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If you haven’t noticed, the “Investigate Officer Reports” has reappeared in our journals.

This mission is NOT a daily. It has a cooldown timer of 30 minutes, meaning it has virtually no cooldown if you’re playing a Foundry mission that has a story.

I tested and recorded my results. For playing a 30-45 minute mission called “Adrift,” I received the following regular plus IOR rewards that totaled:

Almost 6000 XP (plus XP earned while playing the mission)
2497 dilithium
1984 skill points
About 70,000 ECs, from drops discarded (It was mostly a ground mission, so the ECs were light).

For playing a spotlight, Sovereign77x’s “Forget Me Not,” I received:

3599 dilithium
6000 XP
21,800 ECs
plus skill points

Will these numbers finally entice players? If so, we’ll have to help them find what is really out there. Cheers.



Star_Trek_48_Cover.jpg.size-250The latest issue of Star Trek Magazine features spotlights of missions by Captain_Revo, Dixonium, and the late H20rat. You can find more details here.









Other Foundry news: In a new interview with Massively, our new EP had this to say about the Foundry:

At this time, Foundry improvements are being tracked as part of the “fix and improve” strategy. We have a list of highly requested changes and are working to get some of them into each update. I don’t foresee any major new features for Foundry in the coming months, however.

BranFlakes clarified in a thread:

Geko is scheduled to sit down with a Foundry Podcast this weekend to chat about plans for the Foundry in terms of features, etc. — he should have the most up-to-date info.

As an aside, “coming months” in development terms typically means the next 2-3 months. As you all know, development of features, even the porting of existing features, takes time and would be beyond the scope of “the coming months”. Wait to hear what Geko has to say before you get too worried.


Brandon =/\=

Stay tuned for an important Foundry-related interview.




In a recent bug thread, Cryptic Frost told us that:

From what I have been told, Top Rated is supposed to only show 50 results by design.

Please Vote:

Has this design choice been good or bad for the Foundry and its community?

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In this thread, the following Foundry-related release notes are listed:


  • Voth ground and space enemy groups have been added.
  • “Squirrels” are now referred to by their correct name, “Epohhs”.
  • Author Tagging
    • When a UGC mission is completed by someone who is not the author the review screen pops up. There will now be a tags drop down button that you can click on that will allow you to select any number of tags. Clicking on one should show a check box on it without closing the drop down.
    • When you search for foundry missions, there will now be a histogram beneath the mission ratings that shows how many times a mission has been tagged with the various tags.
    • Finally, if you go to search for a mission, upon choosing ‘Custom’ from the drop down you will see three new search parameters at the bottom. These drop downs will have a list just like the one from when you reviewed a mission. One drop down is the list of tags that must be included in the histogram of the mission for it to show up, one drop down is the list of tags where at least one of the tags must show up, and one drop down is the list of tags to exclude from your search completely.

Known Issues:

  • Foundry: There is lag between a review with tags being submitted and those tags being applied to a mission.

  • Foundry: The Clear button for Custom Foundry search does not clear tag selections



In this thread, CrypticFrost informed us of the bad news:


“The ability to designate a mission as Romulan.” This is the one exception mentioned above. I haven’t written this one up because the powers that be have decided that it will not be returning. That it even appeared at all was a mistake,”


Please leave feedback here.



No patch notes, but we have discovered that triggers set to dialog prompts now recognize more than just the blue bubble dialogues added directly to the map.  Now, you can use them in conjunction with talk to contact objectives in the storyboard and parts of a npc’s default text.  Enjoy!


The August 15th release notes contain the following information.  The ability to designate a mission as Romulan has been removed.


  • When creating a new project, the allegiance selector will no longer list allegiances that are not supported.

A temporary solution to long preview loading screens (along with information for Frost).

Here is what (I think) I’ve discovered.  Please confirm if this works.

The problem with long preview loading screens has to do with adding objects to a map via the menus on the right of the screen.

So, load into the foundry and do nothing… You can preview your map over and over again with fast loading screens.  Or, adjust items that are already loaded onto the map, when you launched the editor = fast loading screens.  Or, copy and paste something already on your map using Cntl + C, Cntl + V (or the edit… paste option), then you’ll have fast loading screens.

