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Hey all,

I just wanted to post a reminder about our fleets.  Our Fed-side “Starbase UGC” is still going strong, slowly getting closer to Tier V.  Also, we have a new KDF fleet called the “House of UGC.”  If you’re rolling a new Romulan and decide to ally with the KDF, please join our fleet.  Or, if you’re looking for a good fleet filled with other Foundry authors, then please help the starbase get to the next tier.

It really is a fun way to spend the Foundry downtime.

Visit our chat room, and somebody will send you a fleet invite.


This is our 20th episode, and to make it more special, we have a Neverwinter exclusive.

We spoke with Zeke Sparks, Lead Designer, and Rob Overmeyer, Executive Producer.

There are also, not 1, but 2 mission reviews this time around.

Ladies, Gentlemen and Invited Transgendered species,


Since Season 6 will be introducing Fleet Bases, we thought it was time to finally give StarbaseUGC… an Actual Starbase!


So without furtherado, I present ‘SBUGC’ , the Fleet.

People have wondered in the past why we’ve never had one, but until fleetbases and their eventual foundry customisation, we thought it was finally time.


If you’d like to join (even if it’s just dropping an alt in the fleet), send an ingame mail or PM to @Castmodean, @Cerberusfilms or @CaptPFDennis (or anyone else you see in the fleet) and they’ll be happy to hook you up.


Please help us with upgrading the fleetbase with any resources you can spare, we understand that most of you are already part of other fleets but we hope you’ll be able to help take this already amazing community and make it even better (as Alt would put it, by giving us “Sweet, Sweet Lootz”)