s Bread and Circuses. Enjoy

NOTE: For those of you in the US. I hope you filed your 2014 Income Tax. Today is the deadline.

Never say we don’t perform a public service.

New bannerIf you missed us live, you’re in luck. We record the show so you may view on your own schedule.

Amazing. BorrowedTune joined us to review his mission and discuss the TNG episode

“The Survivors”.




Episode 4 of The Author’s Outpost is now available on Youtube for your auditory bliss.

Pax Federatica and Aleniskendra join your hosts Castmodean and CaptPFDennis, as

they review Ghosts of War, the six part mission series by NCC-89471 a.k.a. Pax

Federatica. You may hear it if you click this.

You can get the attention of the hosts by brandishing a shiny object or by email

at and in the tweetdom @AuthorsOutpost



Join us at our new time, 9:00pm Eastern/6:00pm Pacific as we host Pax Federatica.

We’ve reviewed his Ghosts of War series, and we all watched Voyager’s Tuvix.

We shall discuss it for your listening pleasure over at Twitch. Don’t forget.

That’s 9:00pm EDT/6:00pm PDT. We want to see you in the chat…….or else.

Next week, we’ll settle in at 8:00pm Eastern, unless something comes up.

outpost2The Author’s Outpost – Episode 3 is up and ready for your consideration. Now that tech bugs

have been exterminated,we were able to bring our first recorded broadcast to a Foundry

loving public. Enjoy the show, as Aleniskendra joins Castmodean and CaptPFDennis in

reviewing The Wounded Wolf by Akrilon and the TOS episode Whom Gods Destroy.


Contact us at

Don’t forget to tune in to episode 2(actually, it’ll be the first real episode, but don’t tell anyone)
of the Author’s Outpost. You will find us on Twitch at 7:00pm Eastern and 4:00pm Pacific
every single Tuesday unless something crazy comes up to prevent it. So join me, CaptPFDennis and Castmodean, the two most experienced foundry podcast hosts(when it comes to
myocardial infarction) in all of Star Trek Online.

Our weekly guest will be Aleniskendra. We’ll be reviewing a Fed mission called Time’s Razor: Part 1 by captainazzarano, and discussing Star Trek: Enterprise episodes Borderland, Cold Station 12, and The Augments. We’ll even demonstrate any technique a new author would like to see, live at the end of our show. It’s going to be wicked fun. See you then.

You may contact us through our site, , or directly at We also have Tweet thingies @AuthorsOutpost.

Hello there Everyone! It’s been a while!

Welcome to Episode 29 of PrimetimeUGC.

The show made for the Foundry in the Foundry.

In today’s episode, we have an exclusive interview with Lead Designer on Star Trek Online, Al Rivera (aka CaptainGeko), along with our normal assortment of News and Editorials.

Plus, the long awaited announcement of the winners of our contest from last year, is finally here.

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Star_Trek_48_Cover.jpg.size-250The latest issue of Star Trek Magazine features spotlights of missions by Captain_Revo, Dixonium, and the late H20rat. You can find more details here.









Other Foundry news: In a new interview with Massively, our new EP had this to say about the Foundry:

At this time, Foundry improvements are being tracked as part of the “fix and improve” strategy. We have a list of highly requested changes and are working to get some of them into each update. I don’t foresee any major new features for Foundry in the coming months, however.

BranFlakes clarified in a thread:

Geko is scheduled to sit down with a Foundry Podcast this weekend to chat about plans for the Foundry in terms of features, etc. — he should have the most up-to-date info.

As an aside, “coming months” in development terms typically means the next 2-3 months. As you all know, development of features, even the porting of existing features, takes time and would be beyond the scope of “the coming months”. Wait to hear what Geko has to say before you get too worried.


Brandon =/\=

Stay tuned for an important Foundry-related interview.



This week, Bazag, Drogyn1701, and Rellimtime82 join to discuss this week’s news and their work on the Purity series.

PrimetimeUGC focuses on the Foundry Featured Episode Series “Purity”
by interviewing members of the cast.

Hey everybody. My apologies for getting this posted late.

Here’s PrimetimeUGC-Episode 27 with Cryptic’s Mark Overmeyer.

You’ll just have to listen as there is a placecard through the interview.

Animating it turned into a major headache. The rest of the episode is normal.

As normal as we get, anyway. Enjoy.