Disclaimer: This is true, IF you haven’t already set the Foundry into long loading screen mode by trying to add something new to the map.  Basically, once you are stuck with 4-5 minute loads, they are there to stay, no matter if you are messing with objects already on the map.  All of the above applies before you get the loading screens, not after.  Once you get a long load, then you need to reboot the Foundry.

Generally, you can avoid the long loading screens with this work-around by loading the map with all the objects you need or need to copy and paste.

Ex:  If you know you’re building an office, put in all the objects that you want in a corner of the map. So, put in a desk, chairs, a fish tank, basically everything you want to use.

Then, save the project, exit the foundry, reload the project and there you go.  You should have no trouble at all with loading screens while building a map with the objects that you already put in.  If you need a second version of a desk, copy and paste it from the one that is already on the map.  Again, placing one onto the map via the menus will bring back the loading screens of DOOM, even if the object is already on your map.  You have to copy and paste a new version of it from the existing version to avoid the loading screens.

Hopefully this is just a temporary work-around, and it helps Frost to understand what is happening.  But, it is working for me, and I can build again.  Even if I have to stop and restart the foundry, that is preferable to a 4 minute loading screen that will never go away until you reboot the foundry.

Please tell me if this works for you.


In a thread at the STO forum, BranFlakes agreed to the sentiment expressed by HippieJohn and others:

Challenge #8 will be postponed until further notice, unfortunately.

Fortunately, we are working on resolutions to many of the big, outstanding Foundry issues (crashes, KDF creation, etc.) and hope to have those live in an upcoming patch. Watch for patch notes and updates from Frost!


Brandon =/\=


As a participant in the last challenge, I think this is a wise move.  Challenge #7 was pretty much ruined by bugs, downtime, a loss of votes, and a general lack of participation post LoR.   Beware of the Foundry Challenge.


In February of 2012, Daniel Stahl said this in a Priority One interview:






We recognize that having one small core group of people just work on Foundry and try to support it across multiple games isn’t working.  So, what we’ve been doing is been training up additional software developers, producers, and content people to be able to support the Foundry per game.  So, we have now a dedicated software person who is getting in and understanding the Foundry code, and can fix Foundry issues, specifically for Star Trek, so that we don’t have to wait for the core team that’s working on Neverwinter to get to our bugs or resolve our issues.

Now, let’s compare this statement with the most recent Priority One interview.

Keep in mind that the recent Legacy of Romulus bugs are only affecting STO and not NW.  When GreenDragoon asked when we can see stability improvements, Dan Stahl said this:


So right now that is all the Foundry team.  Our software team has not even had a chance to look at it yet.  Most of the Foundry stuff that is happening right now is all the core code that is shared between  the games, so, for example, all of the stuff that is in Neverwinter Foundry, as well as our Foundry, are all being impacted by the same underlying issues.  So, the Foundry team at proper, which does not sit on Star Trek Online’s work chart is actually working on all those issues… So, once they get all those issues sorted out, and everyone can be happy again, that’s when my programmers on Star Trek Online can go in and start looking at the issues and start looking at what we can do to improve the Foundry for Star Trek Online…. The Star Trek team is not actively part of those fixesWe’re sort of waiting for those to get fixed.


Please discuss.




No word on fixes to the severe bugs that LoR introduced into the Foundry, but we got some new npc contacts (including squirrels!) added to Tribble.  In this thread, SalamiInferno lists:

  • Added the following NPC Contacts to the Foundry:
    • Jem’Hadar Battleship
    • Squirrels
    • Eppohs
    • Nanovs
    • Armored Hatham
    • Hortas
    • Cast of Klingon Hamlet
  • Changed display names of comets in the Foundry to Comet. (They no longer think they are asteroids.)



The latest P1 interview with dstahl, he is asked about future plans for the Foundry.  Listen to the full interview or skip to 31:45 for the specific question.

A short excerpt:

Q: Where is the love?

A:  Well, I’ve kind of been saying the same thing for a year now.  We’re waiting for Neverwinter to launch.  As soon as they launch–they’ve just announced their launch date as June 20th–we’re looking to, after they launch, to pull as much of the Foundry features back over to STO as we can.  Now, that doesn’t mean… [STO and NW’s Foundry will be identical]. That’s probably not going to happen.  They’re two very different games.  They have different features.  But there are certainly things in the NW Foundry that we really want to see in the STO Foundry.  And, so, the idea is, that you might be looking at that by next season…

The basic gist of it is: NW is going to launch… Once NW is live, I’m going to have the programming team on STO start looking at the features (well, we’ve looking at the features all along)… but looking at… what we can actually merge into our current working branch for the next update, and see how many of those features we can get into STO.

Listen to the full response, in which Dstahl comments on the interior builder.


From Release Notes


  • Foundry missions now allow players to interact through collision.
    • Such as with a prisoner behind a forcefield.

Hey all,

I just wanted to post a reminder about our fleets.  Our Fed-side “Starbase UGC” is still going strong, slowly getting closer to Tier V.  Also, we have a new KDF fleet called the “House of UGC.”  If you’re rolling a new Romulan and decide to ally with the KDF, please join our fleet.  Or, if you’re looking for a good fleet filled with other Foundry authors, then please help the starbase get to the next tier.

It really is a fun way to spend the Foundry downtime.

Visit our chat room, and somebody will send you a fleet invite.



With the launch of Legacy of Romulus, many Foundry missions now suffer from bugs or changes that make them impossible to complete.  Because the editor is currently disabled (although reviewing is not), we are not certain what is happening to these missions.  Most likely, the update to reach markers caused changes to existing missions.  Certain objectives associated with reach markers will not complete.  Hopefully, these problems can be fixed by authors when the editor returns.

For the meantime, we can do nothing to fix the problem or prevent 1-star reviews.  More information can be found here and here.

On a happier note, Dstahl had this to say in a recent interview with MMORPG: How will the expansion affect the Foundry, if at all?

Daniel Stahl: This update has very little impact on the Foundry other than it opens the door for future updates where Foundry authors will be able to create mission designed exclusively for Romulan characters. We will be updating the Foundry later this year with this ability along with other Romulan assets.





New tribble notes contain the following updates to the Foundry!



  • Changeling NPC Contacts now have more visual variety.
  • Added visual variety to Klingon TOS NPC Contacts.
  • Resolved the issue that prevented players from purchasing additional Foundry slots.
  • Players will no longer receive mission rewards while in preview mode.
  • The ground Away Team will no longer appear upon previewing Space maps.
  • Added new NPC Groups to the Foundry:
    • Elachi Ground
    • Elachi Space
    • Reman Rebellion Ground
    • Reman Rebellion Space
    • Romulan Republic Ground
    • Romulan Republic Space
  • Added Elachi and EV Tholian NPC Contacts.
  • Resolved an issue where all dialogs on a map would be copied to all objects during map duplication.
  • The waypoint for a Reach Marker Task is no longer larger than the actual in-game area of activation.

In the official announcement, BranFlakes sends us forth in our shuttles to pick a winner.  Go forth and play these missions!  From today until Wednesday, May 29th at 10AM PDT, voting will be open.

So, without future ado, here is the list of entrants (along with the background story):
Small Craft Escapades

For this Foundry Challenge, create a mission that features content designed for and around a player being in a small craft (shuttle, fighter, etc). There is no background story you must build off of, so feel free to get as creative as you’d like.
Foundry Challenge #7 Entry Missions:

Mission Title: Beneath the Skin
Player @Handle: @P_Sutherland
Faction: Federation
Level Requirement: 16+
Mission Summary: While your ship is in port being repaired and upgraded. Starfleet wants you to re-chart a system inside the Delta Volanis Cluster. The last ship to visit the system was a colony freighter in 2398. Since then the Federation colony has received few guests. Head into the Delta Volanis Cluster to begin your mission.

A routine assignment. What could go wrong?

Note: This mission is designed for a single player.


Mission Title: Inner Space
Player @Handle: @rsmudger
Faction: Federation
Level Requirement: 31+
Mission Summary: A huge Zone of Darkness has been detected deep within Cardassian Space on a direct course that intercepts many highly populated planets from Cardassia Prime to New Romulas.

It is so vast it shifts the gravity-well of local stars and can block out all sensor readings in and around entire star systems.

Visual recordings of the engulfed star have revealed there IS a body at the center of this veil and several Cardassian ships have gone missing attempting to intercept it.

Now Starfleet has made it ‘your turn’ to face this Goliath, What lies at the center of this blackness, why is it destroying life and are you ready to go where no man has gone before?


Mission Title: Protector
Player @Handle: @terinvorta
Faction: Federation
Level Requirement: Any
Mission Summary: A temporal anomaly has appeared on the edge of Sector 001, broadcasting a distress call.Your mission? Find and save the originator of the distress call. But all is not as it appears…


Mission Title:
You don’t know when it’s real
Player @Handle: @Ciphertuesday
Faction: Federation
Level Requirement: 31+
Mission Summary: After a tough mission in which you cooperated with the Enterprise-F, you and your crew go back to earth for a shore leave. Since you have no specific plan for the holiday, when your bridge officers invite you to join a hologram small craft racing game, you accept their offer. It was all enjoyable at first, but then it goes wrong and you suddenly realize that you are now in something more than a simulation…



Mission Title: Alpha Flight
Player @Handle: @RemairTamec
Faction: Federation
Level Requirement: 31+
Mission Summary: You have been selected for the prestigious Alpha Flight course, the Federation’s most elite pilot training program. Drawn from around the Federation and it’s allies, Alpha Flight pushes the quadrant’s best pilots to their limits. As stakes rise, egos clash and safety protocols are pushed to the wayside you realise not everyone is cut out for the course, and only a handful will graduate to receive the golden wings. Will you be another dropout, a line on a memorial plaque or will you meet the challenge and prove that you are the best pilot the Federation has to offer?.

Mission Title:
Waiting for the Light
Player @Handle: @Kirkfat
Faction: Federation
Level Requirement: 31+
Mission Summary: Mining Outpost 47 is requesting your assistance. What you discover may have far-reaching implications.

Mission Title:
Player @Handle: @T1N1
Faction: Federation
Level Requirement: Any
Mission Summary: Humanitarian / Diplomatic type mission.

Mission Title:
Uninvited Guests
Player @Handle: @sirboulevard
Faction: Federation
Level Requirement: 16+
Mission Summary: The incident with Admiral Zelle has left the Federation on a precarious edge with the Romulan Star Empire. With a rising rebellion in the form of the Romulan Republic and the beginning of diplomatic relations between the two nations, forces in the shadows may try to stop it before it gets too far.


Mission Title: Shadows of Omega
Player @Handle: @fnordbear
Faction: Federation
Level Requirement: 16+
Mission Summary: While on a standard patrol an eyes-only message is received by the Captain. The Omega Protocol has been activated. You are to travel to the Pilatus system and from there rendezvous with the U.S.S Ursa Major for further orders.



Mission Title:
Cloaked Loyalties
Player @Handle: @edwinsterling
Faction: Federation
Level Requirement: Not Listed
Mission Summary: A strange request sends you, just you on a shuttle mission deep into the heart of Romulan Space.

Will YOU return at all




Feel free to continue using this thread to discuss the missions above.

Good luck to all of our authors, and for our reviewers, have fun and boldly go!


Waiting for the Light
Fed 31+
A Shuttle Mission
(Contest Entry for Challenge #7)

by Kirkfat

Description: Mining Station 47 is sending out a distress call. What you discover may have far-reaching implications.

Estimated playtime: 35 minutes.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Please don’t hesitate to point out typos.


From this thread:


  • Foundry mission rewards have been updated.
    • Players will only receive rewards for one mission at a time, once per hour.

Also, more updates in these notes:


  • Waypoints for contacts on Earth Spacedock have been adjusted so they are correct now.
  • The Foundry contacts in Qo’noS First City now have they waypoints pointing to them again.
  • Replaced the missing “to” in Bridge Officer dialog descriptions.
  • Removed all reference to attachment sidedness for Borg NPC Contacts.
  • Renamed some of the Tellarite NPC Contacts to reflect the fact that they are alien, and not Tellarite.

In this thread, the following updates have gone to Tribble:


  • Updated the following template maps so that they will have proper pathing information after they are published:
    • Argelius II Interior
    • Borg Interior 02
    • Briarpatch Research Interior
    • Cardassian Interior 02
    • Ice Caves Interior 03
    • Kassae Station Interior
  • Added an “Alien” option to the species dropdown menu for both ground and space NPC Groups.

Foundry Ad:


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